05 Class WED FEB 06

Warm Up

  • A group of bi-partisan legislators

Bi-Partisan Legislators



  • Stone Money
  • Class Discussion Stone Money Source Material


  • Lecture/Demonstration: Stone Money
  • Class Discussion Stone Money Source Material
  • Task: Stone Money
    • DUE before midnight TUE FEB 12
    • Give your essay a Title
    • Incorporate the lesson of Purposeful Summary
    • Use Informal In-Text Citation and References Page (APA style)

35 Responses to 05 Class WED FEB 06

  1. johndoe5555 says:

    learned how to make in-text citations by using all necessary information about the source within your claim instead of making a claim and referencing the source within a set of parenthesis

  2. kat says:

    Essay due before class for Wednesday, must be 1,000 words. In text citation in APA format. I can do that by going to the paper clip on my document and pasting the link for the article in the little box. Going more into detail about the lecture, I learned that about 10 years ago the U.S economy lost over 3 trillion dollars in one night, but the money was never really there. This lecture is one of the most interesting I’ve listened to, and I didn’t expect to learn so much about how money and the economy works.

  3. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    Riddle: No individual can be bi-partisan, but there can be a group of multiple parties

    – make sure to make conferences before Feb. 14
    – in text citations: APA
    – Name author, publisher, title, in text where you are talking about the subject
    – Get rid of parentheses in text
    -helps readers locate citation in reference list
    – can hyperlink the article to the words within the text
    -find apa citation assistance in “syllabus plus” tab/ also linked in Feb. 6 agenda
    – Write essay for stone money by Tuesday 11:59pm
    – remember to put title
    -most meaningful 1,000 words you can come up with in essay (no more than 1,100) no including the reference page
    – Brief and clear= the best words and descriptions
    – Stone Money:
    – where did the money go? (where does $3trillion go?)
    -money was never there to begin with
    – $20million economy= someone was willing to pay $20million and now they are not
    – value of currency does not = value of object
    -Once people doubt the dollar, it will have no value
    -because we still accept printed money, it has a value
    – things are valuable based on the demand of the item
    -stone money inks on side of page: first two links=required, and the one third source

  4. g903254 says:

    APA Citation

    Drop citing at the end of quotes instead do it at the beginning in compliance with the APA citation format. Use the name of the article for ease of finding your sources. Add a hyperlink for ease of getting to your source with context. Incorporate into the sentence your citation rather than sticking it on the end.

    Stone Money

    What is meant by money? What is money? Think of the behavior of the people who use money. How reliable is the USD if the U.S Treasury can just print money. How does Inflation prevent the U.S Treasury from doing so? How can the U.S economy go from $8T to $5T. The money never existed. Through the stock market and the raising of stocks the actual price hasn’t changed, but the perceived price has raised so much that when the economy crashed in 2008 that the perceived price dropped 3T USD overnight. If a hurricane goes over uninhabited land then the real estate damage had no cost, but if there was a $10M property then the property damage could be extreme. In Yap they use limestone discs as currency. There is no limestone on yap so counterfeiting that currency is impossible. The wealthy pay for workers to mine limestone 400 miles away. A huge limestone can be left where it is when huge transactions happen and people will know when its your and when it is someone else’s and the stone never has to move from where it was first put. Venezuela’s inflation rate is so high that 10,000 dollar would be worth eight cents by the end of the year. Value of currency can change radically. It can be due to the time of year to the time of day. Spending more in an economy the safer the economy.

    • davidbdale says:

      I like that I can tell what was going on in the lecture while you were making your notes, G, but that you recorded your reactions more than the details. Very interesting.

  5. halizzlee says:

    Warm up: It’s a group of bi-partisan people.
    In-text APA citation, using a lot could be very helpful, name the author/article/publisher, “said languages” have to have verbs,
    hyperlinks in essays of citations
    Reference page
    1000 words, 4 pages for stone money task

  6. > Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators?
    – There is no such thing as a bi-partisan person, that would be you take views of both sides and thats not something you can do. It is not a group of bi-partisan legislators. It is a bi-partisan group of legislators.
    – APA format
    – It is important to build your own credibility as a researcher.
    – It will provide evidence that you have been doing research.
    – Name author, or name, or publisher within your writing. Whatever makes it easy for your reader to find your source in the references.
    > Lecture:
    – ESSAY
    – Stone Money:
    – Must include a title. Your title on the blog, however, put “Stone Money – username”
    – 1000 words in the essay, and then however much your reference page is.
    – The most meaningful 1000 words you can come up with. To make you narrow down and not use more words, but however less.
    – Try not to add in “flabbiness” or filler words, or repetition.
    – 1000 words that narrow down a 3000 word idea.
    – Where did the 3 trillion dollars that the economy had go? The money was never there in the first place.
    – Once people lose faith in the dollar, it will not have value.

  7. nousernamefound1 says:

    Riddle- No such thing as a bi-partisan person, so the statement bi-partisan legislators is false. The. group can be bi-partisan because its two groups coming together. Its unusual to have one person work for two groups at the same time.

    In-text APA Citation- Its important to build your own creditability. A lot of citations can make your writing very powerful. Publisher, Title, Quote is one example of a good APA format. Make it easier for readers to find your source, so you can also identify the author plus title(see examples on In-Text Citation under Syllabus Plus).

    Stone Money essay due midnight Feb 12th. Must be 1000 words minimum, with a format of APA. Stay away from inserting opinion. Focus more on the definition of money and examine the people in the piece. Go over example essay found on the Task page.

    Shares of stock start getting expensive which then add money to economy. If we have 5T$ today and then tomorrow it is gone, that means that we never had it. We just had somebody that was willing to pay 5T$ for something. Land is valued by the production of homes or somebody willing to build houses on. Land can be worth nothing 10 years ago, but can be sold for a bunch of money the next day. The nature of money is very thin. The currency is limestone disc for Yap. Massive polished stones made into wheel shapes with a hole in the middle. You can’t make your own money in Yap, but if your wealthy you can benefit by creating a group. The speed of money will create you to get rid of money faster. 10,000 dollars can be 8 cents at the end of they year. The way we measure if we can buy it or not is the prime example of currency.

    • davidbdale says:

      Very nice Notes, Nunf. But let me help you with a bit of punctuation:

      The group can be bi-partisan because it’s two groups coming together. It’s unusual to have one person work for two groups at the same time. In-text APA Citation: It’s important to build your own credibility.

      See it? You made the same mistake three times in three sentences.

    • davidbdale says:

      Opinion is welcome, Nunf, provided it’s opinion about the nature of money as presented in the source materials. What I wish for you to avoid is 1000 words on positions unrelated to the theme, such as: Money is a silly way to measure your success; or: People these days are too materialistic; or: We should stop using currency to determine how to buy and sell things.

  8. wazoo1234 says:

    Riddle:There is no such thing as a bi partisan person. The group is bi partisan and has legislators in it.
    In text citation: it is essential to cite everything from all sources. Name author/article/publisher within context of sentence. Page is located on syllabus tab.
    Essay about stone money. Do not write about broadcast, write about the money. What is the value of money, how is it possible to print more money when we need it. Needs a title. Do not add pointless words they will be cut and you will not get 1000 words. money is intangible commodity. Its all about perception and how much people think stuff is worth and how if they are willing to pay.

  9. rowanstudent2 says:

    – Why is there no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators? There is no such thing as a bi-partison person. You can be a partisan, but not a bi-partisan legislator. It could be a bi-partisan group of legislators because it contains both parties.

    Mechanics: In-text APA Citation
    – Do not need to put at the end of every sentence in this class
    – A lot of citations provides evidence that you put a lot of research
    – Name the author or article or publisher within context of sentence
    – Example: “In an article at the Center for Disease Control’s website called ‘Childhood Obesity Causes and Consequences,’ the CDC issues the warning”
    – As long as you provide enough information for the reader to find the source
    – It will be helpful to put links
    – How to put link in the text
    – Highlight title -> Click clip button at the top -> Paste URL -> Make sure to check the box
    – The ones at the end of the article are called references, not citations

    Lecture: Stone Money
    – Publish with title Stone Money-rowanstudent in title box
    – Put an actual title for the essay for the first line
    – Try to make it as clear and brief in 1000 words
    – Have to use sources “Required 1” and “Required 2” and then one other one
    – 3 citations and reference list
    – Ask for feedback
    – Allowed one rewrite

  10. nyaj32 says:

    Stone Money is based off limestone. People decide how much it is worth to them. For homework we are supposed to go over the two stone money sources and write 1000 words on it. It is better to submit earlier so that we can get feedback and edit again before it is officially graded s we can get a better score.

    • davidbdale says:

      Sort of. Stone Money is actually MADE OF limestone. People ALWAYS decide how much money is worth to them. (The other way to say the same thing is that people decide how much a bicycle is worth to them IN DOLLARS. They also decide how much DOLLARS are worth to them by choosing how many of them to spend on a bicycle.)

  11. nina525 says:

    APA style citations will be used for essays
    Obtaining a lot of citations show that you have done detailed research for your topic
    When introducing your evidence or citaions you can use, “said”, or “it was stated by”
    State the author and list all citations on the reference page
    12 point font Times New Roman
    Copy URL to clipboard and produce a hyperlink that provides the information you used
    Adding a link to the body of the text, allow readers to access link in text
    Reference page must include all citations used through out your writing
    In APA styles the citations page is called References
    Citation Machine and Campbell Library can be used as help for sources
    Stone money essay is required to have 3 sources
    Titled Stone money and blog name
    Essay should be 1000 words or more before reference page
    Review sample essay to get an idea of what is expected
    Money is a very intangible commadity
    Realize the value of money to other countries and places around the world
    Stone money essay due Wednesday
    Five page article and broadcast is required for the essay
    Find an article from the suggestion list or other sources

  12. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – Riddle answer -> There’s no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators but there is a bi-partisan group of legislators
    – Naming the article, author or publisher will help make citing easier but if all is available, use all for in-text citation
    – Hyperlinking in text helps reference a source
    – No parenthesis, no works cited -> references, still can use easybib
    – 1000 word stone money essay due before midnight Tues. Feb 12
    – needs title, and at top “stone money- yourfavoriteanon”
    – finishing the first draft way before the deadline is the best step to stay ahead
    – brief and clear 1000 words
    – values of money changes by perspective and who wants to pay a certain amount that never existed (INTANGIBLE)
    – Yap currency- polished limestones into wheel shapes, no limestone is originally on Yap so you cannot counterfeit
    – The Yap rock never has to go anywhere but the ownership can always change
    – value of currency > value of item
    – as long as money is being spent and sent around, the economy will remain healthy

  13. daphneblake25 says:

    -switched to APA citation format this year
    -have to cite everywhere you got your information from
    -helps show you’re. good researcher
    -name the publisher, author, article, and said languages
    -hyperlink in text citation
    -copy link of website you want to cite
    -highlight text you want link attached to
    -find the insert link tab on the toolbar and attach it to the desired text
    -select the button that says open in a new tab or window
    -no parenthesis and citation in that way
    -sugary drinks is the largest source of calorie intake and added sugars in children’s diet
    -citation machine
    -easy bib
    -need a title for essay
    -stone money and user name
    -essay due by Tuesday night before next class
    -cite NPR broadcast and article and one other source

  14. nugget1114 says:

    Riddle- Theres no such thing as a bi partisan person.
    How to schedule your conference
    Intext Citations in APA Style
    How to add a hyperlink to line of text.
    Stone Money 1000 word essay.
    due before Midnight Tuesday Feb.12
    an identification essay
    sample questions to consider
    sample essay from skyblue
    one additional source
    Value and worth of Money and how it changes
    Money on Yap
    wheels of polished limestone
    wealthy by word of mouth
    Material used for the essay is in the side bar

    • davidbdale says:

      an identification essay
      —You might have heard me refer to it as a Definition or Categorical essay; they’d be the closest types, I think. If I said “identification,” I regret the word. I wouldn’t know what it means any more than you would. I do want you to describe the nature of money.
      —I really like “wealthy by word of mouth.” I’ll be stealing that.

  15. nj908 says:

    Riddle: there no such thing as a group of bipartisan legislators
    Yaps currency is limestone
    Conferences are set

  16. doorknob9 says:

    There is no such thing as a group of bi-partisan legislators, but there can be a bi-partisan group of legislators. 1,000 word essay, around 4 pages, due next Wednesday. The essay will be about the concept of money. The point of us having a 1,000 word count is for us to come up with the best 1,000 words we can. The goal is to keep it brief and clear. The 3 trillion dollars that the US economy lost during the market crash was never actually there. If people lose faith in the dollar, then the dollar has no value. What things are worth is based on how the market changes. For example. candy the day after halloween will be cheaper than it was a day before halloween. For the essay, listen to the broadcast, read the article, and find a third source on your own.

    • davidbdale says:

      You are most welcome to find a third source on your own, Doorknob, but you aren’t obligated to. You’ll find many suggested sources in the sidebar’s Stone Money menu.

  17. chavanillo says:

    The informal in-text citation exercise.

    Learn how to make a in-text citation by using the full site instead of just using parenthesis or quotations.

    3 sources, two that are required and one chosen from me. Faster way to put money for the economy is to give it away because more is coming to you.

    3 citations and reference list.

    • davidbdale says:

      Not sure I understand this:

      Learn how to make a in-text citation by using the full site instead of just using parenthesis or quotations.

      What we’ll be providing instead of “parentheses” is a Quotation, Summary, or Paraphrase, PLUS an Author Name, a Title, and a Publication name, or as many of those details as needed to guide the reader to the original source.

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