Open Strong-Johnwick66

  1. Can we honestly say that cancel culture is fixing the social problems our country faces? If you’ve been paying attention to the news or social media these past few years you will have noticed the sharp incline of cancel culture movements of people over actions deemed ” socially wrong”. These people are then targeted by these online mobs and stripped of as much as possible(jobs, college offers, family, etc.) Then rather than perhaps teach them about their wrong doings, they are simply left to rot. Does cancelling someone for something they said or did, really fix the problem, or does it simply just create a potentially bigger menance then before?

2. Anyone and everyone has at one point said or done something socially wrong in their life. If someone tells you that they haven’t they either forgot about it or are a liar. Mistakes and screwups are not only what make us human, but at the same time our ability to learn from our mistakes as well. Cancel culture specifically ignores both of those ideas and simply views someone being cancelled as an irredeemable evil. Thus making the people who cancel them feel justified in their actions. However by painting canceled people in that light, they take away that persons options, and rather give them a chance to learn from their mistake, it forces them to view it as if that is the only thing they have ever done.

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