06 Class WED FEB 10

Professor Conferences

  • The first of three is mandatory by THU SEP 24
  • Permanent link to the Teleconference Chart is in the Syllabus Plus menu
  • Here’s a direct LINK

A Good Hypothesis

  • Essay writing is like the scientific process, designed to test hypotheses with experiments, not prove preconceptions.
  • Research is “the targeted search for evidence to test a hypothesis.”
  • “Analyze Data and Draw Conclusions” (not “Prove Hypothesis”) is the payoff step.
  • “Communicate Results” not “Defend your Original Thinking” is the final mandate and guideline for the Research Position Paper.

Scientific Method

Hypothesis Illustrated:
Self-Directed Lecture (with Task)

  • Brief Introduction
  • USAID tested the theory that direct aid to the poor would improve childhood nutrition more than trying to engineer nutrition programs for them, on the theory that the poor know what to do; they simply lack the resources.
    • Link to the “Give Directly” article
      • Contains a Brief “Discussion Exercise”

Writing Workshop (Analyze “My Hypothesis” Posts)

Resources for your “Stone Money” Task

First, let’s briefly discuss your reaction to the 1-hour NPR broadcast, “The Invention of Money,” that was assigned for homework.

  • Cows and Chips
    • This post contains lecture material, demonstrations of the “Cows and Chips” technique in action, examples of advice I have given other student authors for enlivening their posts with livestock, and the details of a simple exercise.
  • Barter Explained, Poorly
    • This post is a graphic demonstration of an essay that fails in every way to capitalize on the power of illustration, anecdote, and the persuasive appeal of visual, auditory, and other sensory details.
    • Includes an Exercise to be completed whenever you access this resource.

30 Responses to 06 Class WED FEB 10

  1. jeffbezos123 says:

    CLASS NOTES 9/17/20
    -Make sure you schedule a conference is in the Syllabus Plus menu
    -Will be about your hypothesis
    -Hit the link to select your time to schedule
    -A hypothesis is like a scientifiic statement
    -You have to find evedence to test the hypothesis
    -The goal is not to prove the hypothesis correct
    -Try and make your hypothesis as unique, and orginial as posible
    -You can always change your hypothesis
    – go back and edit your hypothesis
    – acidemic honesty do not recycle papers
    -Calfornia forest fires
    – Governer says that we should control burn and clean
    -over a million arcers were burnt
    -Instead of cleaning up all the woods we could cut sections apart in the woods so there is a a break and will burn 10 times less


  2. cfriery says:

    September 17th, 2020

    Three mandatory meetings for paper. Tele-conference BY SEPT 24. TELECONFERENCE CHART. This first meeting is for our hypothesis.

    You can change your hypothesis at any time. If your research points you in a different direction, then the beauty of a hypothesis is that you can go back. If you change your mind then you know your research has been successful. You have been honest in your attempt to find out the TRUTH. “Communicate Results not Defend your Original Thinking.” Analyze your data and draw conclusions.

    USAID Hypothesis: “direct aid to the poor would improve childhood nutrition more than trying to engineer nutrition programs for them, on the theory that the poor know what to do; they simply lack the resources.”

    Basically direct aid will make children healthier.
    Discussion: The authors’ study did fail only because they didn’t go back and change their hypothesis and retest it after the experiment failed. If my hypothesis wasn’t supported by evidence then I would go back and adjust it accordingly. (Ran out of time)

    Hypothesis Feedback (Use Feedback Please)

    Cows and Chips
    Barter Explained, Poorly

    HW: Stone Money + Exercise in Cows/Barter


  3. thecommoncase says:

    -talk about hypothesis
    -start making appointments

    -essay writing is like the scientific method
    -uses specific steps to test your hypothesis with the use of evidence
    -you analyze data to draw your conclusions
    -with analogy, you can draw conclusions from other fields
    -let the evidence convince you of something when you read it
    -you can conduct your own research
    -you’re never trying to prove something, just draw conclusions


  4. oaktree1234 says:

    Professor Conferences: must meet with professor before sept. 24th (and three more times before the end of the semester)
    A Good Hypothesis: essay writing is like a scientific process- test hypothesis with experiments, not prove preconceptions
    -follow the evidence don’t force a direction
    -can change hypothesis at any time
    -communicate results not defend your original position
    Give Directly Hypothesis:
    -give cash directly to those in need or educate them on nutrition?
    -cash used on alternate thing like bills, nutrition education also had little to no effect
    -giving more cash did display slight health improvements
    -overall- experiment needs improving
    Analyze my hypothesis:
    Forest fires in California prevention- clearing forest? create paths in forest?
    -make sure to clarify broad terms in hypothesis ex: “success”
    stone money essay: less abstract ideas more vivid imagery


  5. runnerd4 says:

    First Thing on Agenda: Professor conference one due by 9/24. Already completed yesterday
    Many resources in syllabus plus: APA formatting, mandatory conferences, etc..

    A hypothesis in writing is like a hypothesis in a science class. You come up with a reasonable theory and gather information to test the hypothesis. The goal of research is not to find evidence to support hypothesis. Gather evidence and draw conclusions. You can come to the conclusion that your hypothesis cannot be true. DO NOT TRY TO FORCE THE EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT YOUR HYPOTHESIS. Can change your hypothesis at any time. Using the chart from today’s agenda will help with the writing process. It is fine to prove that your hypothesis is not accurate.

    Give directly hypothesis about improving childhood nutrition. Daniel Handel. He was analyzing the money spent on children’s nutrition. No one went back and calculated the results, so it was very difficult to analyze. He thought that giving them the $114 directly would help them much better. TASK: discussion questions
    We then had a discussion in the zoom about the successes of the hypothesis/program.

    Hypothesis Workshop: Remember to ask for feedback!!
    example hypothesis about fires: The forest floor needs to be cleaned.
    Possibly burn a quarter million acres so we can stop the fires.
    We need to look at opposing ideas and refute them while coming up with new ideas.
    Next we went through the pros and cons of some hypotheses. Very helpful for me to see what I need to work on and the way I need to think while writing.

    Stone Money due Monday 1159
    Remember to get 1 more source for piece.
    Task on agenda.


  6. rowanstudent24 says:

    9/17 Notes:
    – A hypothesis to your writing is the same as it is to a scientist. Research to test the hypothesis is the same as doing experiments as a scientist. Just start researching your topic and let the evidence convince you. You can change your hypothesis at any time. If you’re persuaded by the evidence then you should expect your readers to be persuaded as well. It’s okay if your hypothesis isn’t true because it shows that you’re learning. After writing your 3 short papers, your hypothesis will now be a thesis.
    – The first hypothesis definitely needs a lot of work. It only had 4 parts to it and the last part was a question which a hypothesis shouldn’t be. The third one talked about high school students getting good grades. It stated that students that achieve high grades perform poorly in the work force. I think it really depends on the person for that one. This is a very counterintuitive hypothesis.


  7. clementine102 says:

    -My Notes-
    Teleconference Reminder!
    – Sign up for appointment by clicking link under syllabus plus menu
    –A Good Hypothesis–
    -The goal for research is to draw conclusions
    – It is possible to come to find that your hypothesis is untrue
    – We need to communicate our results, not communicate our original idea
    – You are allowed to use our own research in our essay
    – It is fine to prove that your hypothesis is wrong
    – You need to do background research for your hypothesis
    –Hypothesis Illustrate: Self-Directed Lecture–
    – If my hypothesis proposal could not be supported by the initial evidence, I would try to make a new hypothesis based on the research I found. I don’t think it is necessarily a bad thing if this happens with your research and your hypothesis. In fact, your new hypothesis will probably be better than the hypothesis that failed.
    –Writing Workshop–
    – Don’t be too broad in your hypothesis
    – If you have a counterintuitive hypothesis, make sure your research is possible


  8. Jessicariccio says:

    A hypothesis is establishing a reasonable theory that you then research evidence to test not prove the hypothesis.

    Your hypothesis can he proven to be untrue.

    When researching you are communicating results not convincing the reader that your theory was correct.

    When reading the “Give Directly” hypothesis article we learn that the authors initial thinking was proven to be untrue. Upon conducting an experiment they collected evidence that went against their hypothesis. We see that this did not mean they failed, it actually means that they were successful.


  9. cardinal7218 says:

    -First conference by September 24th, talk about hypothesis
    -This hypothesis is the same as a scientific hypothesis. You have a theory, you research it to see if it can be true
    -The goal of research is not to prove your hypothesis, it is to test your hypothesis
    -Come up with a hypothesis that hasn’t been done before and research to see if you can make a case for it. You could even prove your hypothesis to be untrue, or that more evidence is needed to prove it, or that you need to use an analogy to prove it
    -Just research and see where it takes you
    -We are communicating results, not convincing someone we’re right about our hypothesis
    -First, you ask a question. Once that question is strong enough, turn it into a statement
    -Do background research and come up with a hypothesis. If you’re trying to make a hypothesis without doing research, it probably won’t be a good one
    -Analyze data and draw conclusions, not prove your conclusion
    -It’s just like the scientific process
    -Unproving something is just as valuable as proving something

    -Your original hypothesis might not make a lot of sense, but that just means you have to re-evaluate and come up with a better idea
    -The hypothesis should be specific, don’t just say “affect the child.” What does that mean? Make the child happy? Sad? Do something? Not do something?
    -Make sure you can explain and define the different parts of your hypothesis
    -Go for unexpected evidence, research your hypothesis from a different angle than the obvious one
    -Something is explained well by not keeping it abstract. Illustrations/anecdotes often work


  10. dayzur says:

    -Hypothesis start out by asking a question, then doing some background research
    -Then we can construct a hypothesis and test it
    -If the test fails we troubleshoot
    -If test passes we analyze data and draw conclusions
    -Check if results align with hypothesis or not and communicate results
    -author in Rwanda testing hypothesis for nutrition and education of people
    -all groups failed, but not a full failure
    -just because a hypothesis fails, doesn’t mean it cannot be a success

    -Discuss hypothesis
    -3 Appointments needed


  11. tcarter101 says:

    A hypothesis is a reasonable theory that you are trying to find evidence to prove it. you use it in the writing process is made for you to experiment and test your hypothesis and in the process, you may find that you find things that may or may not change your hypothesis along the way. Do background research to give more strength to your claims. your first draft may not be the best however you can work on it as time progress. you also have to ask yourself is it a strong hypothesis or does it not have a strong enough base.
    Even in the reading “Give Directly” their hypothesis was proven wrong although they were proven wrong it doesn’t directly correlate with failure.
    Takahi Carter


  12. mhmokaysure says:

    – Professor Conference
    Schedule a meeting, stating what the purpose will be eg. defend hypothesis, discuss hypothesis, etc..
    -Hypothesis Workshop
    We are taking a more scientific approach to writing, going through the process of coming up with a question then trying to see what the answer can be.
    -The goal of research is not to prove your hypothesis, it’s to test your hypothesis.
    -Come up with a hypothesis
    – Find something that hasn’t been looked at before and research to see if you can make a case for it.
    Whatever you find can either prove, disprove, or show that you need more research, however, none of those are considered wrong as we’re trying to show our results.
    – Your first hypothesis might not make a ton of sense, but we are able to go through and improve it throughout the course of writing.


  13. gooferious says:

    09/17/2020 Notes:
    – When writing a paper it is okay to prove or disprove your hypothesis
    – Simply make a contribution to the writing world by asking questions and investigating
    – Hypothesis cannot be a question, it is a claim that will either be true or not true by evidence we find
    – The hypothesis needs background research in order to construct it correctly
    – In Rwanda, an economist proposed the idea that money should be given directly to the people to see if health improves within population
    – To build an innovative hypothesis we must find a compromise between doing nothing at all and the most extreme thing we can do
    – When thinking of a hypothesis, one should consider all the possibilities that could rebuke the original hypothesis


  14. 612119d says:

    Conferences: must meet before the 24th (three times before the end of the semester)
    Hypothesis:scientific process- test hypothesis with experiments, no right answer
    Allowed to change hypothesis if something better comes up
    communicate results in your final

    USAID Hypothesis: “direct aid to the poor would improve childhood nutrition more than trying to engineer nutrition programs for them” So in turn there giving more money straight to the people
    Chips and cows debate


  15. corinnebuck1219 says:

    •thursday 24 – mandatory meeting
    •good hypothesis- writing is like the •scientific method (testing conclusions + asking good questions to make hypothesis)
    •research paper- to actually find out what really is true despite initial thoughts, and writing about the truth
    •its not good to find other people’s answers
    •tried to teach childhood health for good cause, but minimal positive results (if we’re getting minimal results the kids aren’t getting healthier, instead give them $114 for better resources)
    •yesterdays and todays sky gray due to california and oregon (smoke haze)
    •california fires (million acres at a time)
    •finding 3rd way to expand mindset helps create a innovative hypothesis.
    •listening to my peers hypothesis being critiqued
    •cows & chips
    •batter explained, poorly
    •stone money due monday


  16. l8tersk8ter says:


    Professor Conferences – 3 required, first one by THU Sep 24,

    A Good Hypothesis – tested not proven, like scientific process, ask good questions and figure out how to answer them, hypothesis clarifies what we’re proposing to investigate, need information before constructing a good hypothesis, communicate results even if they don’t align with your hypothesis

    USAID – Daniel Handel’s theory: instead of health/nutrition programs for children, better to spend money directly to poor to give them the resources to be healthier, was proven wrong but does not mean it was a failure


  17. bluntwriting88 says:

    3 mandatory teleconferences – 2 material based, 1 grade content – make note of what was accomplished during conferences

    Research is necessary before a good hypothesis may even be constructed
    -Do some research on our hypothesis
    The hypothesis, which no one has tested, allows one to find out more about the world and their ideas
    – ASK FOR FEEDBACK in hypothesis feedback in ‘My Hypothesis’
    Mount saint helen – Washington state
    My Hypothesis – mhmokaysure
    ‘Not being able to drive until full cerebral development
    -very slippery slope, a good angle to either build or tear down this hypothesis is in the realm of ‘cognitive development’ and at what age said development is completed
    ‘My hypothesis’ wafflesrgud
    -getting straight to claim in point 2, development in step 3 served as evidence, however it does not further develop the hypothesis all too well.
    -each step is a hypothetical claim
    ‘My Hypothesis’ gabythefujoshi
    -establishes categories between terms or concepts


  18. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes-9/17

    – Must schedule a conference with Professor by Sept 24.
    – A good hypothesis, look at the chart to follow the process on how to make a good hypothesis.
    – It’s possible that you can come up with an untrue hypothesis
    -Hypothesis Illustrated task(Give Directly)
    – Review and talked about a few of our classmate’s Hypotheses.


  19. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Daily Notes 9/17
    Professor conference due by next Thursday to defend hypothesis
    Hypothesis needed in order to test results
    Whatever you discover from the hypothesis is added value to the world
    Ask questions and then investigate
    Publish results weather its true or not
    Background research on hypothesis needs to be done
    Might need to redirect your hypothesis mid-way
    Communicate results to world
    Eventually you turn hypothesis into thesis
    USAID education and money stipend article
    Hypothesis wasn’t wrong just proved something else instead
    Classwork exercise
    Hypothesis=New and interesting
    “wedge theory”
    Need feedback on my hypothesis
    Hypothesis workshop and reviews
    HW- stone money task & resources (includes exercise)


  20. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    9/17 Class Notes
    Teleconferences with Professor must be done by Sep 24
    -First two are material based, and the last one will be discussing final grades
    Turn agenda into a report of what was accomplished
    whatever we discover, is an added value to the world of knowledge.
    constantly refining, never quite finished, asking good questions and figure out how to answer it contributes to the world of knowledge
    Job of a research paper- not to prove you are right, to show your results whether they are right or wrong
    Do research on the topic you picked

    Research Paper Process:
    -Ask a question
    -Do Background Research
    -Construct a Hypothesis
    -Test with an Experiment
    -Ask if Procedure is Working
    -Analyze Data
    -Communicate Results

    Hypothesis Illustrated:
    -USAID tested the theory that direct aid to the poor would improve childhood nutrition more than trying to engineer nutrition programs for them
    *Discussion questions*

    We actually need fires so that the trees and plants can grow more stronger- needs regeneration

    Finding a compromised solution or theory in between two extremes is good for developing a unique hypothesis.

    Hypothesis Workshop:
    -looking at three people’s My Hypothesis
    -First needs to make more clear the correlation of a person’s age and the ability to drive
    -Second, has a factual claim but not an actual hypothesis. “The supplement industry does not actually care for the well being of consumers” seems more like a plausible”
    -Third, symptoms aren’t as obvious, than those who show or display their symptoms
    Making categories
    -They don’t get treatment because they think that their symptoms are not as severe

    *Stone Money Task due before midnight on Monday*


  21. comicdub says:

    -Three professor conferences are mandatory
    -Mandatory conferences can be found under Syllabus Plus tab
    -Two conferences are discussing material and one is just discussing grades at end of semester
    -Outcomes of hypothesis don’t have to be correct for it to be good
    -Research paper is used to find out if something is true or not, not just prove that its true
    -Need to do research before constructing a good hypothesis
    -Do research on our hypothesis before conference with professor


  22. sunshine2818 says:

    Class Sept 17th Notes

    Mandatory meeting with professor

    Good hypothesis

    Give directly hypothesis
    – Foundations were creating classes for families and discuss proper nutionion, in the hopes of help children get proper nutrition as a kid
    – Instead of creating the program, the foundation decide to give money directly to the families, in the hopes of making a better difference in a child’s nutrition
    – Result were not supported
    Hypothesis of burning trees
    – Creating grids on the floor
    My hypotheses workshop
    – Does a car require full development of the brain
    – Proving that the FDA does not care about labeling supplements
    – Will have to track both groups ones who receive mental illness and the ones who don’t receive
    Use resources for stone paper


  23. rowanstudent says:

    notes 9-17
    teleconference, schedule meeting and check times.
    Hypothesis exercise- open upfront and not smart.
    Background research is needed to construct a hypothesis (chart)
    Hypothesis- no one has ever tested this before and how can we learn from it?
    Response activity on money hypothesis experiment.


  24. Nimadhury says:

    Professor Conferences
    – Must meet 3 times during semester
    ○ First deadline is Thursday, September 24
    ○ Talk about hypothesis

    A Good Hypothesis
    – Is to a writer what a research question is to a scientist
    – Goal isn’t to prove my hypothesis
    ○ Only proves that others had the same idea as me
    – More satisfying to have something that hasn’t been proved yet
    ○ It’s pointless to spend 10 weeks on an established fact
    – Analyze data to draw to conclusions
    – Start researching and reading
    ○ Can change hypothesis at any time
    § Success because we’ve learned and was honest in our research
    ○ We are communicating results
    – Hypothesis can’t be a question
    ○ Need to make a choice of what is “better” when proving so
    ○ We may even need to do more research to set up a hypothesis
    – When we’re done the hypothesis becomes our thesis for our paper

    Hypothesis Illustrated
    – Theory that giving aid directly in the form of cash to the people of Rwanda instead of health education programs would be more effective to alleviate malnutrition
    ○ Theory could not be supported with the research
    ○ Research indicated that giving out cash greater than the value of the education program was effective
    – This is not a failure, just gives more direction and context

    Writing Workshop (Analyze “My Hypothesis Posts”)
    – Create a hypothesis that doesn’t really make much sense then research
    – What do we mean when we say “best results”?
    ○ Material needs to be clarified

    Health Outcomes among the poor
    – Poverty leads to x, y, and z
    ○ Affects health outcomes
    – Medicaid for health coverage for those who qualify
    ○ Fact, not a clarification
    ○ Should be put together with above statement
    – Try to get more money to improve their situation
    ○ Their raise won’t go into health coverage other items
    – Logical progression not a specific hypothesis
    ○ This is okay as long as we finish with a hypothesis
    – Is it Medicaid or is it the qualifying income levels?
    ○ It’s that income barrier
    § Maybe have different levels of benefits
    – Medicaid above or no limit makes people less likely to get out of its program

    Goal: Best Hypothesis

    Stone Money
    – Talking about a concept well
    ○ Illustrate with examples
    – Talking about a concept poorly
    ○ Keeping it abstract
    – What keeps these concepts (from the NPR podcast) with us?


  25. wafflesrgud22 says:

    -Teleconferences: sign up or check time signed up for
    -Hypothesis and how to build one (see flow chart)
    -Communicate results!!!
    -It’s okay if you look up something and no one wrote about it, in fact, if you research a topic that someone already wrote about its boring
    *Brief Exercise*
    -Fires hypothesis
    -The fire on the west coasts are affecting the weather on the east coast (overcast)
    -Going over the hypothesis of peers…. Thanks for the feedback!


  26. shadowswife says:


    A Good Hypothesis:
    – An essay is meant to test your hypothesis with experiments, not prove it.
    * It’s best to have a hypothesis that hasn’t been proven, yet so that the result would be much
    more interesting.
    – Research is supposed to be “the targeted search for evidence to test a hypothesis.”
    – You need to analyze data and draw conclusions, not try to prove your hypothesis.
    – If you have changed your mind during the research, that means that the research has been
    * Don’t try to defend original thinking.
    – Your hypothesis can’t be a question. It should be a claim.
    – There are multiple steps in creating and researching a hypothesis:
    * Ask a question
    * Do background research
    * Construct a hypothesis
    * Test hypothesis with an experiment
    * Question if the procedure is working
    + If not, troubleshoot the procedure and go back to testing the hypothesis.
    * If the procedure is working, analyze the data, and start drawing conclusions (or your final
    + If the results do not or partially align with your hypothesis, you should use those results as
    background information and form a new hypothesis to start over with.
    + However, you can still use these results as your final results since it’s okay to write about how
    your hypothesis was inaccurate.
    * If the results align with the hypothesis, you can definitely use them as your final results and
    create a thesis.


  27. cucumberlemonadee says:

    mandatory meeting by Sept 24th about hypothesis

    Your hypothesis cannot be a question

    Try to write about something different that no one else is writing about

    Hypothesis doesn’t have to be right to be good


  28. hailthegreat8 says:

    -Stone Money
    – You have to talk about the concept of stone money
    – The stone money assignment is due Monday, September 24
    -Professor Conference
    – Must schedule a meeting with the professor
    -Come up with a hypothesis
    -You can keep changing your hypothesis
    -Do your own research
    -Keep editing your hypothesis


  29. Nancet says:

    Sept. 17 Notes
    -Professor conferences
    -The first of three is mandatory by Sept. 24
    -Permanent link to teleconference chat is in syllabus plus menu

    -A good hypothesis
    -Essay writing is like a scientific method
    -Use specific steps to test your hypothesis with evidence
    -Analyze data and draw conclusions
    -“Communicate Results” not “Defined your original thinking”

    -Analyze my hypothesis

    -Stone money


  30. 9/22 Notes:

    mandatory meeting by Sept 24th about hypothesis
    Your hypothesis can’ be a question
    write about something different that no one else is writing about
    Hypothesis doesn’t have to be right to be good
    Use your hypothesis with evidence
    Analyze and draw conclusions.


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