24* Class THU NOV 19

End-of-Semester Schedule

  • TUE DEC 01
    • Self-Reflective Statement Deadline
  • THU DEC 03
    • Portfolio Deadline.
    • Class Activity: Portfolio Double-check
  • TUE DEC 08
    • Final class meeting
    • Opportunity for students still revising their portfolio materials to interact with their professor in a live workshop setting.
    • Students will meet individually by appointment in Zoom calls with their beloved professor for brief Grade Conferences.
      • MON DEC 14
      • TUE DEC 15
      • WED DEC 16
      • THU DEC 17
  • FRI DEC 18
    • Final Grades will be posted

The Last Portfolio Task

Guide to the Portfolio

Class Activities

  • Whole buncha trouble with the APA Citation exercise.
  • Grade Levels 1
    • The same paragraph written 4 times, increasingly well, to demonstrate the differences between D-level work, A-level work, and the levels between.
  • Grade Levels 2
    • An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.
  • Stephen Hawking Was Wrong
    • Revision advice on how to grab reader attention with bold claims you can actually support.


10 Responses to 24* Class THU NOV 19

  1. oaktree1234 says:

    10/19 Notes
    self-reflective statement- dec 1st
    portfolio- dec 3rd
    last class- dec 8th
    must build portfolio your self
    can schedule appointment for grade conference dec 14th-17th

    self-reflective statement: address 5 core values
    100-125 words for each core value
    make sure to include a link to the piece of writing you reference

  2. runnerd4 says:

    End of semester schedule
    Dec 1 self-reflective due
    Dec 3 portfolio due
    Dec 8 final class meeting
    a new category will be created for each of our portfolios
    can keep editing before graded, check grading schedule
    8 items in the portfolio
    Final grades posted Friday, Dec 18

    self-reflective statement
    the final piece of work for portfolio, a single draft thing
    5 Core values
    convince that we have met all of the core values
    include a link to an assignment to demonstrate these core values, citing ourselves as a source

    the portfolio
    research paper
    annotated bibliography
    visual rewrite
    2 of the short arguments with 2 parts each
    drop dead deadline Dec 3 before class (Dec 2 11:59)
    can revise work after the deadline
    changes will only reflect in our grade only if we get to it before he starts grading them

    Make as many claims as you can, clearly, in each sentence.
    try to put “Stephen Hawking was wrong” type examples in writing

  3. rowanstudent24 says:

    11/19 Notes:
    – When putting your portfolio together, put all the assignment posts into your portfolio category.
    – There should be 8 items in the Portfolio. Grade Conferences will take place on zoom and during finals week. Final Grades will be posted Dec. 18th.
    – The self reflective statement is explaining how you met each of the core values throughout your portfolio. Should be 100-125 words for each core value explanation.
    – Portfolio is due before class on December 3rd so it’s ready for the double check.

  4. 612119d says:

    11/19 Notes
    some Reminders:
    self-reflective statement- due dec 1st
    all portfolio task – dec 3rd 2/3
    last class- dec 8th in person
    schedule an a appointment for grade conference 14th-17th

    self-reflective statement: address 5 core values
    100-125 words for each core value
    make sure to include a link to the piece of writing you reference

  5. dayzur says:


    -Self reflective statement due Dec 1st
    -Copy and paste the formatted core values to start SRS and save to categories “Reflective” and your username
    -Contents of Portfolio:
    Two Short Arguments with an earlier draft for each
    Visual Rhetoric
    Annotated Bibliography
    Reflective Statement
    Researched Position Argument
    -You can revise up until the portfolio is graded
    -Final Grades will be submitted Friday December 18th
    -Reference grade levels to get a feel for where you are and to help revise

  6. comicdub says:

    11/19/2020 Notes:
    – The End-of-Semester Schedule is posted above on this agenda
    – Self-reflective statement is the final portfolio task due 12/01
    – Post Reflective Statement in the Reflective category, NOT the Reflective Statement category which is from a different semester
    – Final grades will be submitted on 12/08
    – Portfolio deadline is 12/03
    – Grade conferences will occur on finals week
    – Grade conferences can be scheduled after portfolio double check

  7. l8tersk8ter says:

    End of Semester Dates
    – Dec 01 self-reflective statement deadline
    – Dec 03 portfolio deadline, double check in class
    – Dec 08 final class meeting
    – Dec 14-17 grade conferences
    – Dec 18 final grades posted
    Self-Reflective Statement
    – One draft, no feedback
    – Argument to demonstrate meeting core values of FYWP, ~125 words w/ a link to representing work for each
    – Core Value 1: multi-stage, recursive and social process
    – Core Value 2: close and careful reading and analysis
    – Core Value 3: writing shaped by audience, purpose, and context
    – Core Value 4: info literacy
    – Core Value 5: power and ethical responsibilities of writing
    – Cut and paste format to complete assignment
    The Portfolio
    – 8 pieces
    – Researched Position Paper (1)
    – Annotated Bibliography (1)
    – 2 Short Arguments and Rewrites (4)
    – Visual Rhetoric Rewrite (1)
    – Self-Reflective Statement (1)
    Schedule Grade Conference after Portfolio Double-Check
    References for Grade Levels in agenda

  8. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 11/19:
    only a couple classes left
    schedule appointment for a grade conference14-17
    portfolio due December 3rd
    Edit 2 essays and final by the 3rd!!
    Self reflective statement on 5 core values due the 1st
    include a link to specific writing piece
    work on APA format for citations

  9. clementine102 says:

    Class Notes 11/19:
    – All due dates are posted
    – Do self reflective statement by 12/1
    – Portfolio deadline is 12/3
    – Grade conferences happen during finals week
    – No Final Exam
    – Post two revised short arguments
    – APA citation; do not break the comma and quotation rules
    – Final Grades will be posted by 12/18

  10. shadowswife says:


    – There needs to be eight items in your portfolio.
    * Research paper
    * Annotated bibliography
    * Visual rhetoric rewrite
    * Self-reflection assignment
    * Two rewrites of your argument essays
    + With the first drafts
    – You can still revise your work after the due date of the portfolio, but can’t make it better once everything’s graded.

    Self-Reflective Statement:
    – Needs to be 125 words for each core value.
    – Each core value needs a link to one of the class assignments that demonstrates a value.
    – There are five core values:
    * Core value 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.
    * Core value 2: Close and critical reading/analysis are necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    * Core value 3: Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
    * Core value 4: Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.
    * Core value 5: Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.
    – Copy and paste the five lines for each core value with a description and link under it.

    Grade Levels:
    – Make as many claims as you can as clear as you can.

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