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Practice Opening – Rosekyd

Although the vaccine is meant to help, the people of Nigeria are still very skeptical of it’s effectiveness and it’s side effects. According to the article, vaccination teams were not only rude about handing out this vaccination but also all … Continue reading

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Claims – rosekyd

To start off with the first claim I found in section six, This seems to be a moral/ethical or evaluative claim to me. She is not, according to Brannan, “a normal, carefree six-year-old.” This is mostly an evaluative claim because … Continue reading

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White Paper – rosekeyd

My Hypothesis: Due to the natural tendency for humans to categorize, stereotyping has lead to strong prejudices and racism across America. Weir, K. (2017, October). What’s at the root of racial stereotyping? Retrieved February 28, 2021, from Studies have … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – rosekyd

Stereotypes are one of the leading causes of racism in America Americans that show different features than the white American seem to suffer from Racism more significantly. In order to eliminate racial stereotyping Americans need to keep an open mind … Continue reading

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