visual rhetoric rewrite- corinnebuck1219

0.00 Camera opens to an empty 4 way intersection with no cars or people. The light is red. you can see store signs on the right. Trees are in frame on the left. We are looking at road as if we can drive straight on it. The hand not allowing pedestrians is red implying people cannot walk through intersection. These lights and signs run regardless of amount of people since they are always on.

0.01 pans to an empty parking lot. Within the first 2 seconds, the video implies that roads are a ghost town which we can infer is due to the stay at home orders that were given from the states from the CDC’s advise. This parking lot is huge, and you can visibly see that every spot is empty, which we can see about 30 total spots. The trees in the shot as well as the shot before are green, which we can imply this video was taken about the start of the pandemic in spring or summer.

0.02 A yellow sign that reads “face masks and gloves may be temporarily unavailable due to high demand” implies that no masks or gloves will be given out for free due to high demand of them, which we know were a priority for hospitals at the beginning of the pandemic. This then adds conflict and panic that sanitary supplies are low for the everyday person and that it would be easier to stay home then go with out these safety products.

0.03 pans to empty shelves assuming the grocery store is sold out of food due to high volume of people stocking up to stay at home. We know these shortages happened in stores, especially with toilet paper. You can see in background not all shelves are empty, but you cannot visibly see what exact products these are. Using background knowledge from my own experience at stores during this time, many shelves were in-fact empty, due to people stocking up and being fearful of leaving home because of the virus.

0.04-0.05 A woman is doing research on the computer and shows a multi colored pie chart able to be seen in the reflection of her glasses. She is typing and moving the mouse which means she is probably doing research on the pandemic, or just reading about it in general. The windows are open in in shot as well as a desk lamp causing the scene to be very bright since it appears to be day time, which we can also see in the reflections in her glasses as well.

0.05 In the next second, the camera pans to a huge cargo ship with red and blue cases sailing over a bright blue ocean with lots of cargo. We can take from this that people are hard at work to deliver safety products such as gloves and masks to not only America, but through out the world. On the ship, we can see at least 80 of these red and blue cargo bins.

0.06 – 0.09 We can see a plane with almost like a conveyer belt machines loading cargo and boxes onto the plane. The video then pans to the same plane in the sky now flying in a bright blue sky with clouds. Again we can take from this is that the supply and demand of these products were so increased, people are working many hours to make and deliver products.

0.09- 0.15 various short clips of people making homemade masks (made of handkerchiefs and various other fabrics that can be bought and made into a mask.) this can be due to the lack of masks that we see on the yellow sign at .02 seconds leaving people to create their own.

0.15- 0.17 shows an abundance of masks in boxes at factories (this relieves the worry that was inflicted by the no mask sign portraying that everything is under control and masks will be able to be distributed)

0.017-0.20 a man in a dark room alone looking concerned and is rubbing his face like he is uncomfortable (no mask on) and looks conflicted ( To mask up, or to not? That is the question.) This could be a sign of distrust whether he should believe the news and media or not.

0.20 two men loading jugs of water into trunk of car from a cart at grocery store both properly masked but body language is positive .two men are probably engaged a in conversation

0.21 a child on monkey bars and an older adult supervising at park both wearing masks. The body language is positive showing they are able to still have fun while still using precaution. Two other people are blurry in the background but you are still able to see that they are wearing masks as well.

0.21 a barber performing a haircut on a man both masked up. 4 other people are barely able to see in the background but they are also wearing masks. By this point, we can assume the video is now if not weeks, then months after since barbershops were deemed not essential.

0.22 a man in vegetable section of grocery store browsing and also wearing a mask.

0.23 a woman in a kitchen restaurant setting making food with 4 other people (everyone is wearing a mask) you can tell they are busy in the kitchen, but are safely distanced apart. There is no signs of negative body language. 

0.24- 0.26 a little boy in what seems like a living room with both hands on hip like a brave superhero while wearing a blue cape, a red and white shirt with a star on it, a red eye mask, and a mask which you can infer they are implying that by wearing a mask and being cautious you can save lives. 

0.26- remainder of video screen turns black and flashes “Mask up America” on screen

#MaskUpAmerica was located at the bottom right hand corner throughout the whole video.

After watching this video, you can tell the Ad council is stressing the importance of masks and how we can save lives by wearing a mask. This is useful to show the mass that regardless of the rumors and conspiracy theories, to stop this pandemic we need to each individually do our part. We can also learn that people are working hard to supply these sanitary products for us Americans. 

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