20 Class WED MAR 31

Counterintuitive Narratives

The Definition of a Kilogram

    • The Definition is about to Change
      • “If Le Grand K gets heavier or lighter — or absorbs atoms of something from the air — the definition of the kilogram literally changes. Scientists believe something like this has been happening, because Le Grand K seems to now weigh slightly less than its official copies.”
      • “The originators of the metric system based it on the globe itself, with the meter described as one 10-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator. But, for a long time, the meter was literally a metal bar in France. As physics advanced, says Schlamminger, scientists were able to ditch the metal bar and define the meter in terms of the distance that light can travel through a vacuum in about one 300-millionth of a second.”
    • The New Kilogram is based on Planck’s constant
      • Now, after researchers spent years creating an elaborate new kind of weighing machine called a Kibble balance, it’s finally the kilogram’s turn. In the future, to see whether a hunk of metal really weighs 1 kilogram, it won’t have to get flown to France and compared with Le Grand K. It can be evaluated in this type of instrument, using Planck’s constant.”

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology in Maryland has its own copy of Le Grand K — a platinum-iridium kilogram known as K92. In the background are stainless-steel kilogram masse


.The Consequence of Perfect Attendance Awards

Classroom Activities

  1. The Fails for Grammar List
  2. The Grammar Basics Exercise

Visual Rhetoric Workshop

Verbal Rhetoric Workshop

  • Let’s work together to improve the Rhetorical Strategies of some paragraphs from students who have offered their work for review.

Take Home Task
Due 11:59pm WED MAR 31

The Grammar Basics Exercise

24 Responses to 20 Class WED MAR 31

  1. -Atoms flicker about 200 billion times per second
    -Perfect attendance is expected behavior and shouldn’t necessarily be rewarded.
    -When Florida stopped marketing for tourists, tourism fell.
    -Affect/Effect (The only one I really need help with)
    -The British still use double quotes.
    -We shouldn’t be using “you” in our essays
    -You could gain 10 points from revising your causal argument.


  2. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Listened to Sonnet 29 in song
    Definition of a Kilogram changed not too long ago
    Perfect attendance awards are cheesy and counterintuitive (supposed to be there everyday)
    The study of effectiveness for the PA award was most just blew off school anyway because they are not motivated just to receive a piece of paper
    Viewed fails for grammar list (Brief review of Pronouns and Affect/Effect would be helpful)
    Grammar Exercise due by midnight TONIGHT
    Always use double quotes unless you’re quoting inside a quote
    Worked a bit in class on grammar basics exercise
    Always remember to post posts in feedback please to receive more constructive criticism
    Review of Visual Rhetoric assignments and thought process while watching the video
    Ads can purposefully place outside devices inside the house to indicate the presence of other people involved in the ad


  3. johnwick66 says:

    The definition of a Kilogram is starting to change.
    The new kilogram is based on the Planck’s constant.
    Definition depends on human measurement.

    The perfect attendance award usually had the opposite effect than expect. On average if you get the award you are 2% more likely to not show up on time next month.

    The meter is described as one 10-millionth of the distance from the north pole to the
    Fails for grammar rules to try.

    periods and comas always go into the quote

    Due tonight: Grammar basic assignment

    Use very detailed visual details based of==ffot


  4. justheretopass says:

    We opened class on “The Definition of a Kilogram”
    When people want to weigh something of an item and wanted it to be precise they would go to France and weigh it against a metal bell jar
    Professor was hinting that definitions change everyday. It just depends on how you word it.
    The counterintuitive argument for the perfect attendance award was that students who got it were more likely to not show up the following month. Students realized that they didn’t get much for perfect attendance so they felt unmotivated to come to school so often.
    We then briefly looked at “fails for grammar” which are the very few grammar rules our essay can fail for.
    For example, periods and commas in quotation, There/Their/They’re, pronouns.
    We then fixed a paragraph with one of the 14 grammar rules.
    Then we did a couple workshop assignments.
    You base claims on what you are looking at, not at what you hear.


  5. person345 says:

    Definition of a kilogram. You set the tone of a definition when you write your essay. Fails for grammar list. Grammar is not taken into account when graded for the first time. Fourteen different rules of grammar to help with grammar in essays. Rules of grammar include pronouns, knowing when to use Then/Than, knowing when to use Affect/ Effect. Grammar Basics take home exercise due 3/31 by midnight (Tonight). Ask for feedback on rewrite post for every portfolio argument. Your grade can raise by a whole letter grade when revising your essay. Rebuttal Argument due April 12th.


  6. icedcoffeeislife says:

    Counterintuitive Narratives
    For the first couple minutes of class, we talk about how they are changing the way they measure kilograms.
    They are going to stop using Le Grande K, it is an inconvenience to send something all the way to France to have it measured against Le Grande K.
    The definition of kilograms changed a couple of months ago.
    For your readers, you are in charge of the information that they are reading.
    You are setting the term of your argument by also setting the tone for your argument.
    The Consequence of Perfect Attendance Awards
    Attendance would stay the same or it would go down
    The absolute opposite of what the purpose of the award was supposed to have
    Fails for grammar
    We looked at a list of 14 grammar errors that we should be able to easily correct. We had to pick a couple that we would like to go over in one class to help us grow.
    We started the take-home assignment tonight
    Visual rhetoric workshop
    We looked at the fatherhood involvement ad, where we looked at each scene and talked about the detail in the scene to go over what our visual rhetoric should look like.


  7. mrmba1 says:

    The definition of a kilogram

    Definitions depend on standard agreement
    The defined terms are defined as used in your argument
    The bare minimum should not be rewarded (perfect attendance award)
    Attendance award – opposite of anticipated outcome
    Study of “obvious” knowns isn’t always bad
    Got Milk?
    Visit Florida
    ***Revise Visual Rhetoric, be more descriptive


  8. christianity19 says:


    • The meter used to be the size of the earth and described as one 10-millionth of the distance from the North Pole to the equator.
    • The distance that light can travel thorough a vacuum in about one-millionth of a second.
    • Definitions depend on human measurement and your are setting the tone for your argument paper.
    • Kids shouldn’t get a certificate for getting a perfect attendance award because they are supposed to show up at school.
    • You can fail if your paper isn’t grammatically correct so check it over or have someone proofread your paper.
    • Example of Grammatically correct sentence is that “Everyone should get her car inspected.”
    • We did two person exercises and we need to complete a take home assignment by midnight tonight.
    • The Dad in the video looks like he is checking his email and it looks like it is early in the morning or night because his face is illuminated by the light.
    • The bike with training wheels tells us that he has a daughter and that she lives with him and she’s sleeping upstairs.
    • The Noise that the daughter made the dad look upstairs to see what the noise could be.
    • In the video clip there shows no mother which shows that that dad is a single father.


  9. imgoingswimming says:

    In today’s warm-up, we look at the definition of a kilogram. We learned how the kilogram is going to be measured without Le Grand K. The new kilogram is now based on Planck’s constant. So the definition of a kilogram has changed.
    Perfect attendance awards do not make sense because we are just meeting the requirements. This seems it is rather for the students who don’t show up to class.
    We are deciding the Fails for grammar we will be going over next week.
    We worked on some visual rhetoric.


  10. honeysucklelilac says:

    finish causal argument
    The Definition of a Kilogram
    -definition depends on human measurement
    -when you use definitions, you can decide how to measure your terms
    -you set the tone of your own argument
    Perfect Attendance Awards
    -purpose is to acknowledge if a student attended class
    -how can giving someone an award for doing the most they can make them motivated to continue to preform that way? it doesn’t
    -the award actually made the students who received it, less likely to have perfect attendance the next month
    Fails For Grammar due by MIDNIGHT


  11. compiistudent says:

    3/31 Notes
    By seting the terms in your own argument, you’re setting the standard for your reader.
    Perfect attendence awards are counterintuitive.
    Update: grammar is still important. If you’re trying to get somone to side with you agument, avoid being hostile towards your reader by avoiding sayig “you”at all.
    Feedback please que is available.


  12. thecommoncase says:

    -Le Grand K defines the mass of a kilogram
    -the mass of the kilogram has changed over the years
    -Le Grand K is being retired because of this and now it is evaluated using Planck’s constant
    -definitions depend on human measurement
    -awarding kids for perfect attendance is counterintuitive since they are being rewarded on the bare minimum
    -kids realized that they were doing more than others by having perfect attendance and that a little praise was not worth it
    -FFG: 14 grammar rules
    -professor does not mind being a jerk about grammar and punctuation
    -always remember that the period goes INSIDE the quote
    -grammar basics task due tonight
    -get your rewrites in!
    -for visual rhetoric: exhaust every single detail and explain why the director chose to express things they way he did


    • davidbdale says:

      Thanks, CC. Our Visual Rhetoric exercise got almost NO respect in anybody’s Notes. Except for yours:
      —for visual rhetoric: exhaust every single detail and explain why the director chose to express things they way he did


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