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White Paper – iwantpopsicle

Hypothesis: Individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder are not dangerous, but are in need of special help and psychiatric care and shouldn’t be stigmatized by the public and healthcare professionals.  Source 1:  Borderline Personality Disorder Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is a … Continue reading

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Claims – iwantpopsicle

“Meanwhile people like James Peterson, husband of Kateri of the Olive Garden breakdown, are signing up for experiments.” This is a quantitative claim because it shows that James Patterson, and people like him, are signing up for these experiments. It … Continue reading

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Stone Money – iwantpopsicle

Money Just isn’t Real There truly is no such thing as “money”. All around the world, there are different iterations of currency that all possess a monetary value of their own. However, this value isn’t simply just innate. Afterall, every … Continue reading

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My Hypothesis – iwantpopsicle

Nuances in music 2. Nuances when playing guitar 3. Musical nuances keep guitar players different from each other and unique. 4. The nuances and individual phrasing that each guitar player incorporates into their playing gives them their own unique sound. … Continue reading

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Summaries – I want Popsicle

Vancouver combats heroin by giving its addicts the best smack in the world It seems counterintuitive that doctors in Vancouver, Canada are giving patients free heroin, but that’s exactly the point People who battle heroin addiction spend a lot of … Continue reading

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Practice Opening – iwantpopsicle

When it comes to deadly diseases, one single case can quickly become millions in just a couple days. This has been continuously evident with the Polio virus and the many times it has made its resurgence. Nigeria remains one of … Continue reading

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The Universe – iwantpopsicle

Life is Pointless I think our universe exists by accident. I do not believe that there is a grand architect that necessarily fabricated our universe. Our universe contains too many strange imperfections and as Jim Holt put it, “It’s a … Continue reading

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