Visual Rhetoric-profs22

The scene starts out closing in on a young man watching tv on the couch in what seems like his house or apartment. The young man appears to be alone and is eating a massive bowl of nachos and seems to be happily enjoying them. The window indicates that it is nigh time because it is dark out. It seems the filmaker wants us to infer that the young man is probably staying in for the rest of the night.

The frame shifts which indicates a change in time. The young man is in a bar with standing next to two people. One girl and one guy who seem to be his friends or acquaintances as they are casually talking with no physical gestures. Each of them has a drink in hand which we can assume contains alcohol because they are at a bar.

The man then begins to zone out of the conversation with the two other people and begins to look at his phone. He is receiving a text message likely from a coworker as they congratulate him on a presentation. He then begins to send back heart emojis and a misspelled word.

The mans smile quickly turns into a frown. He appears to become very concerned as he looks up from his phone. The filmaker but this display in to let us know their is a shift of mood and something as changed. It seems as if something is wrong. Looking back on the frames before, judging that he is at a bar and misspelled a word, we can infer that the man has had too much to drink.

The scene then cuts back to the man in his home watching tv and happily enjoying his nachos. The ad does not show what happened after the bar scene but we do know that he was intoxicated earlier and that he is now safe in his home. It leaves us to wonder how he got there. Maybe he walked, or someone drove him, or he got an uber. We know that he most likely did not drive because he is home safely.

This last scene wants us to recognize how the man got home from the bar on our own. As we inferred he did not drive which leads us to believe by the end of the video that this is an ad for drunk driving prevention.

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