Visual Rewrite–dayzur

0:00 ~ 0:02 – Two girls are sitting as far away from each as possible on a couch in a very large archaic looking room. The room seems to be completely silent as neither of the two girls are moving or talking and there is nothing in sight that looks like it would be actively making noise. We can safely assume that this room is a basement based off the placement of the windows. The windows in the top right are at what seems to be almost the ceiling of the room but the blinds are closed so we cannot be 100% certain. The windows are very long and take up about half of the scene in length but height wise are much shorter, maybe about 2.5 feet. In the back left hand side of the room there is a slightly visible fireplace with numerous vases on top of it, a cylindrical head shaped lamp with a tall, thin rod body is next to a large brown piano with what seems to be a stuffed possum sitting on top of it and a nice picture depicting some flowers above it. Closer to us, still on the left side, is an old-looking green chair with a yellow pillow on its left side and an orange blanket slung over the top right of it. The chair looks to be able to fit a maximum of one person in it at a time. In the back right hand side of the room is what looks like a dresser with a lamp similar to the one on the left side of the room standing atop it but this one is much shorter than the one on the left side. About 4 books are on the dresser going from the largest to the smallest in size from bottom to top and a small ceramic duck sitting atop those. A vase shaped sort of like a 1 liter milk jug sits next to the books and is still on the dresser. The vase is dark blue, white, and orange with different thickness stripes of those colors going up and down in the order dark blue, white, orange, white, dark blue. To the right of that dresser the left side of a chair is visible. This chair, much like the one on the left hand side, seems to be older and is stubby and short. The chair is yellow and looks to possibly be leather, and a pillow designed with squares of different sizes and colors is placed in the middle of it. Closer to us on the right side we can see another chair but only the left armrest of it. This one looks to be a little bigger than the rest and is a dull green color. Now, in the center of the room is a short wooden table with several books on the right side of its surface and a cup or two on the left hand side. Right behind the table in the direct center of the room is a brown couch that looks like it could sit three people comfortably. Two girls are sitting on the couch, one on the furthest left hand side of the couch, the other on the furthest ride hand side, creating a large gap in the middle of the couch enough to comfortably fit said third person in between, a yellow pillow on the side of the girl on the left and a white pillow on the side of the girl on the right. The girl on the left is wearing light blue jeans, a t-shirt with some graphic on it, and a pink sweater. She has long, curly, brown hair, she is holding her hands in a way that seems as if she is uncomfortable and doesn’t look like she knows what to do with them so is just messing with her fingers. She is blank-faced and looking to the left but we cannot see what she is really looking at. She looks very uneasy or sad by her body language. The girl on the right is wearing blue overalls and a white t-shirt. She has medium length, straight blond hair parted in the middle and going behind both of her ears. Her legs are crossed and she seems to be doing the same thing with her fingers as the girl on the left. She also is blank-faced but is slightly looking to the left almost in the direction of the other girl. She doesn’t look as uneasy as the girl on the left but looks as if she wants to say something but hesitates after opening her mouth a little bit. The camera pans to an up close side-shot of the girl on the left side of the couch. When closer up the girl on the left looks much more uneasy and sad, she is looking down with a blank stare and kind of shakes a little. Then the camera pans to the girl on the right side with a close up side-shot angle as well. The girl on the right now looks to make an attempt to speak it seems as she opens her mouth looking to the left, which we know this is where the other girl is sitting, but hesitates and does not say anything proceeding to close her mouth. The girl on the right is wearing an earring on her right ear but we can only see the right ear and do not know anything about the left. From this scene, we might now know that the girl on the right possibly wants to say something to the person sitting on the couch with her but we don’t exactly know what she wants to say.

0:03 ~ 0:06 – The camera focuses back to the original direction with the two girls sitting on the couch in the middle of the room. The left girl is now looking at her hands unsettlingly with a blank stare. The girl on the right is now looking slightly more to the right than she had been before with gritting teeth, legs are still crossed. The camera pans closer to the girls at a moderate rate. Suddenly, the upper half of a man who looks to be maybe about 20-23 years old with a smaller body build appears in between the two girls from between the couch cushions. He is wearing a lighter brown turtleneck, has neat dark brown hair pushed to the right side of his head, our perception is his left hand side. His fingers are locked into each other and pushed right up against his chest at around belly button level. He stares at the camera and states something, maybe assessing the situation between the two girls but we cannot be entirely certain. The two girls have the same expressions as before and seem entirely unphased from the man who has just appeared from the couch. 

0:07 ~ 0:08 – The camera frame is now entirely focused on the man in the turtleneck. You can still see the two girls but only about ¾ of the right hand side of the left girl’s face is visible and about ¾ of the left hand side of the right girl’s face is visible. The girl on the left starts off looking up to the left but then quickly darts her eyes downward towards her hands. Now her mouth is open slightly gritting her teeth. The girl on the rights cheeks are puffed up a little bit and it almost looks like she has a stomachache and is about to throw up as she blinks and looks around the room. From this frame we can see that the girl on the left  has brown eyes, the man in the middle with the turtleneck has what looks to be gray-ish eyes but I might just be in bad lighting, and the girl on the right has blue eyes. The man once again states something and the two girls don’t take any notice of it.

0:08 ~ 0:09 – An entirely new scene appears. There is a hot tub in the middle of the room with the jets going as we see the bubbles at the top of the water. On the left side of the room is some sort of house plant which seems to go wherever it wants and is growing all different ways. It is leaning much more towards the right side. In the back of the room is a window with half closed blinds and a windowsill. In front of the open portion of the window on the left of the windowsill are two exotic looking shells from some sea creatures next to each other. One is vertical and you can see the full length of it and the other is only showing us the front of it. To the right of those shells on the ride side of the open window and still on the windowsill are three varying sizes of succulents. They look like mini cactuses arranged from left to right by size of medium, small, and then large. All the way to the right is what looks like it could be some sort of highly decorative piece, maybe a lamp or a vase. It has a design on it like squiggly lines on top of each other. It seems like there is a set of red tinted lights out of sight but we can see the light created from them behind the hot tub on all sides. Closest to us are the faucets for the hot tub. There are two faucets each with two knobs. Both faucets are next to each other outside on the edge of the hot tub closest to us in the camera view. There are two men sitting in the hot tub, both shirtless. One african american man, maybe around 20 years old, and short afro-like hair, is sitting on the back left hand side of the hot tub with both arms up on the edges of the hot tub with hands dangling into the water. The other person is around the same age as the man on the left but this man is caucasian with red hair (ginger not actually red). He is also shirtless with his arms up on the edges of the hot tub like the man on the left. This man is sitting on the far right hand corner of the hot tub. Neither of the men are looking at each other or speaking. They are both focused on something on the left side of the screen but they do not seem to be very interested in it based on their facial expressions. Either that, or they are just blankly staring off towards the left hand side of the scene. In the space between the two men, the man in the turtleneck appears from the water while still wearing the turtleneck. He slowly slides up from the water to reveal his face soaking wet obviously as he had just come from the water. At this point we can infer that this man is supposed to represent something for certain. He has only appeared so far between two pairs of people in what seems like very quiet or even silent rooms and nobody takes notice of him. 

0:10 ~ 0:11 – Now we have moved to an entirely new scene. It looks to be a high school gym locker room bathroom. We can assume this based on the two people in the bathroom using the urinals. They are bigger kids with typical football gear on and jerseys that have numbers on them. The person on the left has number 65 on the back of his jersey and the one on the right has the number 77. I am assuming this is high school because there are no names on the back of the jerseys and to my knowledge there are names of either the school or the player on the back of college football jerseys. The ones these people are wearing seem too plain to be college football players. There are 8 urinals in the room, or that is as many as we can see,  placed evenly between each other in the camera’s field of view. The kid with jersey number 65 is using urinal number 4 from the left, and the kid with jersey number 77 is using urinal number 5 from the left. These are the urinals placed directly in the middle of the camera view. In between the two people is the man in the turtleneck. He is facing towards the man in the 77 jersey and we can see now he is wearing light brown jeans and a dark brown or black belt. His arms are by his sides and he is standing up straight. He starts off looking directly at the man on the right but turns his head gradually to look at the camera and smiling. Once he is looking fully at the camera, the scene switches once again. Now the camera is focused on a bed from the top angle. There are two people in the bed. On the fully left hand side is a boy about 18-20 years old by the looks of it, wearing nothing that we can see in our immediate view.  His upper body is exposed from about his torso upwards. A blanket sprawled across the entire bed covers the region slightly above his belly button and below we presume but we can only see his upper half. He has dark brown messy hair and what looks like brown eyes. He is laying his head on a large white pillow and looking immediately to his left (our right). What he is looking at is the girl on the other side of the bed. An african american girl with medium length curly black hair down to about a little past her shoulders. She, as well, does not seem to be wearing any clothing and the blanket is also sprawled across her chest but is higher up on her body than it was on the man. She is holding her arm outside the blanket and pressing it up against her upper chest to not expose herself as the man is. She is, as well, lying on a different pillow then the man but is of very similar variety. She is looking back at the man with a facial expression like she is stunned by what she has seen and doesn’t know what to say. The man has the same facial expression as the woman. Both of them then turn their eyes to look away from each other, the man looks to the left and the woman looks to the right (their right and left respectively).  Both still have not made any notion that they are going to speak and just sit there seemingly astonished or maybe even slightly scared you may think. All while this is happening, the man in the turtle neck is laying in between the two. He is slightly lower on the bed compared to the man and woman and is laying in between the two pillows that the other two people accompanying him are using. Only his shoulders and above are visible but you can still see that he is wearing the turtleneck. He has a very straight face. Neither of the other people in the bed acknowledge him at any point. 

0:12 ~ 0:14 – We are now back on the scene of the men in the hot tub but this time the camera is zoomed in much more to only show the turtleneck man’s head coming out of the water. To his left and right you can see half of the bodies of the two other men that were in the hot tub with him before. By the looks of it neither of the two of them are looking at each other still or talking and both are looking directly forward seemingly at nothing maybe and just thinking. The turtleneck man, still between the two other men, has his head completely soaked as we can presume he just came out of the hot tub as we saw in the earlier scene. The turtleneck man then states something.

0:15 ~ 0:16 – Now we once again go back to the scene at the beginning with the two girls on the couch. The camera is again focused like it was for the last scene. The turtleneck man is the main focus of this scene and you can see half of each of the girls bodies on either side of him. Both of the girls still look quite sad or uneasy and are still looking blankly forwards and down. The turtleneck man is again back in the center of the couch with only his upper chest and above visible in the camera view. His hair is no longer wet from the scene in the hot tub and is once again back to what it was in the original scene he appeared in. He points to the right, at the girl in the overalls still sitting quietly, and says  something. Possibly, this girl on the right is going to do something or maybe the girl on the left will do something to her. 

0:17 ~ 0:18 – The camera angle has backed up since the last scene and we can now see the full bodies of those on the couch. But now, the turtleneck man is not there. The room is still the same as it was in the first scene and the expressions on the two girls are still the same. The girl on the right still has her legs crossed even. She begins to look at the girl on the left and opens her mouth and sort of takes a deep breath and then proceeds to look down at her hands. All the while, the girl on the left looks just as she did in the first few scenes and is still looking down at her hands and messing around with them. 

0:19 ~ 0:20 – The camera is now entirely focused on the right girl from a side angle. The angle looks as if we are sitting right in front of the two on a different couch and looking at the girl on the right. The background behind the girl is completely blurred but everything in the immediate scene such as the girl and the couch, are clear as day. She begins to speak and is looking directly at the girl sitting across from her as we presume because she is very focused on the left side of the couch. She looks very worried so we can assume that something may not be fine with the girl across from her. Now thinking, this is the first time someone has spoken, and the turtleneck man is no longer in the scene or anywhere that we are aware of. Maybe he represents some sort of awkward situation or silence and now that the girl on the right has spoken, he has no reason to be there. 

0:21 ~ 0:23 – The camera angle changes from the right to the left and is now focused on the girl sitting on the left side of the couch. Again the background is blurred and all the focus is on the girl and the couch. The girl on the left is looking at the person across from her, seeming to be listening. She then shakes her head to respond to whatever question or comment the other girl has made. Her head then turns to look downwards again and she starts to mess around with her hands again. The camera switches back to the right side and the girl state’s something once again. She still looks very worrisome. 

0:24 – The camera view switches entirely and now the turtleneck man is once again back and the entire focus of the scene. He is sitting in a chair of the same style as the others in the room the two girls were in and it is also presumed that he is in the basement based on this fact and all the other items surrounding him. On the left hand side of the room we can see a dresser, but only the right half of it, with a decorative lamp, several books and a ceramic duck on top of it. There is also another item on the dresser but I am not too sure what it is, maybe some piece of artwork that sort of looks like an embroidered egg on display. Behind the man is a picture of a dog standing next to some duckweed in front of a pond with a duck flying over the dog’s head. In the back right of the room there is an aquarium with a blue tinted light and an area that looks like it holds what look to be records but no record player to be seen. Above the aquarium is a landscape picture of what looks like the side of a mountain and some body of water next to it. Right next to the man on the right is a small arm table with another ceramic duck or other bird piece as well as a small ceramic white unicorn. The man in the seat has his left leg crossed over top of his right leg and we can now see he is wearing neat, white sneakers with shoelaces tied nicely. The man is holding two thumbs up in a way of approval to show that whatever the girl must have said was a good thing.  He is making a face like he is impressed and gives a small nod then puts both thumbs down. 

0:25 ~ 0:30 – This is the end of the advertisement and where all the links to the companies and informatory pieces happen. On the screen is yellow text stating “Find out how you can help a friend with their mental health at” and the website link is underlined. Under this quote is an area for different logos for I would have to presume mental health awareness organizations based off the ad. These logos are for Ad Council, who were the people behind this ad, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and JED. The main focus of the scene is the text but we can still see the background even though it is blurred. The background is the scene with the two girls, and they are now actively talking to each other with the girl on the right having her full body turned completely towards the other girl with one leg up on the couch. The girl on the left is now smiling as the two are. The girl on the right seems happy as well based on her expression in which she looks content as well with a little smile. A second rectangular text box looking object now replaces the previous lines of text and in it says “SEIZE THE AWKWARD” in all capital letters. The words “SEIZE THE” move away from the word “AWKWARD” in the text box to create a space between them confirming that the turtleneck man represented an awkward situation or an awkward silence which these two girls broke and seemed to resolve their issue or make a step towards the right direction to some degree.

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