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By this point, you might be wondering, and possibly feeling guilty about wondering, why Brannan doesn’t just get divorced. And she would tell you openly that she’s thought about it. “Everyone has thought about it,” she says. And a lot of … Continue reading

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Money is a Lie “Money is a fiction.” This is a line mentioned in the beginning of the NPR broadcast, Planet Money. Anyone who hears this would find it absurd because nobody would associate money as something made up. It’s something … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis   1- Depression   2-Depression and suicide rates   3-The effect depression and mental illness has on the rise in the suicide rate    4- A large percentage of people who suffered through depression and other mental illnesses have committed suicide.   5-People who aren’t diagnosed with severe depression are most likely to … Continue reading

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“Is PTSD Contagious?” It seems counterintuitive that someone who has not experienced any traumatic experience suffers through PTSD as much or more than someone who has. Caleb Vines was sent to Iraq twice, came back with PTSD and traumatic brain … Continue reading

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A cut down on routine immunizations and visiting home would prove more effective. The article references that survivors of polio can better spread the message of the fatalities of the virus; they are a physical embodiment of its effects. People of Nigeria live in an environment filled with violence … Continue reading

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