16 Class WED MAR 17

Wake Up

Card Trick Snippet


  • The New Portfolios SP21 Category
  • Your personal Portfolio Category (e.g. Portfolio JohnWick66)
  • Place BOTH your Definition Argument AND your Definition Rewrite into your new personal Portfolio category.


Anne Frank

Take Home Task

Open Strong

30 Responses to 16 Class WED MAR 17

  1. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Began class with a deck of cards activity
    Its astronomical to lay out cards in a way that has never been done before
    “It cannot be impossible to do the impossible.” – Professor Hodges
    Every draft requires improvement for the betterment of the piece
    PERSONAL REMINDER: Put every portfolio piece in feedback please
    Visual and Definition assignments are both presenting arguments in different ways
    The effectiveness of an argument can be created all in the presentation
    You cannot win an argument in the first sentence, but you can lose it. (Good opening sentence)
    Electric cars can cut down on gas emissions, but ultimately find a way to run on gas in some sense (counterintuitive to the idea of ELECTRIC cars)
    Use of electric cars will at least double electric usage resulting in a new environmental issue
    Anne Frank Assignment: DUE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT
    Take Home Task/Safer Saws: DUE MIDNIGHT SUNDAY


  2. honeysucklelilac says:

    Wake Up
    -impossible things happen every day
    -it can’t be impossible to do the impossible
    -How to Open a Lecture
    –what sounds better, pay more with a credit card OR pay less with cash?
    –no one needs to know about the information you don’t have, the gov’t doesn’t give weekly updates VS this is the latest information from the gov’t
    –you want your reader to beg for more from your first sentence to get them to read sentence 2, then sentence 3 and so on
    —this goes back to the beginning of the semester, each sentence is important there is no room in this essay for sentences that aren’t strong
    –even if your claim isn’t true, your job is to get your reader to consider your evidence
    persuade readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise
    –you don’t actually prove anything, proof and truth are different
    I really need to look at my definition argument TODAY and do a rewrite before getting feedback
    Anne Frank
    -Anne Frank didn’t write in her diary for herself, she wrote with the perspective of people someday reading her story.
    In class assignment due TODAY at midnight, strong opening for YOUR thesis is due SUNDAY by midnight


  3. -You can’t put your paper back into the feedback category unless substantial changes have been made
    -Add visual rhetoric to portfolio
    -There are lots of bad opening sentences compared to good opening sentences.
    The primary goal of sentences number 2 is to get your reader to read sentence number 4, and so on.
    -Readers are attracted to good opening sentences.
    -You have to persuade readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.
    -Proving things is for mathematicians, you can only persuade things to people.
    -Our credibility is everything and as soon as we get caught deviating from sincerity, our argument is over.


    • davidbdale says:

      Very strong Notes, Pop. You cut to the chase of most of today’s material.
      I probably did a negative sell on this one:

      -You can’t put your paper back into the feedback category unless substantial changes have been made

      I should have used the “Discount for Cash” technique instead:

      You can put your paper back into the feedback category as often as you make substantial changes.



  4. rowanrat says:

    -it’s almost impossible that we’re here, yet it happened
    -impossible things happen everyday
    -the average first draft is around a C+
    -if you want feedback, you’re going to have to ask specific questions
    -will only grade the rewrites so the first draft stays the same
    -poets thrive on ambiguity
    -more successful if you wait for the second marshmallow rather than eating the first one immediately
    -we’re either gobblers or nibblers and only dire situations can change that
    -lack of will power is shown in the people who ate the first marshmallow without waiting for the promised second marshmallow
    -spoke of Anne frank included images and facts


  5. mrmba1 says:

    Impossible things happen all the time, so stop taking things for granted.
    How to open:

    Start with a positive spin, even if there’s a negative.
    No need to apologize, work with what’s available
    Make the reader beg for more, make them read the next sentence.
    Engage your reader
    ***Persuasion, truth, clarity, premise
    Include background, common reaction, counterintuitive claim


  6. justheretopass says:

    -We opened up on a card trick and how the order professor placed down was one of a kind and rare.
    -Impossible things happen everyday, stop taking everything so seriously
    -We then added our definition essay’s in a new category so we have everything in the same spot. It will also light a fire under us hopefully when we see our grade and it will want us to rewrite the essay to get the best grade we can get.
    -We talked about opening sentences
    -What makes an opening sentence good is
    -Its memorable
    -It’s an argument itself
    -It makes two strong paradoxical claims
    -That doesn’t mean its always true
    -The importance is getting the reader to consider what you say brings them in.
    -We win by being understood, clarity is required.


  7. icedcoffeeislife says:

    Wake Up
    We started off class with everyone shuffling a deck of cards.
    With this task, we were able to create a card sequence that is one in 8X10^67. This means that the card sequences are very rare to get.
    Impossible things happen every day
    A new category was made to put our portfolio work into its own portfolio.
    Make sure to ask for feedback on your rewrite
    How to open
    When you have information to share with your readers, make sure it is clear with the information that you are presenting to them.
    There are lots of bad opening sentences, compared to the amount of good opening sentences.
    The first sentence has a purpose to get you to read the next sentences.
    It could turn out that I can’t actually prove what I have claimed. The important thing is ingoing it, getting the reader involved to consider the information that you have.
    Our hope is that your thesis is true and thesis-able.
    Break down your opener into four main contexts, which are Persuasion, Truth, Clarity, and Premise
    The only way you can read to be ambitious is to be a poet.
    What belongs in your first paragraph is a clear distinction of your topic and the essential difference between them.
    The Anne Frank in-class assignment is due at midnight tonight
    The Open strong assignment is due by Monday before the next class.


  8. compiistudent says:

    Notes 3/17
    It took incredible odds for us to be here or do anything, so don’t take anything for granted.
    Move stuff to portfolio to speed up the grading/ revision process.
    There can be different ways to get an opening statement across, but usually one is the best, and the rest might often send the wrong message. An argument can’t be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost. The purpose of all first sentences is to get your reader to read sentence 2, and so on. Eventually, your goal is to drive your reader to a clear conclusion. Need to pack essential elements of your argument in the introduction.
    Anne Frnk paragraph due by midnight tonight.


  9. johnwick66 says:

    Against the incredible things in life will still happen

    Their is a portfolio folder at the bottom of the page, that can be accessed(also can be show the # of papers submitted into it.

    The visual rhetoric are all proposal arguments asking something from the viewer.
    An argument can’t be won on the first sentence, but it can be lost
    Make you reader beg for more(to get them to read the next sentence)

    Even if your info is true, it may not be able to be prove it and it can work vice versa

    4 rules:
    1. Persuasion
    2. Truth:(If we get caught bending the truth we lose our credibility which will in turn make us lose the argument )
    3.Clarity:Our claims must be clear to the reader, if we aren’t clear then we will lose the argument

    From an early age we are either nibblers or gobblers, and rarely can swap between
    If you believe in the game you could nibble it, but if not then chances are you are just a gobbler

    If we all start to use electric cars, the need for electricity will skyrocket to several times over

    Anne frank assignment: due by midnight tonight
    open strong Paragraph : due Sunday night along with the other work


  10. capched says:

    52 ! Is a very big number
    Your chances of winning the lottery is much smaller than that number
    Point of view really has a big impact
    People view things differently from each other
    For example: There’s 2 people in a dark hallway and one person is walking away while the other person follows behind. There is a sense of malice in the air but it’s not sure what the malice is. It could be coming from the guy in front, or from the guy following him. Different viewpoints, different assumptions
    A good opening sentence = “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.”
    Your next sentences should be strong like your first sentence
    Helps to get the reader to continue reading
    First sentence of an argument can be lost once you fail to prove your argument
    The purpose of a good first sentence is to draw the attention of the reader
    Electric cars have been here since the early 1900s
    In 1905 there was the Studebaker Electric car, but only went a maximum of 18 miles per hour
    The Tesla of 2021 is much better than it
    The only problem is that the electric isn’t clean
    Both still run on coal
    There’s few sightings of Anne Frank caught on record of video


    • davidbdale says:

      You’re the only student to make Note of this important observation, Capched.

      For example: There’s 2 people in a dark hallway and one person is walking away while the other person follows behind.



  11. person345 says:

    World’s simplest card trick. The odds shuffling the order is extremely big. The impossible happens everyday. Anything can beat the incredible odds. New category: Portfolios SP21. Ad council videos are proposal arguments. The 1st version of the headline showcases the idea of a card fee. People do not want to see a card fee once they open up an advertisement. The second headline is a lot better. It is more friendly. The idea of a good headline is just like starting an essay. The first sentence can lose your audience. “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.” If a sentence has a purpose, it will make readers more intrigued and they will move on the next sentence. The engagement of your essay is the most important. We win by being understood. We lose by being the opposite in our writing. Example about electric cars. Electric cars are the same environmentally as gas cars. Take Home Assignment due SUN 3/21 @ 11:59 PM along with Safer Saws. Another take home assignment is due TONIGHT by 11:59 PM. One practice opening paragraph.


  12. thecommoncase says:

    -the odds against our existence is incomprehensibly high
    -impossible things happen all the time
    -new personal portfolio category
    -need to ask for feedback on the rewrites every time
    -responses and feedback will become part of the portfolio
    -for visual rhetoric, think about the effectiveness of the ad
    -appropriate wording is key, make it seem like you are helping your reader
    -an argument can’t be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost
    -you want your first sentence to have your reader begging for more
    -the primary purpose of our first sentence is for it to convince the reader to read the second sentence
    -writing is trying to persuade readers of a truth with a clearly stated premise
    -we must state our claim truthfully, because credibility is all we have
    -you can only be ambiguous if you are a poet, we want to be as clear as possible
    -we win by being understood
    -creating intrigue in your first paragraph is key
    -remember your counterintuitive angle
    -you have to know what your stand is in an argument
    -if you don’t state your thesis, your readers will lose interest in your meaningless argument
    -figure out how to pack intro with only the necessary information (no fluff!)


  13. christianity19 says:


    • 7 shuffles are good to randomize a deck of cards.
    • The odds of this sequence of happening again is 52! which is a big number
    • The number of stars is the sky is 8 x 10^67= 80, 658,175, 943, 878, 571, 660, 636, 856, 403, 766, 975, 289, 505, 440, 883, 227, 824, 000, 000, 000, 000.
    • You need to do some revision of your own so that you can get some feedback from the professor in feedback please.
    • Make your argument out of the four rules that is truth, premise, and persuasion, and clarity
    • The kid who ate the Marshmallow after the man left the room had a lower SAT score and had lower paying job. But the kid who waited until the adult came back into the room to eat the Marshmallow had a higher SAT score and had a higher paying job.
    • We did a class exercise in class today and we talked about the assignments that are due on Sunday night.
    • Headline when you act a certain way a percentage % editorial explanation which is a good argument for a gas station.
    • The Mormons baptize dead people and it didn’t really matter to those who passed away because they don’t really care if they were baptized.


    • davidbdale says:

      Not quite, C. This number is not the number of stars.

      The number of ways a deck of 52 cards can be shuffled is 8 x 10^67= 80, 658,175, 943, 878, 571, 660, 636, 856, 403, 766, 975, 289, 505, 440, 883, 227, 824, 000, 000, 000, 000.



  14. imgoingswimming says:

    In today we started with a warm-up and we went on a card trip. The trick had to do with us shuffling cards, these cards are laid out, and the order has never been done before.
    We need to look at our portfolio assignments as if they are in a physical portfolio. We also will be adding some of our portfolio papers to our new portfolio tag.
    In our lecture today we went over the card fee example. We should not do the first example telling them they are paying more, instead, we should say that there are no fees when you pay cash. In the example of choosing a good opening sentence. The first sentence we see intrigues us and gets us to want to read the second sentence. Try to keep the reader’s interest by making the reader always want to read the next sentence. In our first sentence, we need to pay attention to persuasion, truth, clarity, and premises. We have a take-home task where we focus on the strength of our first paragraph. This will also be done to our own research topic.


  15. kobebryant32 says:

    Started class off with an odds warm up.
    7 shuffles for a deck of cards
    Impossible things happen everyday.
    Average first draft grade is around a C+
    First sentence argument can easily be lost by failing to prove it
    If a sentence has a purpose, that purpose is to get you to read the next sentence.
    The primary focus of sentence 2 is to get the reader to read sentence number 3
    Once you hook them you must have evidence
    Readers are attracted to good opening sentences
    We don’t prove anything we can only provide good evidence and appeal to people’s logic
    Clarity is all we’ve got, win by being understood
    If you can’t be understood than you have lost
    Convince your readers.

    Liked by 1 person

    • davidbdale says:

      These are good, Kobe. I’d be more comfortable if they were posted immediately after class, but I won’t argue with the quality. I will change your grade from 0/3 to . . .


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