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Brannan fully supports any wife this claim is regardless right, wrong, or indifferent, Brannon will fully support any situation of uncertainty. She’s here, through Family of a Vet, this moral claim is putting Brannon on a different level for helping … Continue reading

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Cash, or crap? While living in a very materialistic world, it seems people never ask themselves: “what even is money?”, “Where does money come from”, and “how does money even come about?”. The simplest answer: it’s not real. Now, I … Continue reading

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Cute dogs are bought first. Cuter dogs are purchased more than typical pound “mutt”. The effect of dogs purely bred for cuteness leaves pound “mutts” homeless. Breeders who breed purely for cuteness leave many “mutts” homeless in cages. Eliminating breeding … Continue reading

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It seems counterintuitive that Apple had people eavesdropping on their friends’ phones while facetiming. Apple allowed that by having a design flaw or “Face Palm” bug that allowed callers to listen in before the person even answers the facetime call. … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – corinnebuck1219

Polio will never be eradicated due to the lack of knowledge surrounding the disease. For example, Bashar al- Assad, President of Syria, actually withheld vaccines against polio and other deadly diseases from his people. Polio mostly affects children younger than … Continue reading

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