16* Class WED MAR 17

Exercise for Today

Rebuttal Practice

Next Portfolio Task

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  1. oaktree1234 says:

    10/22 Notes
    Task: Editing for Logic
    -don’t be wordy!!
    -clear and concise is the way to go

    research paper: Rebuttal
    -do not give equal time to opposing point of view, acknowledge it and then refute
    -no essay is required to provide all of its own evidence
    -effective rebuttal is to provide your own evidence
    -all you need is a stronger piece of evidence than you opponent and you win
    true analogy/ false analogy- often leads to false choice

    Next portfolio task: rebuttal assignment
    due thurs. november 5th


  2. runnerd4 says:

    opening task: editing for logic
    editing to make the paragraphs more concise and more effective

    Rebuttal argument:
    We are not obligated to represent both sides of the argument. We can argue against a piece of evidence. Figure out the strongest refutation for our point of view and address it. We need to do this so we can refute it and make our argument stronger. If we don’t do this, the audience will always have the rebuttal in the back of their mind and we’ll never be able to convince them.

    Rebuttal Practice Notes
    Make sure not to make false analogies and mislead readers.
    From this, I got that reading an opposing argument can sort of help you to make your arguments and help you with your rebuttal. Find the faults in their reasoning.
    Insufficient Evidence: remember that they don’t need to provide all of their own evidence, generally not a good form of rebuttal. Have to be careful. If anything, we have to provude our own good refuting evidence. Evidence just needs to be stronger. Think of it like a game of poker.
    Irrelevant evidence: the evidence provided really does not add to the argument.
    inconclusive evidence: doesn’t quite add up to their argument. proves something other than their argument.
    Stacking the deck: author deliberately supresses evidence
    False Analogy: there are too many differences between the two that an analogy would not be adequate
    False analogy is followed up by a false choice

    Rebuttal argument due nov 5 (nov 4 1159)
    now we will have about a full month to finish up


  3. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/22 Notes:
    – The editing for logic exercise was very helpful because it helped me become a better writer since we went through and pointed out things that were wrong with the paragraph and how to write it properly.
    – A Rebuttal argument is refuting the argument. Giving an opposite side of the argument. Provide evidence while refuting to prove the point. Make sure it is relevant and makes sense.


  4. cardinal7218 says:

    -Revise work to make language more concise and clear. Edit passive voice, combine sentences where possible
    -Don’t write choppy sentences
    -Rebuttal argument: we’re not obligated to represent both sides of an argument or give equal time to a rebuttal
    -In a research paper we take a position and stick to it. Since we’re not taking very common positions, we need to take into account that reasonable people will oppose them
    -If we don’t acknowledge and refute someone’s opposing point of view, we lose the argument. That’s the point of a rebuttal, not to give equal time to another point of view, but to acknowledge it and rip it apart
    -“not enough evidence” is a bad rebuttal because the writer isn’t obligated to give all evidence. Instead, offer your own stronger evidence. It doesn’t have to be great evidence, just better than the other guy’s
    -don’t just complain “this evidence is irrelevant” instead say “this evidence supports a different claim and this is the claim”
    -Instead of calling evidence inconclusive, prove how the evidence proves something other than what the author said
    -Don’t complain that the argument is unfair to your side, instead offer evidence that is being suppressed
    -Look out for false analogies


  5. profs22 says:

    Editing for logic exercise
    Create an argument, a hook, and illustrate
    Dont be wordy
    Keep it short and simple and get to the point

    A rebuttal argument is refuting the argument
    Simply acknowledge the other point of view dont focus on it
    Provide enough evidence
    All evidence is relevant

    False analogy leads to false choice


  6. profs22 says:

    Editing for logic exercise
    Create an argument, a hook, and illustrate
    Dont be wordy

    Keep it short and simple and get to the point

    A rebuttal argument is refuting the argument
    Simply acknowledge the other point of view dont focus on it
    Provide enough evidence
    All evidence is relevant

    False analogy leads to false choice


  7. clementine102 says:

    – Notes –
    – Editing for Logic —
    – Do not be too wordy.
    – Do not contradict yourself. Make sure you are using the right wording.

    – Rebuttal Practice –
    – We lose the argument if we don’t acknowledge someone else’s view
    – Providing good evidence will help you a lot in your rebuttal
    – Pointing out that the evidence supports a different conclusion than the author’s is an effective rebuttal
    – Instead of completely ignoring evidence that supports an opposite claim than yours, use it to present it to your readers and provide your stance.

    – Next assignment!
    – Rebuttal argument
    – Due Thursday November 5th


  8. gooferious says:

    10/22/2020 Notes:
    – Be careful with your words, don’t repeat the same idea for lots of sentences
    – Try shortening and combining sentences together so paragraph is not wordy
    – Anticipating your readers objective can help you rebut it
    – Asking rhetorical questions are not effective unless used correctly
    – The insufficient evidence rebuttal is not effective because unless your evidence is superior then the opposing party, you will fail on your end
    – Rebuttal argument due Nov. 4


  9. l8tersk8ter says:

    Nuclear Power Rebuttal
    We instinctively resist changing our POV, our rebuttal argument should be controversial and cause readers to instinctively resist it, but should overcome their objection
    Even claims that seem convincing can be refuted
    – Insufficient evidence: requesting more evidence = ineffective rebuttal, providing good evidence = effective (ex. can’t turn away poker hand because you don’t like it, you have to play a better hand to win the pot)
    – Irrelevant evidence: same as with insufficient, refute that the evidence supports something else
    – Inconclusive evidence: also the same
    – Stacking the Deck: ineffective to say the author only supports their position, effective to say information is being suppressed
    – False analogy: outrageous comparisons, point out what makes them different (Japanese Nuclear Plants by the water/at a major fault line vs US plants aren’t located the same, won’t cause the same catastrophe)
    – False choice: address unnamed choice

    Rebuttal Argument due Nov 4


  10. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 10/22

    -warms up editing for logic
    – rebuttal practice ( a price to high)”
    – make sure you come up with a controversial point of view to challenge your reader
    – it’s not an effective rebuttal to request more evidence
    – what it is – pointing out that evidence supports a different conclusion than the authors rebuttal
    – rebuttal assignment


  11. comicdub says:

    10/22/20 Notes:
    -We will have our first 3,000 words for our research paper done by Nov 4th
    -Do not use mismatched pronouns in writing
    -Starting every sentence with a person’s name or a pronoun referring to that person results in choppy writing
    -Changing your mind is very difficult and can be though of as painful
    -You get “buy in” from your readers by anticipating what they will object to and refute it
    -Do not use rhetorical questions in our writing
    -When you refuting an argument, you do not have to use your best evidence, just evidence that is slightly better than the evidence presented in the argument


  12. corinnebuck1219 says:

    editing for logic
    -negative sports media: Professional sports are a great way to watch the amazing athleticism people possess. It is sometimes hard to do so though, when sports reporters only are interested in the negative things they do in their daily life, instead of the one on the field.
    -hooray sleep: Sleep is the most effective way to improve the brain’s efficiency. Sleeping for long periods of time may improve things such as test taking.
    -failing schools: Under privileged students are more likely to excel when the large public schools get replaced by a smaller more specialized school. For example, in New York City, students graduate more when their large yet understaffed school, is replaced by a smaller more specialized learning. This then would start a new generation of inner city learning and giving the kids what they deserve.
    -Mr. Lamb’s Dignified Death- Paul Lamb, a 23 year crash victim left a quadriplegic, deserves the right to be eased from his pain. At 57 years old, Mr. Lamb lives in agonizing pain, only sufficed by a constant morphine drip. He cannot be the man he wants to be when he only relies on others, since he cannot use his limbs. Mr. Lamb has tried for years to win the right to do so with his body, but has been denied for multiple years.
    -challenge readers to change their minds
    -read minds of reader and refuting their objective
    -cannot use rhetorical questions without getting permission
    -power plants : unfair to author to say not enough evidence when there is word count
    -france found middle ground
    -finding strongest arguments helps reader tap in
    -rebutal argument nov 4


  13. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes:
    Editing for Logic
    • Argument, hook, illustrate
    • Keep it short
    • Get to the point
    • Refute the argument
    • Make sure there is a good amount of evidence
    • Keep everything relevant

    Rebuttal due Nov 5!!!!


  14. hailthegreat8 says:

    -you shouldn’t be too wordy
    – have to keep short and simple and get to the point
    -portfolio task is due Thurs, November 5th


  15. shadowswife says:


    Rebuttal Practice:
    – In a research position paper, we take a side and try to defend it as best as we can.
    * We don’t say that another side is possible.
    – We need to understand that when we choose to defend a side to an argument, there will be people that will disagree with us and try to oppose our argument with other evidence.
    – The purpose of the rebuttal argument is to figure out the strongest refutation for our own point of view.
    – If we fail to acknowledge that refutation, the readers will hold that objection until you address it which prevents you from convincing them with the argument you are presenting to them.
    – What not to do in a rebuttal:
    * Insufficient evidence: Request more evidence from the author
    * Irrelevant evidence: Not seeing how the evidence can back up the argument
    * Inconclusive evidence: The evidence does not add up to a proof
    * Stacking the deck: The author is unfair towards their own side and should provide evidence to support it.
    * False Analogy: Using false analogy to compare something to another
    – What to do in a rebuttal:
    * Provide good evidence
    * Can point the evidence supports a different conclusion than yours
    * Demonstrating how a correct interpretation of the evidence proves something other than the author’s argument
    * The author stacks the deck in their favor by deliberately suppressing evidence
    * Point out the essential difference of something using a false analogy.


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