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White Paper- Thecommoncase

Working Hypothesis The legalization of medical marijuana in the United States could stop the opioid crisis in its tracks by lowering the number of innocent people killed due to overdose by replacing prescription opioids in the pharmaceutical industry with medical … Continue reading

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Claims Task- Thecommoncase

People around her think she needs a break, needs to rest, to take care of herself. “I know I’m not responsible for all these people,” Brannan says. “But at the same time, nobody else is, either.” -This is an example … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Thecommoncase

The Complicated Idea of Currency The idea of the American Dream, or the idea of being financially stable, is something anyone can imagine for it’s been implemented into American culture for decades. Money is the biggest motivator for people today, … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis- Thecommoncase

The legalization of medical marijuana could lower the number of opioid mortality rates and reduce the amount of people prescribed opioids for pain management. The legalization of medical marijuana could lower the number of innocent lives lost by being an … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries- Thecommoncase

Clean Girls Get Sicker? It seems counterintuitive to let children roll around in the dirt to ensure that they’re in good health, but research shows that children who are introduced to more germs as an infant are less likely to … Continue reading

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Practice Opening- Thecommoncase

The lack of scientific consciousness and stability in the Nigerian government makes it impossible for polio to be eradicated. Small communities in Nigeria are not being immunized due to the serious short comings of their unstable government. Violence plagues Nigeria, … Continue reading

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Why Does the Universe Exist?- Thecommoncase

God does not create the universe, the universe exists to create God. The universe is an incubator, and everything inside it makes up a part of God. The universe expands over time, which shows how God is growing and forever … Continue reading

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