Visual Rewrite—HailtheGreat8

0:01-0:03 The video begins with the camera zoomed in on a half-eaten plate with a fork and a knife on top of it. It seems someone is eating breakfast dinner. The food looks good. There is a half glass of milk behind the plate and bowls on the table, and I believe a blue napkin behind the milk. The camera then cuts to a man with a nice haircut in a blue suit with a tie picking up a piece of his food. He’s probably eating after returning from work because of how his suit looks undone, tie, and wrinkled his clothes are. He then starts looking upstairs. His facial expression makes it seem that he’s a little annoyed about what’s going on up there. You then see a fridge with multiple pictures taped on it. It appears that a child drew those pictures. You can also see background tissue papers, bananas, a trash can, and a sink. He is eating his food in the kitchen.

0:04-0:08  The camera now shows where the man is at. He is in the kitchen; you can see the fridge and other objects behind him; you can also see another room on the right of him. It appears to be the living room. This is the man on the screen house. You see him eating his food; he is most likely eating dinner; you can’t tell what time it is because of their no clock, and they’re no window on the screen, but you can tell by his loose tie on his suit and his rolled-up sleeve, he came back from work. The man then starts moving, trying to get back into a comfortable position. His facial expression tells me he is still a little annoyed about what’s happing upstairs in his house; you don’t know what or who is upstairs. He suddenly jumps a bit from his seat; something startled him. Then he starts looking up again; you see his eyes start moving left and right while looking up. He’s thinking about what the person is doing upstairs.

0:09-0:15 The camera focuses on the man with the blue suit and the background kitchen. His head is slightly turned to the right as he continues to look up. His facial expression seems like he’s mad or worried about what’s going on upstairs. The camera then cuts to a hallway; you see a white wall on the left you can still so the man in the blue suit and the kitchen, you see that he’s sitting on a brown table there are four chairs, and across him, you see food laid out for someone, with the camera angle like this you see more of the kitchen there an oven and multiple spices on the cabinet, you also see pictures hanged upon the white wall. The man continues to look up, and you see him speak a couple of words because his mouth moves. 

 0:16-0:23 The camera starts to zoom in while the words “Never Stop Being A Dad” slowly appears as the color white on the screen. The man continues to look up, and he then looks down on the table; then “Never Stop Being A Dad” disappears from the screen while the camera continues to zoom in. The man looks to the right of himself, grabs his phone, unlocks it, and looks at it. The camera suddenly cuts to the screen of his cellphone. You see that he received a text from someone labeled “J” on his phone at 7:44 pm that confirms he’s been eating dinner this whole time. You also see previous text messages from “J.” He received a message at 2:22 pm and then sends a message to “J” at 7:24 pm; the text he sent is a little blurry. You don’t see the whole text; you only see “On my” we finally find out that he was eating dinner this entire time, not breakfast, as I thought during the beginning of the video. The text he got is a heart emoji with “U2” next to it while the camera still stays focused on the phone.

0:24-0:37 The camera then cuts to the man’s face, he shakes his head a little, and you see a small smile on his face while he puts his cellphone back on the table, then the words “Dedication” pops up fast on the screen in the color white. He picks up a piece of his food, closes his eyes and places it in his mouth, and starts chewing. Then an eagle in a circle and “ACF” pictures appear on the bottom left; the website “” appears in the middle, and an image with a family and the word “ad Council” appears on the right. The man continues to chew his food, looks up, and the video freezes until the end of the time at 0:37.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite—HailtheGreat8

  1. davidbdale says:

    Just a couple of quick questions that should indicate whether you’ve convinced me yet that you’re paying close attention to what you’re seeing, HailTheGreat8.

    —What about the plate of food says breakfast to you?
    —What about the man’s loosened tie and rolled-up sleeves indicate that he’s going to work after this meal instead of having already returned from work, loosened his tie, and rolled his sleeves?

    Are you sure you’re finished with this one?


  2. davidbdale says:

    Regarding mechanics, please don’t REMOVE your post from categories when you add them to your portfolio.

    —This post STILL BELONGS in the HailTheGreat8 category.
    —This post STILL BELONGS in the Visual Rewrite category.
    —AND it now belongs in the Portfolio HailTheGreat8 category.

    I have returned this post to the original categories, but I suspect you’ll need to do the same for the other posts you’ve moved into your Portfolio. Thank you. I apologize for the confusion.


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