Robust Verbs- doorknob9

In Vancouver, heroin addicts commit crimes to support their habits. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything they can to stop the addicts. Due to the addicts, the city faces a large crime rate. Addicts have a hard time getting through their day to day lives because of such habits. Daily activities such as jobs, interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain because of the fact that they are using. Since heroin users are addicted, they will do whatever they have to do to get their hands on the drug. The types of crimes committed are those of breaking and entering as well as stealing. Heroin addicts have no limits to where they will go to retrieve this drug so that they can feed their addiction. Such habits won’t help to ween these addicts off using heroin. Only trying to save the city from rising crime rates that they’re up to. While providing the drug, these addicts will be off the streets, which in turn will prevent them from committing minor street crimes. This will also keep the heroin users out of the hospital. It seems pointless that the hospitals have to deal with people that want to use bad drugs or unsanitary needles and find themselves being unable to afford hospital bills and hard to cope without the drug. This program gives people free heroin in the cleanest way possible. This will in turn fix the city  but not the addiction that these people face.

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