Visual Rhetoric- MysteryLimbo

0:00-0:01 Three Disney characters Donald Duck, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), and Goofy are forming a circle putting their hands all towards the area in the middle like professional sports teams do before a big game. The three of them look at ease but it’s to tell if they’re happy because of their united friendship or because of the Disney art style.

0:02-0:03 The frame switches from our three original character to a scene of Woody, Rex, and Hamm shaking hands with the previous of alliance but this time it’s just Sora and Goofy. It’s hard to read Woody’s face because of blank glare on his face but all of the other characters in this frame have smiles and grins in their faces.

0:04-0:09 The next section of video is grim compared the colors of the first 3 seconds. All the color washes away when the creators show the scene of Rapunzel trapped away in the tower hoping begging for justice. After we get a glispe of a unknown character that looks like a deformed Micky Mouse Goofy mix. This character is not the same from the rest and probably represented some form of evil.

0:10-0:15 The video starts to reassure you with friendship and positivity by showing you more familar faces like that of Goofy and Donald Duck with a look of concern after the evil person perviousl stated left. The last frame is of Rapunzel still sad but instead she’s in the comfort of her friend group of Sora, Donald, and Goofy.

0:16-0:18 The video begins showing more love and support. Elsa and Anna hugging with olafs very happy approval. It shows acceptance and although one persn can ruin something your friends can always make it better.

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