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Visual Rhetoric Rewrite

WWE’s Titus O’Neil|Fatherhood Involvement|Ad Council

0:00-0:03  The video opens to a buff man wearing a purple shirt, unbuttoned at the top, turning up the volume to a music player. The wall in the back shows regular paintings someone would see as average house decor. His trimmed beard and grin reflect a sharp personality. After raising his tunes, the camera cuts to him pouring out ice into a bucket, probably for drinks.

0:04-0:07 His next moves show him filling a bowl with pretzels and then seen with cans placing one back into the fridge. What is inside the can is unknown but there’s evidence that he could be hosting a party or get together with friends. The next cut shows the man open his front door with a serious face but immediately turns it to a great smile seeing the delivery man with his food.

0:08-0:11 After answering the door, the man proceeds to unfold a small, square, green table and folding chairs to go with it. The table could be for gambling or regular card play. As he settles into his seat, he takes out a deck of cards and places them on the table. At this point, we could assume that the “party” will contain music, snacks, drinks and card playing.

0:12-0:15 Purple shirt guy shuffles the deck and passes the cards to unknown players. These players could be friends, family, clients, who knows? Maybe he is the dealer or maybe he’s also a player.

0:16-0:19 The frame cuts to him reading his cards close to his face concealing them from other players and he looks to his left at one of his opponents and then the camera zooms out revealing his name and affiliation as WWE superstar, “Titus.” The camera zooms out revealing a kid on both sides of Titus with sandwiches and juice. Both kids are speaking to him as he looks concerned. Do these kids belong to Titus? Could they all be related?

0:20-0:24 Hearing the kids out, Titus cracks a smile and slams his cards to the table, laughing. Both kids are dancing as it appears the kid to his right won the game. Everyone smiles with joy as the camera cuts to black. Turns out the party wasn’t for adults only.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Some things to think about, Anon.

    As we watch the video we draw conclusions every second about every visual detail. All those details are carefully selected by the director FOR A REASON. Your job in this assignment is to thoroughly analyze and communicate why the director made those choices.

    —About the sound system, which, for an adult living in his own house is pretty lame, why do you suppose it’s all completely gray on gray without any identifying marks of brand? We’re always wondering what sort of message we’re watching. If brand names are suppressed, we are sent the message that we’re NOT watching an ad for audio components—or later appliances—or for snack types or specific beverages—or for a type of take-out food . . . right?

    —You never say during the setup that the director intends us to believe the man is preparing for a poker game with a bunch of adult males, but the video doesn’t function as a comic surprise if we don’t. Be specific about the ways the director manipulates our expectations.

    —You never describe the home as either a bachelor apartment or a family home. Likely it’s one or the other, so which one does the video suggest? Is this dad when mom is off for the evening? Or is this single dad? Or is this dad gets custody in his own home night?

    —What does the decor suggest? A woman’s touch? An apartment that came with artwork already hung? This guy’s personal taste?

    —The items on the counter. Do they indicate domesticity? Does the bachelor do his own cooking? Is he comfortable with the kitchen preparations? Or is he so inept at putting a meal together that he has to order takeout sandwiches?

    Do you see where I’m going with this, Anon? If every detail of the scene was selected for it messaging, it all has an impression on the viewers. Your job is to receive those images, process the impressions they make on you, then communicate what information you’ve received. That includes all the judgments you feel you’re being encouraged to make.

    —Don’t ignore the camera work and direction. For example (but not the only example), why are all the early shots in closeup so that little of the surrounding scene is visible? Does the director mean to hide things from us?

    I’d appreciate a Reply.


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