05 Class TUE SEP 15

Warm Up

  • A group of bi-partisan legislators

Bi-Partisan Legislators


  • Naming conventions
    • “Assignment—Username”
    • Placed in Assignment Category AND Username Category



  • Hypothesis Review & Class Discussion
  • Stone Money: Introduce new course material
    • Class Discussion, preview Stone Money


  • Non-Portfolio Essay on the Stone Money topic.
    • Essay will be just one draft with no Rewrite unless submitted for Early Review by midnight SAT SEP 19.
  • Task: Stone Money
    • DUE before midnight MON SEP 21
    • Give your essay a Title
    • Incorporate the lesson of Purposeful Summary
    • Use Informal In-Text Citation and References Page (APA style)

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Very happy to hear that, Kat. I will try always to surprise and enlighten.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Very useful Notes, Hazelnut, a good blend of practical and theoretical.

  3. davidbdale says:

    I like that I can tell what was going on in the lecture while you were making your notes, G, but that you recorded your reactions more than the details. Very interesting.

  4. davidbdale says:

    No, it’s a bipartisan group of partisan people.

  5. davidbdale says:

    Be sure to start Class 06 THU SEP 17 with Hypothesis Review.

  6. Jessicariccio says:

    The way that you word a statement alters the entire meaning of what you are saying.

    In-text citation identifies where we get the material we are sharing with the reader.

    APA is now used for citing references rather than MLA format.

    Use natural language to describe where the material is from by naturally inserting it into the grammar of the sentence, rather than using out of test citations.

    Reference the excerpt and quote the title of the article as well as recall the location followed by what is stated or said.

    When providing a citation without an author you myst make the location of the article as clear as possible.

    Identify the references by the type including publisher, author, and quote.

    You MUST cite even when paraphrasing.

    When quoting the book review you must reference the author of the review not the book.

    Commas and periods always go inside quotations.

    Money was started using rare objects, to then using things that had value such as gold and silver, to objects that we assigned a representation of value to.

    Something is only worth what others are willing to give for them.

  7. jeffbezos123 says:

    Class Notes 9/15

    Class Warm up
    -You cannot have a single person to be a bipartisan legislation
    -One bad statement could result in people no understanding you your whole career
    – Go back and double check my catagorys

    IN text Citation
    -As you read save sources in your white paper
    -We do not use MLA anymore, need to learn APA
    -Build your citations in a building website focus on your work
    -Make sure they are in aphabetical order
    – start the header with refrences, not works cited
    -Try and build sentances with the refrences DO NOT JUST LIST THEM
    -Practice in text citation
    CLASS ACTIVITY: -In Richard Davies artice “Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing” I love how he says seems cold and mathematical and outside the realm of fuzzy human relationships. This shows us money is just a thing a made up object and is not a source of happiness.

    -Start at your final result at number 6 and work your way up

    – Money started because we got tired of buarting we needed to be able to get things without having to hustle to trade
    – People started to use stones, medal, nickel, and even gold
    -Review Assignent sone money due Monday

    • davidbdale says:

      Good enough, JeffBezos.

      You need some commas in your citation and an apostrophe

      In Richard Davies’ article, “Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing,” I love how he says money seems cold and mathematical and outside the realm of fuzzy human relationships. This shows us money is just a made-up object and is not a source of happiness.

      Let me know if you need clarification on those corrections.

  8. oaktree1234 says:

    -Warm up: Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    bi-partisan means two parties
    you can have group that is bi-partisan not one singular person- correct statement would be “bi-partisan group of legislators”
    -Housekeeping, naming conventions: need to include username after assignment “Assignment- Username”
    always put assignment in the category titled your username as well as the one for the assignment
    -Mechanics: in text citations APA
    references instead of “works cited”
    Use natural language instead of parenthesis with page number to incorporate a source into a sentence.
    must use some for of “said”
    use italics for name of journal or website and put articles in quotation marks
    Lecture: money- started as bartering and then lead to items that held value gold
    gold’s value was diminished over time, shaving some off
    later, used cash with gold standard then silver certificate standard
    today its backed by belief
    money has become more and more abstract over the years- ex: bitcoin
    everything is only worth how much people are willing to pay for it
    large lime stones are used as currency on the island of Yap

  9. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/15 Notes:
    – APA Citation style is the type of style we will use since it is a research course. In- text citation is showing where we got our information from so the reader knows. Instead of works cited, you’ll say references. References are always in alphabetical order. No parenthetical things at the end of the sentence that state the article title and page number. Say this within the sentence in your own words.
    – Your in-class task is to create an in-text citation. Article is on in-text citation link in agenda for today. Decide if you want to quote the author of the book or the author of the book review or you could even try to cite both.
    – Week long take home assignment is to write a non-portfolio 1000 word essay. Due at midnight on Sep. 21st.
    – Where did money start? It started as physical objects that we actually wanted to trade and then it turned into things that actually had value. Then it went things that we assigned value to like cash.
    – Stocks aren’t worth anything until you sell them. Once you sell it, you then get cash for it. Stuff we own might not have the value we think it has.
    – Check out some of the articles under the stone money link in today’s agenda. Sources are on the side bar underneath the stone money section.

  10. clementine102 says:

    My Notes (9/15)
    – Warm Up –
    – Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    – You can not have a bi-partisan legislator therefore you can’t have a group of bi-partisan legislators
    – House Keeping –
    – Naming conventions
    – Always put your author name in the title of your assignment
    – Place assignment in assignment category and username category
    – Mechanics –
    – We will be citing in APA format when doing in text citation
    – Works cited is no longer used in citing, we use references
    – There is no putting page numbers or authors name in parentheses anymore. Just reference the title of the article and author in your own words.
    – When quoting from an article, you can use the publisher and the quote if you don’t have enough information
    – Titles of books need to be italicized
    – “According to “The Fiction That Makes the World Go Round”, Richard Davies explains that the central theme of Money by Jacob Goldstein is that there is an ever-changing paradox of modern currency.”
    – Publications get italicized as well
    – Lecture –
    – Where did money start?
    – At first, we assigned objects value
    – The US went to the gold standard at one point which money was backed by gold
    – Now money is backed by nothing

    • davidbdale says:

      Good work, clementine.

      I’m not sure why you put the entire sentence containing your In-Text Citation into quotation marks, but I’ve removed them:

      According to “The Fiction That Makes the World Go Round”, Richard Davies explains that the central theme of Money by Jacob Goldstein is that there is an ever-changing paradox of modern currency.

      This is a little odd. Your mixture of “according to” and “RD explains” is the equivalent of saying:

      According to his lecture, “Counterintuitivity,” David Hodges explains that things aren’t always as they seem.

      Do you see the problem? What you really mean to say is:

      According to David Hodges’ lecture, “Counterintuitivity,” things aren’t always as they seem.

      Maybe Reply below to show me you know how to fix this?

  11. cardinal7218 says:

    -Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    -There can’t be a group of bi-partisan legislators- no single person can be bipartisan since you can’t be of both parties. The “bi-partisan” would have to go before “group” in the sentence
    -We have to say EXACTLY what we mean, especially in academic papers

    -We have to update our posts if needed to make our title and categories compliant. This way, the professor can easily find our work and our posts don’t get lost in the blog
    -White Paper becomes annotated bibliography
    -We cite in APA
    -Not too different from MLA, but we say “References” instead of “Works Cited” and bibliography/reference machines can take care of the rest
    -Our actual work matters more than the mechanics of our citations in this class
    -In-text citations will have more weight on our grade
    -Use natural language to introduce citations and don’t put the citation at the end of a sentence
    -Don’t forget to say that your source said something. You need “the CDC issues the warning” or “according to the CDC” or something similar

    -What you think is step 6 on your hypothesis could actually be step 1. The hypothesis has to be the right size- it has to be something that can be thoroughly covered in 3000 words

    -How did money start?
    -Bartering, but that’s not money
    -Then objects that were rare in a given area (ex: seashells in a place with no seashells)
    -Then things like gold or silver, they have value and can be used for other things (like jewelry)
    -Then things we assign value, like dollar bills
    -Back in the day, paper money was backed by gold or silver (if you got a $100 bill, it was backed by $100 worth of gold). It doesn’t work like that anymore
    -Now dollars aren’t backed by anything but faith in credit
    -In the 2008 crash, where did the money go? Nowhere, it didn’t exist in the first place
    -Property, stocks- that’s wealth, but is it MONEY? No, it has perceived value, but it’s not money until you sell it
    -Money is more abstract these days
    -This seems a little counterintuitive to me honestly
    -Everything is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it

    -Homework: listen to NPR broadcast

  12. cucumberlemonadee says:

    Riddle : Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators

    Put all work in correct category

    In Text Citation : Changed from MLA format to APA.

    Do a citation from the article
    “ The fiction that makes the world go round. “ and write about 2 sentences about it

    Is money a social Construct?

  13. runnerd4 says:

    Riddle: Why is there no such thing as a group of bipartisan legislatures?
    There can be no such thing as a bipartisan legislature, so there cannot be a group of bipartisan legislatures. There can be a bipartisan group of legislatures.

    We need to remember when posting to the blog to include the tags for our username and the topic.

    In text citation is how we figure out where we got our information. We use the APA citation style. We do not say works cited, we say references. Remember to use a citation site such as easy bib. Several techniques to work your references directly into your work. Eliminate the “(source)” style of citation. Remember to use “said” language, Ex: according to, said, argued. Many different examples of how you can do in text citation. 5 different examples on the blog. Still need to cite EVEN when you paraphrase.

    Task: create an in text citation using the Jacob Goldstein article by Richard Davies. Write about a sentence or two.
    Hypothesis review on Thursday.

    1000 word essay due mon sep 21 before midnight. On the Stone Money topic. Can be submitted by early review by midnight sat sep 19th. Only creating a draft.

    Money came along when bartering got too complicated. They began using stone, nickel, seashells, gold, silver as money. They used something that was scarce where they were. Then we went to handmade items. Then to cash (items we assigned value to). Money used to be backed by gold, then silver, now by nothing.

    Sources for essay can be accessed from the stone money link on today’s agenda.
    Must view the 2 required pieces before anything else. Must view them before class on Thursday.

  14. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    My notes – SmilingDogTheProfWants

    Warmup: my guess, once they have made up the bipartisan group they are no longer bipartisan and are a single different group. Similar to the empty whiskey bottle warmup.

    Where did money start? The trade of a rare object in place of an exchange that could be “universal (within the ones who agree to accept the currency)” and given for any goods or services.
    The concept of money has been around since as far back as human history is written and throuout history we’ve seen money be backed by metals and unique certificates and even just nothing but trust. From thos

  15. cfriery says:

    Tuesday September 15th Notes:
    Warm Up – A group of bi-partisan legislators.

    Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    No person can be a bi-partisan (two party) legislator because nobody can belong to BOTH parties.
    Moral/Lesson: Be careful with your wording. Be clear, and make your intent known.

    – Naming Conventions: Please be sure to follow the format, “Assignment – Author,” for any and all blog posts. Also, make sure your categories coincide with your assignment and author name.
    *Double check your categories*

    Mechanics: Informal In-Text Citation (APA Style)
    Works Cited X -> References (check)

    Build citations into your sentences. Citing through writing. (Hey that rhymes)

    Make sure to add your “said” word.
    Ex: issues the warning, according to, warns
    Author, Name of Journal, Paraphrase

    A little weird quirk: Let’s say you have a book review that cites from a book. If you use quotations from the book that is in the book review you only have to cite the book.

    Book title are italicized.
    The Fiction That Makes the World Go Round
    Author: Richard Davies
    Sept. 8th 2020
    Book Review: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing by Jacob Goldstein

    Task: One draft no rewrite, midnight SAT Sept 10th for Early Review (do that). Stone Money. Due midnight Mon Sept 21st

    How money was started? Bartering? Stone/Gems? Jewelry/Valuables?

    Stone Money:
    Big stones as a from of currency. Huge limestone Discs.

    HW: Click TASK Stone Money and follow steps to start and do Essay. By next class do Step: Required 1

  16. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    Part 2 (something was blocking half my screen)
    From those occurrences we’ve seen nations crumble into chaos and other times we see no issue, but we’ve also seen how things can be fixed and just how important it is to maintain your money and be able to back it up.

  17. oaktree1234 says:

    In his book review of Money, the True Story of a Made-Up Thing, by author Jacob Goldstein, Richard Davies, explains the book “seems cold and mathematical and outside the realm of fuzzy human relationships,”.

  18. tcarter101 says:

    there is no such thing as a bi-partisan legislator because there is not a group of legislators that share both different sets of values as an individual person.

  19. mhmokaysure says:

    Why can is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    -Prefix Bi means two, attached with partisan means supporting two parties. Because of this, there cannot be a group of legislators that support both parties. The correct statement would be “a bipartisan group of legislators.”
    – Housekeeping
    -Remember to properly categorize all work posted in the blog. Each assignment should be in the designated assignment category, as well as in the author’s username category.
    -APA format will be used for essays.
    -You don’t have to use parentheticals instead incorporate the bibliographical information within the structure of the sentence. This in turn improves ones writing.
    – When possible, hyperlink your source when describing where the information came from in your writing.
    – Lecture
    -Some forms of money have a very physical value such as gold or silver. Today, however, there has been an increase in “money” with zero to no intrinsic value such as the linen that currency is printed on, or fully virtual such as bitcoin.
    -The dollar used to have a gold value (gold standard), where the dollar had a gold equivalent in value. After that, it was backed by silver, and today it is backed by nothing.
    -Recently another $3 trillion was printed in the United States which today can be done digitally, with the Federal Reserve being able to lend out money to banks with the click of a button.
    -France bought the United State’s gold back without ever seeing it, and the gold was kept in the United States, just as in “Yap”.
    – Money is in fact fictional, based on your willingness to accept something of value knowing it has no intrinsic value, as everyone else accepts this theory as well.

  20. BigBarry2 says:

    Notes 9/15

    Warm up: Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators. In-text APA citation, do citing right inside of text. Technique we are going to be practicing for next 12 weeks.
    Practiced APA citation using Jacob Goldstein’s book Money: The True Story of a Made-Up Thing and Richards Davies book review, The Fiction that Makes the World go Round”. My APA citation: According to “The Fiction That Makes the World Go Round”, Richard Davies states “The evolving paradox of modern currency — foundational yet resting on faith — is the central theme of “Money,” a sweeping new history by Jacob Goldstein”.
    Hypothesis review class discussion on Thursday 9/17.
    Talking about the different versions of money and how they have been used throughout history and how money will be used in the future. Listen to NPR stone money broadcast for thursday’s class.

  21. gooferious says:

    09/15/2020 Notes:
    – When publishing assignments to the blog always title them and include your username.
    – For academics, in writing we use APA Citations instead of MLA.
    – When citing, we name the citing website and the name of the article along with the author.
    – In References, you include all the info including the date the article was written and the date you retrieved the article.
    – We as writers must learn to incorporate the citations information into the sentence as smoothly as we can without it sounding out of place.
    – Us as humans have accepted to the new norm that we don’t need to have our money on our person. We simply have transactions like direct deposit or physical checks.
    – Money is fictional. It’s meaningless but we work our entire lives to achieve more and more of it.

  22. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes!
    Bi partisan riddle
    Assignment- name (Use Categories)
    APA Citations!!
    • Incorporate bibliography into sentence
    • Blue is citations
    • Name “articles”
    • Said language and sources
    • In text not followed by sources
    • Natural language can guide to references
    Money 1000 words due sept 21st
    • Island of YAP limestone
    • Money started as bartering
    • Gold value down over time
    • Money more abstract as time goes on
    • Only worth what people will pay
    Listen to NPR money by Thursday’s class

  23. sonnypetro29 says:

    My Notes 9/15

    Riddle- Bi-partisan legislator.

    House keeping- Make sure you add the title of the task and you must add your name to it. Also make sure that you are posting your assigment in the correct location.

    In-text citation- Review APA citations, learn how to write with In-text citations by doing a quick 10 minute excerise.

    Go over examples of in-text citation.

    Money- People in Yap made their money by mining limestone.
    Gold Standard, agreement between France and USA.
    Money is a lot different then it was back in the day. We don’t work for a piece of paper we work to see a number change in our bank account

    Invention of Money.

  24. l8tersk8ter says:

    Bi-partisan: group made of two parties with representation from both, but each individual person is with one party, no one legislator can be bi-partisan
    – It matters how you word it, you can have a bi-partisan group of legislators but not a group of bipartisan legislators
    APA In-text citation – work citation sources into sentence, do not put at the end in parentheses, articles go in quotation marks, use “said” language, in-text citation = make citation in text, use sources, authors, articles or sections, whatever is needed to identify where the info is coming from, sources should be in reference list
    Money is a fiction, made up to keep economy going, doesn’t actually exist
    Watch required broadcast by thurs, stone money essay (1000 words w reference list) due mon (sat for early review)

  25. comicdub says:

    -Partisan means stance on one party
    -Bi-partisan is between two parties
    -No such thing as group of bi-partisan legislators because no one person can be bi-partisan so you can’t have a group of bi-partisan legislators
    -Name should always be in header of post to make it easy to identify who posted what
    -Reply to our own hypothesis to be part of in class discussion on Thursday
    -Writing arts uses APA citation now
    -No notes in parenthesis after in text citation, incorporate it in our own words if needed
    -Every citation has to have some sort of “said” language
    -Need to be flexible when identifying way to word in text citation
    -Don’t have to quote every time
    -Eventually we will use hyperlinks in in-text citations to make it easier
    -intrinsic value of bitcoin or paper money is nothing
    -Use at least one extra source for Stone Money assignment

  26. dayzur says:

    ****Make sure to add usernames to title on posts*****
    ****Hypothesis Review on Thursday 9/17*****
    -DO NOT add citations with parenthetical notes
    -Citation material includes: Publication, Article, “said language”
    -In-text citations happen in the text, as the name implies
    -You need to be flexible in finding the source of material in your sentence
    -Paraphrasing is fine, just be fair with it and reference in the references section
    -We will use in-text citations, hyperlinks will be taught later
    -Draft can get reviewed if sent in for early review
    -Essay due by Monday, September 21 by midnight
    -Intrinsic value of bitcoin/paper money = nothing
    -Intrinsic value of old currencies e.g. gold/copper = actual value
    -“Money is fiction”

  27. rowanstudent says:

    notes 9-15
    warm up: bi-partisan groups, no one individual legislator.
    APA format in text citation. You can paraphrase and not use quotes if it is mentioned in the article.
    APA exercise
    Money is just a story- just paper, a worthless thing. We live our lives as if we are working for those pieces of paper. Depends on our willingness to accept the useless papers value.
    Listen to one hour broadcast- access from agenda “stone money”
    Required to use one additional source (find your own if needed)

  28. 612119d says:

    Our Warm Up – A group of bi-partisan legislators.
    No such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    No person can be a bi-partisan because you can belong to multiple parties
    Lesson: Be careful with your wording, make your intent known and clear

    Jacob Goldstein article by Richard Davies about money and how it was created
    1000 word essay about money due monday
    Stone money-Limestone

  29. bluntwriting88 says:

    Class Notes 9/15/2020 A.D.
    Why is there no such thing as a group of bipartisan legislators? To be a legislator is to be partisan and vote for the party lines/beliefs. Thus it is a contradiction in terms just as it is contradictory to name an ’empty bottle of scotch.’
    In-text APA citation is now to be used (Hyperlinks)
    – We yous ‘said/says’ language
    -referencing sections (without authors)
    -or referencing with the author’s name and in which journal without the long and cumbersome article title
    To see how this model for referencing works, rucomp2.com/about/apa-citation/

    the appropriate style for a book title is ITALICS

    -story of the limestone disk
    -ownership was ‘abstracted’ away from physical meaning or significance. the ‘money’ transitioned into a non-physical thing
    -this similarly occured between the U.S. and France, with the U.S. renaming gold reserves ‘French’ while still remaining on U.S. soil
    -modern money doesnt exist. Therefore it can merely ‘disappear’ as in 2008

    For 9/21 ASSN:
    Use citations, 1000 words

  30. wafflesrgud22 says:

    Warmup: Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators? (class discussion)
    -Showed how to get correct hypothesis format and which categories to use

    APA Style Citation
    -Website in quotes and underlined
    -Ex: “Childhood Obesity Causes and Consequences”
    -Section in the article
    -Ex: “in the “Advice for Patients” section of the journal Nutrients”
    -Allowed to paraphrase and not use quotes as long as it is fair and article mentioned
    -In text citation
    -Hyperlink (takes right to source by clicking)

    APA article exercise
    -Read article and do a form of citation from article

    Stone Money
    -Banks lend money building new branch at (0%)
    -Essay due Saturday (19th for revision) for Tuesday class (21st)
    -2008 stock market crash… where did all the money go?
    -3 TRILLION dollars worth of wealth evaporated overnight
    – Money is just fiction and means nothing

  31. Nimadhury says:

    For the benefit of students, Rowan made the switch from MLA citations to APA. Will be creating reference lists.
    Input citations through our writing naturally. Crucial to have name of the author, journal/article, and paraphrase.

    say anything we want. Make some kind of reference to these paragraphs. Decide who we want to quote.
    Say the author’s name once if possible.
    In his New York Times book review named “The Fiction that Makes the World go Round,” Richard Davies states, “The evolving paradox of modern currency is the central theme of Money, a sweeping new history by Jacob Goldstein.”
    one week assignment for a thousand-word essay just one draft unless early draft is provided. Not a portfolio essay.
    Money began as a way to exchange goods between others.
    Used naturally occurring objects
    then went to handmade items: like beads
    The problem with gold was that it was still spendable if the size was trimmed
    so we went to items that represented value.
    Where did the money from the crash go? the money never existed
    Kind of scary to think that money has become an abstract concept. We give it value.
    NPR broadcast about the People of Yap and their counterintuitive trust in their currency.

  32. sunshine2818 says:

    Class 9/15
    Riddle why is there no such this as a group of bi-partisan legislator?
    Compared to an empty bottle of scotch, its not possible
    Make sure you put assignments and notes into the right category
    Do not use parentheses for the citations. Work it into the sentences
    -used said language “expressed the opinion that..” “according to the ….”
    – make it natural
    Class exercise: read article and write a short summary in APA style

    Ask to be looked at in class
    -must reply underneath the hypothesis post

    Stone money
    The uses of currency has changed
    Paper money created from the abyss now has values
    Create dept in order to make money
    Letting gold held on someone elses property
    Argument that money never existed at all

    Assignment listen to 1 hour npr Broadcast found in sidebar (stonemoney) due thursday
    Write 1000 words
    Require reference loist in APA

  33. shadowswife says:


    Warm Up:
    – Bi-partisan: a political system that’s represented by two parties where there’s support for both
    * No legislator can be bi-partisan but can have a bi partisan group

    In-Text Citation:
    – Apa Citation: replaced MLA format as the new format that cites references.
    * Uses “References” instead of “Works Cited”
    – In-text citation: it’s necessary for identifying where we got the sources that we are sharing with the
    * Citing:
    + Authors
    + Publications
    + Direct quotations
    + Paraphrased sentences
    – Technique for building a citation in a sentence that you are using:
    * Use natural language to describe where our sources came from and apply it to the grammar of
    that sentence.
    + An alternative for out of text citations.
    – You need to be clear on whether someone in the source is stating something.
    – Other techniques:
    * Publisher and Title, plus quote
    * Publisher, plus quote
    * Name of Journal, plus paraphrase
    * Name of Journal, Title of Article, plus paraphrase
    * Author, Name of Journal, plus paraphrase

  34. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    Bi-partisan- agreements can be bi-partisan
    Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    -no one person can be bi-partisan
    -you can have a bi-partisan group of legislators but you can’t a group of bi-partisan legislators

    -heading the assignments
    -Assignment- Username *must name it with your username*
    *Review and Class Discussion of Hypothesis on Thursday*

    In-Text Citation:
    -APA-Writing Arts uses this
    -No parenthetical notes in the essay
    -When citing- you must put the name of the article *in quotation marks*, name in publication, and what was being said; no need to name everything into in-text citation.
    Ex. “according to…” this is said language
    -Needs to use language that will help the reader find these references in the bibliography
    In-text citation- style that most publication will use in the body of their work.
    There are different ways that you can use in-text citation *type all the examples*
    1)Publisher, Title, plus quote
    2)Publisher, plus quote
    3)Name of Journal, plus Paraphrase
    4)Name of Journal, Title of Article, plus Paraphrase
    5)Author, Name of Journal, plus Paraphrase
    If you wanted to italicize a title of something, click on edit after posting the comment

    Task- 1,000 Word Essay Stone Money
    *if you want early review between midnight Sat to midnight Mon.*
    Due before midnight on Monday 21
    Give Essay a Title
    Incorporate the lesson of Purposeful Summary
    Use Informal In-text Citation and References Page (APA Style)
    We make up money- Money is Fiction that we have made up- utterly meaningless, but we live our lives working to make it.
    *Click the Stone Money to see directions for 1,000 word essay*

  35. Nancet says:

    Sept. 15 Notes
    Class Warm ups
    -You can’t have a single person to be a bi-partisan
    -Bi-partisan means two parties

    -Naming conversations
    -Need to include username after assignment
    -Always put assignment in the category titled your username

    -In-text APA Citation
    – Build your citations in a building website
    -Make sure they in alphabetical order

    -Hypothesis- Review and class discussion
    -Stone Money- Introduce new course material

    -Non-portfolio essay on the Stone Money topic
    -One draft with no rewrite
    -Due before midnight Mon Sept. 21
    -Give your essay a title
    -Incorporate the lesson
    -Use informal in-text citation and references page (APA Style)

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