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Definition – mrmba1

The Drums of Youth Many people consider the drumming lifestyle to be one of rebellion and impulsive life choices. Drummers of any band have a bad reputation of being the crazy, risk taking animal that the Muppets have declared them … Continue reading

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Definition – capched

There are many systems set into place to serve and protect the people, though more of these collective systems are the ones dividing people apart. Police brutality is one of the many systems that contribute to the division of the … Continue reading

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Definition- CompIIStudent

Fundamental Trust Needed Since 2016, the term “Fake news” gained prominence in the United States. A big part of Donald Trump’s strategy for his campaign was trying to pull followers from people who felt disenfranchized from the last administration. Maybe … Continue reading

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Definition – KobeBryant

Needs a Title Online learning has taken the world by storm. Since the pandemic hit, it has been harder for most people to go to school and feel safe in school. Corona Virus has been viewed as one of the … Continue reading

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Mental Illness Through Therapy There are many ways of noticing that someone is experiencing mental illness other than simply stating the fact. The term therapy is often understood as talking out your feelings to a professional therapist which leads to … Continue reading

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Definition-John Wick66

Cancel culture, possibly one of if not the biggest miss use of social media. Where people lives can be terminated in a matter of minutes. With the rise of social media, the world is more connected than ever, people from … Continue reading

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Definition – Christianity19

Skin Disease while wrestling How can wrestlers try to prevent skin disease? As the students in high school and college wrestle during the season they are susceptible to get skin diseases when at a wrestling match or a wrestling practice. … Continue reading

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Stages for the Denial Travel The Coronavirus or COVID-19 is a newly discovered virus that wreaked havoc around the world. By 2021, there has been more than 800,000 cases in the United States and 117 million cases worldwide. Since the … Continue reading

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Definition Essay- imgoingswimming

Environmental Friendliness of Electric Vehicles Electric cars have always come in and out of popularity since their creation. In 1900 they were popular as they were 28% of all cars created at that time says the American Census from 1905. … Continue reading

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Definition Essay – carsonwentz1186

The Art of Team Building Cooperation between athletes and organizations is the most important aspect needed to successfully build a contending roster in the NFL. While the salary cap continues to grow bigger and bigger every year, the market set … Continue reading

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