Core Value 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.

This is a class unlike any other that I’ve experienced. Rather than an accumulation of a bunch of assignments, this course was a process. However, writing the papers is just the beginning. After posting my work, I would receive feedback. I will be honest and admit that I did not rewrite as many as I would have liked due to time constraints. That does not mean, though, that the feedback did not help me in any shape or form. I was able to take the feedback, analyze it, and put the advice into my toolbox. That made me a better writer for my future papers. White paper contains this core value. Through using white paper, I wrote several essays that all pertained to my topic that I chose in the beginning of the semester.

Core Value 2: Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.

Prior to this class, I have definitely learned from my mistakes. You can’t put little effort into the readings and expect to write a decent paper. I have exceeded my goal when it comes to critically reading and analyzing each piece of writing that I used to put together my assignments. While it may be tedious to read through countless articles to get the information you need, it is worth it in the end. Not only was I able to complete my papers with a thorough understanding of the material, I learned a great deal about my topic and surrounding topics. Further, reading the materials clearly for when it comes to class discussions was essential for me. I was able to listen and fully engage in the class discussions regarding certain readings that made for an entertaining and educational conversation. The stone money assignment contains this core value. If I were to have read it with little to no engagement, I would have been terribly confused. In order to fully understand the text to complete my assignment, I had to critically read and analyze the article. 

Core Value 3: Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.

One of the most important things that I’ve learned is that the audience is the most important part of any paper you write. In order to write a substantial piece of writing, you must know your target audience. I always viewed this as sales. To be most successful in selling your product, you must make it appealing to your audience. Knowing this, I have been able to create my purpose for the paper. I know what I need to get across, and then I need to know how to get it across. In this class I’ve learned a lot about the structure of a persuasive paper and I feel that I am more successful in my writing now that I have these general concepts down. The rebuttal assignment contains this core value. I took information from multiple sources holding different views. I had to be persuasive to prove that my views were correct and the opponents’ were not in a respectful manner.

Core Value 4: Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.

It is all about the details. Paying close attention to every detail is essential when attempting to understand any type of material. In this class, I have learned to look at every piece of information through multiple points of view. More often than not, there are more meanings in videos and writing than you would think. The visual rhetoric assignment contains this core value. By looking close into each second of the video, I was able to understand everything. This may sound broad, but let me explain. I was able to understand the setting, characters, facial and body expressions, props, etc… All of these components brought the work together.

Core Value 5: Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.

Of course in every class it is known that you must cite your work. However, in this class, this was taken much more seriously. I’ve learned to cite my work in my writing, as well as at the end providing a full citation. It is important to give credit to those who provided you with information for your work. Otherwise, it is stealing, and that is highly illegal and disrespectful. I’ve also learned that you do not own your ideas. Most of your ideas come from elsewhere, and so it is my responsibility to give as much credit as possible. If it weren’t for the work of others, I would not have been able to create my work in this class, and any class for that matter. The annotated bibliography assignment contains this core value. I provided the citation for the article that I used and stated how I used it.

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2 Responses to Reflective-RowanRat

  1. davidbdale says:

    RowanRat, rarely do Reflective Statements receive rewrites, [they also don’t receive individual grades] and you’re under no obligation to revise yours, but if you want it to make a stronger contribution to your Portfolio, you should give it more specificity, the same as you would any good argument.

    For example, I read your entire Statement without being able to remember your thesis, and you didn’t provide me a single clue. Fixing that problem would be easy.

    For example, your explanation of Core Value 3 makes a big deal of understanding and addressing your target audience without ever naming that audience or the argument you crafted for them. A reader of your statement would be SO MUCH MORE convinced of your sincerity if you described how you narrowed the universe of possible readers down to the thin sliver you thought you could influence and then named the argument you crafted to convince them.


  2. davidbdale says:

    On a technical note, while I appreciate your links, they lead to the editing window of your posts, not to the published posts, AND they take me away from your Reflective Statement. I have “fixed” the first link as an example of how your links should work. Let me know if you need a refresher on how to get your links to open in a new window or tab instead of removing the reader from your Statement.


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