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Open Strong-honeysucklelilac

The Real Cost Trendy clothes purchased online everyday for $15 or less has detrimental effects on the environment. There is little thought going into the decision to purchase clothes on fast fashion websites because of their low prices. The focus … Continue reading

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Open Strong- Thecommoncase

Treating addicts is not an easy task for doctors, and yet thousands of doctors around the world continue to prescribe opioids to patients. The pharmaceutical industry heavily relies on opioids because it has large profit in the United States, which … Continue reading

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What Is Going On Inside of Their Brain? Have you ever heard a song that made you wonder, what is going on inside that brain of theirs? Is the artist okay? More times than not, they are not okay and … Continue reading

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Open Strong- CompIIstudent

Regianing Media Trust is Key In the past five years or so, we have seen the largest divide on the political aisle that we have seen in decades. This stems from the Trump campaigns constant attack on giant news networks, … Continue reading

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Open Strong – carsonwentz1186

Moneyball Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can buy success in sports if managed correctly. We as fans of sports love to marvel at the physical performance of the players who play for our favorite sports … Continue reading

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Strong Open

Initial: Education can be very important to a person’s life. It can show or teach them new things that they never knew and help guide them in life. Traditional learning was in full effect until the Coronavirus took full effect, … Continue reading

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Open Strong- Icedcoffeeislife

The Battle in the Pool  Anxiety is a type of mental disorder that can affect each person differently; it can be something that is developed over time or a person can have natural high anxiety. With swimming, anxiety can muster … Continue reading

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Open Strong – Christianity19

COVID-19 Wrestling Clubs Shutdown Corona Virus has really brought a lot of heartbreak and stress to the lives of many individuals in the wrestling community because the clubs shutdown during the when the COVID-19 started. Also, because this happened wrestlers … Continue reading

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Open Strong-Johnwick66

Can we honestly say that cancel culture is fixing the social problems our country faces? If you’ve been paying attention to the news or social media these past few years you will have noticed the sharp incline of cancel culture … Continue reading

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Open Strong – mrmba1

Initial Opening-   Drummers are typically viewed as the druggie of the group- the chained maniac behind every great band who is often high and always making questionable health choices. However, that may not actually be the case. In fact, drummers … Continue reading

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