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Claims – mrmba1

“She also helps thousands of other people—measured by website and social-media interactions…” This is a factual claim as it points to the social media evidence that Brannan has indeed helped thousands of people. This could also be considered a quantitative/ … Continue reading

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Stone Money – mrmba1

Money and Reality through Unanimity    Money controls all aspects of life, food, shelter, transportation, entertainment, you name it. And yet even though all mechanisms of society point to and rely on money, it is something that we never question- we … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – mrmba1

Drumming is healthy and physically/ mentally demanding. Drummers live longer than non-drummers. It is possible to increase someone’s health and live longer by drumming. Learning and playing music through drumming or otherwise have positive effects on musicians’ lives. The physical … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries – mrmab1

Elderly Animals – A Meditation on Elderly Animals Staying or keeping someone alive only to suffer seems rather counterintuitive. There’s a conflict when it comes to the elderly- whether they’re human relatives or animal companions- and that is at what … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – mrmba1

The anticipated eradication of poliovirus is postponed both by the decrease in attentiveness towards it as well as the arrival of Covid-19. As attention paid towards the polio vaccine has decreased recently in place of attempting to compete and distribute … Continue reading

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The Universe – mrmba1

Simply put, the universe exists by accident and without purpose. Its accidental nature with no predetermined purpose results in its inhabitants searching for a purpose on their own. Many search for a meaning behind their own life and trick themselves … Continue reading

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