Visual Rhetoric

Visual Rhetoric

0:01-0:2  The ad begins with a pan of a young woman wearing a mask followed by a graphic of the word respect.also narrator says to show some respect implying that not wearing your mask in a time where it is absolutely necessary is an act of disrespect.  She is also looking directly into the camera almost as if she is looking directly at you and speaking to you.the area appears to be on the corner of a street during the day. The background is also outside showing that you should wear your mask in all out settings. 

0:03-0:13-The next segment was followed by shots of various other people wearing their mask. Followed by the statement to show you give a damn and show the world how its done.Followed by shots of two men standing wearing their mask as well as another man jogging.This shot is to show that having to wear this mask doesn’t make it impossible to live your usual life.

0:14-0:21-The shots are followed by a statement showing them that when your community needed you the most you showed up. The next shot showed two women wearing masks also staring directly into the camera almost as if they are looking directly at you.  

0:22-0:26- the next shot showed a woman with her arms crossed this may indicate that she is being serious. This is followed by a graphic saying mask up america.

0:27-0:37-the last shot only left the graphic saying mask up america.

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1 Response to Visual Rhetoric

  1. davidbdale says:

    TCarter, this work does not begin to meet the requirements for the Visual Rhetoric assignment. I have asked in two Professor Posts pinned to the top of the blog that you read both your classmates’ first drafts and your beloved Professor’s remarks about the first second or two of their analyses BEFORE submitting a first draft. I’m glad you asked for feedback on this post, but the first recommendation I will make to you is that you follow those instructions as a guide to the amount of detail required for a thorough analysis.

    There should never ever be a 10-second segment described in a single paragraph, for example.

    You are NOT to include any notes about the sound track. In fact, you are to ignore the audio portion of the production completely. Watch the video without sound. It will help focus your attention on the visual aspects that are manipulating you.

    What is the significance of the racial/ethnic mix of the subjects chosen.
    Why does the camera move slowly in every shot?
    Why is everything in slow motion?
    Why does the first subject blink slowly when she could certainly have kept her eyes open for two seconds?
    Why does almost every other subject also blink or move their eyes?
    Why is everybody outdoors?
    How do the various settings contribute to the message?

    Does this help you understand what’s missing from your draft?
    Let me know when you’ve reviewed the drafts for oaktree and runnerd4 and my Replies to both.
    Then make your revisions and put this post back into Feedback Please.


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