20* Class THU NOV 05

Counterintuitive Narratives

The Definition of a Kilogram

    • The Definition is about to Change
      • “If Le Grand K gets heavier or lighter — or absorbs atoms of something from the air — the definition of the kilogram literally changes. Scientists believe something like this has been happening, because Le Grand K seems to now weigh slightly less than its official copies.”
      • “The originators of the metric system based it on the globe itself, with the meter described as one 10-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator. But, for a long time, the meter was literally a metal bar in France. As physics advanced, says Schlamminger, scientists were able to ditch the metal bar and define the meter in terms of the distance that light can travel through a vacuum in about one 300-millionth of a second.”
    • The New Kilogram is based on Planck’s constant
      • Now, after researchers spent years creating an elaborate new kind of weighing machine called a Kibble balance, it’s finally the kilogram’s turn. In the future, to see whether a hunk of metal really weighs 1 kilogram, it won’t have to get flown to France and compared with Le Grand K. It can be evaluated in this type of instrument, using Planck’s constant.”

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland has its own copy of Le Grand K — a platinum-iridium kilogram known as K92. In the background are stainless-steel kilogram masse


.The Consequence of Perfect Attendance Awards

Classroom Activities

  1. The Fails for Grammar List
  2. The Grammar Basics Exercise

Visual Rhetoric Workshop

  • Let’s work together to improve the Visual Rhetoric Arguments of students who have requested help.

Portfolio Task

23 Responses to 20* Class THU NOV 05

  1. oaktree1234 says:

    11/5 Notes
    How much does a kilogram weigh?
    -the definition is about to change
    -the new kilogram is based on Planck’s constant (see above)

    Perfect attendance
    awarding students for perfect attendance leads to poorer attendance
    students who are not rewarded may feel like their attendance is required

    Fails for Grammar
    1. their/there/they’re
    2. its/it’s
    3. the reason is because
    4.pronouns and gender/number
    5. count and noncount nouns
    6.to, too, two
    7. periods and commas inside the quotes always!
    8. then/than
    9. Affect/ Effect
    10. Your/You’re
    11. single quotes/ double quotes
    12. the banned 2nd person
    13. plurals and possessives
    14. subject verb agreement

  2. oaktree1234 says:

    2/2 Notes
    Visual Rhetoric Workshop:
    don’t leave out details that will leave room for question- ocean beach? river beach?

    Portfolio Task: Visual Rhetoric Rewrite
    due thursday nov 12th

  3. runnerd4 says:

    the definition of a kilogram:
    2.2 pounds, a kilogram weighs a kilogram.
    french created the set weight for a kilogram
    could be a really good definition essay
    the weight of the item has changed, the copies are different weights
    new kilogram is based on Planck’s constant
    the metric system based on the globe
    1/10,000,000 of distance from north to the south pole is a meter
    now a meter is the distance light can travel through a vacuum in 1/300 millionth of a second

    the consequence of perfect attendance awards
    studies show that those who group who got award stopped showing up every day

    fails for grammar
    14 rules
    1. there/ their/ they’re
    2. It’s Its
    3. The reason is because should be “the reason is” adding because is repetitive
    4a and 4b pronouns and gender. mix in she and he in writing. If ”their” is in a sentence, make sure you are using plural
    5. count and noncount numbers
    number/many/fewer= count
    amount/much/less= not counted
    6. To/too/two
    7. periods and commas go in the quotes ALWAYS, no exception!
    8. Then/Than
    9. affect/effect
    11. single quotes and double quotes, still use double quotes for irony. and only single quotes if inside a quote
    12. The banned 2nd person
    13. plurals and posessives (‘s)
    14.subject/verb agreement
    14 singular: -body, -one, -thing. plural is all

    Portfolio Task
    Visual Rhetoric Rewrite due wed 11:59
    Use a lot of detail. Describe everything for your reader. Even tiny details. Make a guess about why they decided to do each thing.

  4. cardinal7218 says:

    -The weight of a kilogram is the weight of That Thing. We made a thing specifically to define the weight of a kilogram
    -But now the copies weigh a little different than the original, so what’s really a kilogram? And did the original or the copies change?
    -The meter is represented by a bar in France, but it shrinks or grows based on temperature
    -Meter is now, reliably, determined by the speed of light
    -new kilogram now based on Planck’s constant
    -how crazy is it that we use measurements based on the fabric of the universe
    -Praising perfect attendance actually has a reverse effect, they think they’ve done enough or think they were working so hard for what seemed like the bare minimum but was apparently not


    -List literally every detail for the visual rhetoric

  5. rowanstudent24 says:

    11/5 Notes:
    – There are 14 rules to punctuation and grammar. All the rules with details are on the fails for grammar tab of todays agenda.
    – My Visual Rhetoric Feedback: In the first five seconds, you can mention that they are at an ocean beach. Mention that it’s most likely low tide because of how far the wet sand travels up on the beach. Mention what time of day it is. Also does it look like they’re in colder or hotter weather based on what they’re wearing. It could be off peak time or off peak season. It looks to be that they have come out to the beach at dawn or dusk to get some dad and daughter alone time. He brought a ball that was very light and won’t hurt his daughter.

  6. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – The Definition of a Kilogram –
    – People from France created the “kilogram”
    – They used an entity and classified the weight as a “kilogram” and everything was compared to it.
    – The New Kilogram is based on Planck’s constant
    – Perfect Attendance Award –
    – Giving a perfect attendance award actually discourages kids to keep trying and tend to mis class after recieving the award
    – Grammer –
    – Know the difference between there/their/they’re
    – Use gender correctly (they)
    – Know the difference between many/much
    – Periods go inside parenthesis
    – Affect/Effect

  7. gooferious says:

    11/05/2020 Notes:
    – Kilogram was called “Le Grand K” in France
    – Perfect Attendance study concluded that kids who received certificate halfway through semester, stopped coming to class every time
    – 14 Fails for Grammar Rules
    – Grammar exercise must be completed in class
    – Visual Rhetoric rewrite must be completed before Nov. 12

  8. l8tersk8ter says:

    Perfect Attendance Awards
    – Giving a certificate of achievement made people stop coming to class, they had nothing to work for anymore
    – People that got a note or nothing at all kept going to class
    – The awards are counterintuitive, they have the opposite effect of what you would think, they lower attendance numbers instead of promoting future attendance
    – Visual rhetoric rewrite
    – Paper rewrites (Definition, Categorical, Rebuttal -> choose 2)
    – Annotated Bibliography
    – Self-reflection
    Fails for Grammar
    – There: place, Their: possessive, They’re: they are
    – It’s: it is, Its: everything else
    – The reason is because; just don’t say that
    – Number: something we can count, Amount: adjectives not counted (more or less)
    – Two: number, Too: also or excessive, To: everything else
    – Periods and Commas always go inside the quotes
    – Than: comparisons, Then: every other time
    – Affect: verb (does not affect) Effect: noun (has no effect)
    – You’re: you are, Your: possessive and everything else
    – Double Quotes: always, Single Quotes: highlighting one word/phrase inside double quotes
    – Plural: no apostrophe, Possessive: use apostrophe
    – Subject and Verbs must numerical agree (hunger and disease harm) vs (hunger or disease harms)
    Visual Rhetoric
    – Always can add more detailed
    – What leads you to conclusions
    – Don’t forget the rhetoric side of it
    – Nothing is ever an accident

  9. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 11/05/2020

    the definition of a kilogram
    The consequences of perfect attendance awards
    Classroom activities fails or grammar list for
    In class grammar exercise fix the paragraph
    Look over two examples of visual rhetoric
    Portfolio assignment due November 12th

  10. dayzur says:


    -The definition of the kilogram CAN change
    -New Kilogram based on Plancks Constant
    -Once an award is received one will probably show less effort
    -Portfolio needs at least two of the three short argument rewrites
    -visual rhetoric rewrite due next thursday 11/12/20
    -Fails for grammar rules
    -Rule 1: There, Their, They’re
    -Rule 2: Its/It’s
    -Rule 3: The reason is because
    -Rule 4A: Pronouns and gender
    -Rule 4B: Pronouns and number
    -Rule 5: Count and Noncount Nouns
    -Rule 6: To/Too/Two
    -Rule 7: Periods and Commas Inside the Quotes
    -Rule 8: Then/Than
    -Rule 9: Affect/Effect
    -Rule 10: Your/You’re
    -Rule 11: Single Quotes/Double Quotes
    -Rule 12: The Banned 2nd Person
    -Rule 13: Plurals and Possessives
    -Rule 14: Subject/Verb Agreement

  11. comicdub says:

    11/05/20 Notes:
    – The kilogram is based off something just like a foot is based off of someone’s actual foot
    – That something is a bar of metal and whatever that weighed become the definition of a kilogram
    – The kilogram definition literally changes if the weight of the bar changes
    – Now the kilogram is based off of Planck’s constant
    – Perfect attendance awards pretty much have the opposite effect of what they are handed out for
    – 14 Fails For Grammar:
    Rule 1. There/Their/They’re
    Rule 2. Its/It’s
    Rule 3. The reason is because
    Rule 4A. Pronouns and Gender
    Rule 4B: Pronouns and Number
    Rule 5. Count and Noncount Nouns
    Rule 6. To/Too/Two
    Rule 7. Periods and Commas Inside the Quotes
    Rule 8. Then/Than
    Rule 9. Affect/Effect
    Rule 10. Your/You’re
    Rule 11. Single Quotes/Double Quotes
    Rule 12. The Banned 2nd Person
    Rule 13. Plurals and Possessives
    Rule 14. Subject/Verb Agreement
    – Go back in previous essays to fix these grammar mistakes
    – Visual Rhetoric is based on visuals which means no sound should be considered

  12. corinne buck says:

    -the definition of a kilogram and where most of our measurements come from
    -perfect attendance award- already received award so stopped coming to class
    -fails for grammar! (good to look at before posting essays)

  13. hailthegreat8 says:

    Notes 11/5/2020
    -definition of a kilogram
    -consequences of an perfect attendance awards
    -Rule 1: There, Their, They’re
    -Rule 2: Its/It’s
    -Rule 3: The reason is because
    -Rule 4A: Pronouns and gender
    -Rule 4B: Pronouns and number
    -Rule 5: Count and Noncount Nouns
    -Rule 6: To/Too/Two
    -Rule 7: Periods and Commas Inside the Quotes
    -Rule 8: Then/Than
    -Rule 9: Affect/Effect
    -Rule 10: Your/You’re
    -Rule 11: Single Quotes/Double Quotes
    -Rule 12: The Banned 2nd Person
    -Rule 13: Plurals and Possessives
    -Rule 14: Subject/Verb Agreement

  14. shadowswife says:


    The Definition of a Kilogram:
    – The French created the weight of a kilogram.
    – What definition essay can be made out of what is a kilogram.
    – The initial weight of the item that the French used is changing.
    – The new kilogram is based on Planck’s constant.

    Perfect Attendance Awards:
    – 12 school districts in California did an experiment with perfect attendance awards to see what students would do.
    – They divided students with perfect attendance into groups of 3:
    * ⅓ of the group were given perfect attendance awards
    * ⅓ given a note to continue to get perfect attendance and they will get the award
    * The other group did not get anything.
    – The results:
    * The part of the group that got the award started skipping class.
    * The other 2 groups still had their perfect attendance streak.

    Fails for Grammar:
    – Rules:
    * Know the difference between there, their, and they’re.
    * Know the difference between its and it’s.
    * Do not the reason and because in the same sentence.
    * Be mindful of the pronouns you use.
    + You can look insensitive if you assume their gender.
    + “Their” would be seen as plural.
    * There’s a difference to what should be used for counting.
    + Number and fewer should be used for things that can be counted.
    + Amount and less should be used for things that are not being counted.
    + Much and many are an easier way to determine whether the noun can be counted or not.
    * Know the difference between to, two, and too.
    * Periods and commas must go inside quotes.
    * Know the difference between then and than.
    * Know the difference between affect and effect.
    * Know the difference between your and you’re.
    * Single quotes go inside double quotes when something is being quoted in the quote. They do not have any other use.
    + However, double quotes can be used for irony.
    * Do not use 2nd person.
    * Know the difference between plurals and possessives.
    + Ex: Citizens, citizens’, citizen’s.
    * Subjects must agree in number with their verbs.
    + Singular:
    ^ Everybody, everyone, everything
    ^ Anybody, anyone, anything
    ^ Somebody, someone, something
    ^ Nobody, no one, nothing
    + Plural:
    ^ All

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