18 Class MON APR 01

Cards on the table.

Cynicism is the thin veil that
protects a sentimentalist from caring too much.

I say what I believe as if it were true. My cards are face up on the table. If you ask me why I believe it, my reasonable response is that so far I’m winning the argument. Show your cards.

Sarcasm is vulnerability expressed as humor.

Wake Up

The Braille Riddle

The Rhetoric Unit

  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Includes In-Class Rhetoric Exercise
    • Located in Lectures/Revision/Revision—Rhetoric


10 Responses to 18 Class MON APR 01

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  2. nina525 says:

    Warm up
    Cynicism; doubt, mistrust
    Braille; created by a 15 year old blind
    A language/strategy of letters for reading and understanding
    Complete revisions on previous work and essays
    The way you use language to make a persuasive case is rhetoric
    Ways to improve your rhetoric
    In a refutation argument; you confront a worthy opponent and refute their argument
    If the reader is able to explain how you didn’t refute their objection, you have not proven your hypothesis
    Capitalize on the mistakes of the argument and identify it, recommend alternatives
    Produce a clear comparison between the two alternatives and refute why your argument is more reasonable and ethical
    Identify who is objecting your argument, critics
    Convince the reader and you overall audience why your position is reasonable by defending your argument and answering the readers questions.
    Being to vague will not convince your reader of your position
    Argument and rhetoric are inseparable

  3. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – Straightforward sentences are great for hypothesis
    – If you are asked about why you believe your argument, you don’t have to explain unless they are challenging your argument
    – The riddle says, “Why is there braille at the drive-thru window?”
    – Rhetoric is the way we shape our words to reflect what we mean
    – Identifying your opponent as a ‘critic’ is an easy way to identify them in your writing

  4. pomegranate4800 says:

    – You want to provide your reader with answers, not questions.
    – In declarative, short, sentences, state your thesis.
    – School shootings were a conspiracy.
    – Things were staged and played out, and none of it was real.
    – Point out and identify mistakes of an argument, provide or recommend alternatives.
    – Argument and rhetoric are closely relates.

  5. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – cynicism is the thin veil that protects a sentimentalist from caring too much
    – provide reader with answers not questions
    – questions open door for dispute
    – best way to test out thesis is to share it with someone in conversation and see if they have questions or alternative explanations
    – Answer to Braille riddle: Why is there braille at the drive through window?
    – rhetoric: the students of parkland were said to be crisis actors
    – theories were created that no students were actually killed during shootings, but it was a conspiracy
    – radical and inexcusable misuse of rhetoric
    – answer in class exercise in the rhetoric workshop

  6. rowanstudent2 says:

    Card on the table.
    – “Cynicism is the thin veil that protects a sentimentalist from caring too much”
    – you want to provide your reader with answers, not questions
    – writer resolves dispute

    Wake Up
    The Braille Riddle
    – “Why is there braille at the drive-thru window?”

    The Rhetoric Unit
    Rhetoric Workshop
    – you need to give clear comparisons
    – common knowledge is incorrect
    – you have to acknowledge there are alternative points of view
    – be specific on who you are talking about

  7. wazoo1234 says:

    Rhetoric is the way we shape the language to make a point.
    You don’t have to belittle other views but you must state and expose them.

  8. State facts to your reader and try not to ask questions because it makes the reader have their own opinion. You want the reader to follow your opinion and your side of the argument.
    Possible conspiracies of parkland shooting were proved wrong quickly. They said that no children were actually killed, but we all know they really were.

  9. chavanillo says:

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  10. mysterylimbo says:

    -Making a hypothesis should be simple.
    -Rhetoric is a writing language style.
    -Are rhetorics and argument is the same?
    -In Class exercise

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