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COVID-19 Wrestling Clubs Shutdown

Corona Virus has really brought a lot of heartbreak and stress to the lives of many individuals in the wrestling community because the clubs shutdown during the when the COVID-19 started. Also, because this happened wrestlers and their dads practiced wrestling at home because of the pandemic and had virtual wrestling practices. But many of them were eager to get back on the wrestling mats for competition against other wrestlers like before COVID-19. The wrestlers who worked out during the pandemic and wrestled during the pandemic will be better of when it turns into real competition they will dominate their opponents. Some of the wrestlers during the pandemic were lifting to get bigger for the next wrestling season after the pandemic. Wrestlers get in shape by running so they should’ve ran during the pandemic to gain some agility for wrestling in a competition or a wrestling match in the future. Even the wrestlers who do every single move with repetition it’ll help them to master the move and get better at it during this pandemic that we are currently in the moment.

Skin Disease while Wrestling

The Skin disease in wrestling can be prevented by taking the correct precautions by checking your skin and making sure that you clean the wrestling mat after using it. Also, you need to understand that wrestling diseases are treatable by mouth if it’s serious or by a cream of some sort. The way how you go about taking care of your body will either prevent or have a higher risk of getting skin diseases while wrestling. Normally the wrestling tournaments have wrestling skin checks to make sure that you are good to go and wrestle. It takes one wrestler to protect themselves from getting skin disease from wrestling and that means all the other wrestlers have to do their part as well. Lastly, wrestling is a physical sport and wrestlers are prone to getting skin disease with human contact and contact with the wrestling mat.

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I'm a 20-year old that likes playing sports and spending time with friends and family.
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