Annotated Bibliography- pomegranate

Reuter, Peter, and Edwin M. Truman. “Chasing Dirty Money: The Fight Against Money Laundering.” Google Books, Nov. 2004,

Background: This source is basically an entire background of money laundering. It gives definitions and other terms that are useful when describing money laundering. It also gives techniques and tactics that money launderers use when they are trying to keep a low profile or when they are simply just trying to money launder.

How I Used It: I used it in my essay because of the reason that it had so much background. It used easy terms and detailed sentences so I could clearly get the idea of what money laundering is across to the readers.

Gilmour, Nicholas. “Everyday Vulnerabilities – Money Laundering through Cash Intensive Businesses.” Journal of Money Laundering Control, 2015,

Background: This source is to provide a better understanding of the specific techniques of a criminal who obtains illicit funds, moves, transfers, and launders in the financial agreement retained by cash-intensive businesses in the UK and internationally. This also explains ethical approaches from the idea of money laundering.

How I Used It:  I used this source to again show more background of money laundering and how criminals move the money to make it more legit. It gave me a better understanding of the background which helped me to relay the ideas of the criminals.

Dion, Michel. “Is Money Laundering an Ethical Issue?” Journal of Money Laundering Control, 2015,

Background: This source offers descriptions of the philosophical positions about activities that relate to money laundering. It gives background on the way it ties in with ethical issues and the law.

How I Used It: I used this source to get a better understanding of how the law looks at it. I was able to relay this message into my paper by taking all of the different ethical approaches and breaking them down piece by piece to give the reader a better understanding of how the law looks at it.

Gilmour, Nicholas. “Understanding the Practices behind Money Laundering – A Rational Choice Interpretation.” International Journal of Law, Crime and Justice, Elsevier, 29 Mar. 2015,

Background: This source uses a criminal’s standpoint of how money laundering is done. It gives different examples and tactics of how the crime is, well, done. It gives strategic activities based on the crime.

How I Used It: I used this in my paper to show the criminals view of how they did it and what they did strategically to get away with it.

Layton, Julia, and Oisin Curran. “How Money Laundering Works.” HowStuffWorks, 1 June 2006,

Background:  This source gives effects from different global effects in social, economic, and security terms. It shows the different effects very descriptively and how it effects the government.

How I Used It: I used this in my paper to show the different effects money laundering in the government. I used the detailed examples of what each end is doing to slowly effect the government. It is used to show how much money launderers obtain every year.

Hamm, Trent. “Why I Keep Cash Under My Mattress.” The Simple Dollar, 1 Nov. 2018,

Background: This source shows a real person who actually hides money under his mattress. He explains how it is for emergencies and explains how it is always good to have a little bit of cash around because of the simple fact if there is an emergency where he needs quick money.

How I Used It:  I used it to show how the idea of people putting money in their mattresses to hide it is still relevant. People used to do it back in the day, and it is almost unheard of now. This is why I put it in my paper because now that people are so reliant on banks, the last place they would check for money is a mattress.

Dholakia, Utpal. “Why Are There So Many Mattress Stores in America?” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers, 22 Sept. 2015,

Background: This source was a boost of my idea that there cannot be this much demand on mattresses. It shows the relationship between Starbucks stores and mattress stores. The findings showed that there is a significantly greater amount of mattress stores. This being 225 for every 1 person in the Houston area.

How I Used It:  I used this to support my idea. It clearly shows that there are other people that have their suspicions on why there are so many mattress stores. People also looked further into it and found people that too question why there are so many stores.

McGlasson, Linda. “Confessions of a Former Money Launderer.” Bank Information Security, 14 Apr. 2008,

Background: This source gives full background from a money launderer themselves. It is an interview on his techniques and tactics. It truly shows what he does to be successful and a rundown on his successes.

How I Used It: I used this source to get the inside scoop from the mind of a money launderer. I used it to show how it could be done and how secretive it could be. I also used it to show some of the consequences one can face if they were to get caught for this crime.

Ceidotorg, CEI Staff. “Why the War on Money Laundering Should Be Aborted.” Competitive Enterprise Institute, 20 Dec. 2016,

Background: This source shows how the wat on money laundering should, well, stop. It shows that people do not understand the consequences of money laundering. It is a way more complex action than it is said out to be.

How I Used It: I used this in my paper to show that money laundering is a more detailed process than said out to be. The consequences are hard to understand and people continue to do this crime. People do not understand the actual idea of money laundering so I put it in my paper to describe what it is, actually.

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