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Needs a Title Healthcare is something that all citizens should have access to, but not just the ability to purchase healthcare, the ability to have it automatically.  It’s true that insurance companies can cover their customers, but under what consequences? … Continue reading

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New thesis Heathcare specialist came out and said that mask wearing has no potential effect on our immune system and could potentially save you or someone you care about. By not wearing a mask you could affect someones life. 200,000 … Continue reading

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Definition – Aquarela

(incomplete work) Childhood is a hell. Childhood is a hell where we suffer more than ever, because children don’t know that they are suffering. And hell is not where we suffer, hell is where nobody knows that we are suffering. … Continue reading

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Definition             Today’s sneaker game is saturated with swooshes, stripes, and brand names that demand price tags higher than ever before. With the growth of demand for hype, technological, collaborative, and luxury footwear, we must ask the question: what is it … Continue reading

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Adolescents as a Vulnerable Population Adolescence is a period of life that brings on many different experiences for everyone, but nonetheless it is a period that everyone goes through during their teenage years. One of the common experiences of adolescents … Continue reading

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The second amendment written by our founding fathers states that “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”. Although our founding … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Appreciation During the present day, people from around the world have been more vigilant when it comes to identifying the factors that are being appropriated by other cultures. These factors include concepts in music, a person’s … Continue reading

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The Reality of Having a Third Trimester Abortion All people could agree that one of mankind’s top priorities in life is to maintain a great quality of life, meaning to be able to enjoy life’s events, be healthy, and comfortable. … Continue reading

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In physics and engineering, stability is referred to a trend of a system which returns or tends to its normal value. Instability is when slight changes cause a large change in the system. In historical terms destabilization is a recurring … Continue reading

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Definition – BabyGoat

The Effects of Music Sounds… No. Music… Yes! Music is a language that can connect people from all over. Even if we can’t quite understand the words of a foreigner, we can still hear them. Better yet, we can still … Continue reading

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