Enough About You – clementine

Money, without which nothing gets done, drives our society. Money has always been equally valuable whether it is electronic or physically in front of us. Having faith in the government banking system is necessary if we want our money handled in a proper manner; if not, it would require us to hide all of your somewhere safe. All of us don’t really know how safely our money is handled. Society can say money is viewed as a simple concept- we either have some or we don’t. However, being introduced to world currency, the Yap Fei, US gold, French francs, Brazilian cruzeros, and debit accounts now seem similar. We never see our money being transferred but the whole world is taught to trust where our money comes from even if we don’t know where exactly it is coming from.

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2 Responses to Enough About You – clementine

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’ve left behind only one your, Clementine, which is excellent work. I wonder if you’d appreciate advice on how to further improve your already good language use. (Or whether you’d rather try to make things better without my advice.) I’d be happy to make recommendations.


  2. clementine102 says:

    Thank you for your feedback! I left the your in by accident I guess since my sentence makes no sense! What ever you can give me, I will appreciate it!


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