My Hypothesis – rosekyd

  1. Stereotypes are one of the leading causes of racism in America
  2. Americans that show different features than the white American seem to suffer from Racism more significantly.
  3. In order to eliminate racial stereotyping Americans need to keep an open mind when in confrontation of racism.
  4. One of the keys to solving racial stereotyping is to keep an open mind and try not to categorize Americans into stereotypes which promotes racism.
  5. Due to the natural tendency for humans to categorize, stereotyping has lead to strong prejudices and racism across America.
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1 Response to My Hypothesis – rosekyd

  1. davidbdale says:

    Good start. A bit too obvious, I’m afraid. And WAAAAYYYY too broad. But I wonder if there’s a way to examine not just stereotyping and racism but how well or poorly people perceive their own prejudices, or how bad we are at measuring them.

    One interesting aspect of the topic is the plethora of “racism tests” that purport to measure prejudice. They’re worth a look because they pretend to be able to measure a state of mind that is vehemently denied by its owners. The questions they ask are sometimes so transparent that no thinking person could fail to discern the RIGHT and WRONG answers.

    They are followed later by a series of tests that flash images and seek instantaneous reactions, more like reflexes, that purport to demonstrate unconscious bias and bypass the justification or self-judgment process that hindered earlier more subjective surveys.

    Please give something like this your serious consideration, Rosekyd, as a way to avoid the very broad generalizations you’re setting yourself up for with your current Hypothesis.


    Implicit association tests circa 2020

    I’ll need a reaction from you on this, since we’re late in the semester to be choosing a Hypothesis, and I’m not satisfied with yours yet.


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