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Claims – rosekyd

To start off with the first claim I found in section six, This seems to be a moral/ethical or evaluative claim to me. She is not, according to Brannan, “a normal, carefree six-year-old.” This is mostly an evaluative claim because … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims- CompIIstudent

“But here we’ve got lasagna, and salad with an array of dressing choices, and a store bought Bundt cake with chocolate chips in it!” -This is a factual claim, as there is no way to dispute whether this is true … Continue reading

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PTSD Claims-JohnWick66

“The amount of progress in Caleb’s six years of therapy has been frustrating for everyone.” -Through this they are indicating that Caleb has made very little progress from his therapy -“…Frustrating for everyone” They are trying to make it sound … Continue reading

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In 2009, it was Hovda who delivered the Pentagon the recommendation that because multiple concussions could cause serious long-term injury, concussions need time to heal. A fight ensued. Hovda says some of the Army’s best doctors implied that if soldiers … Continue reading

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Claims- Christainity19

“Veterans” people who served in the army and came back home after fighting long strenuous wars. It takes a lot of money to cure PTSD especially if it’s really serious and lasts a long time because of the fighting that … Continue reading

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Claims – mrmba1

“She also helps thousands of other people—measured by website and social-media interactions…” This is a factual claim as it points to the social media evidence that Brannan has indeed helped thousands of people. This could also be considered a quantitative/ … Continue reading

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“in a family system, every member of that system is going to be impacted, most often in a negative way, by mental-health issues.” This is an example of a quantitative claim because it measures the amount of people being affected. … Continue reading

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“Different studies of the children of American World War II, Korea, Vietnam vets with PTSD have turned up different results”. 45% of kids in one small study reported significant PTSD signs; 83% reported elevated hostility scores”. Other studies have found … Continue reading

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Claims – carsonwentz1186

“Charles Marmar, a New York University professor who was on the team of the National Vietnam Veterans Readjustment Study, the most comprehensive study of combat stress ever conducted, points out that you really have to spend the money to treat … Continue reading

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Claims- person345

“Brannan knows what a difference that makes.” This sentence is an example of a proposal claim because, the author is claiming that Brannan “knows” what a difference that something makes. It is proposed that Brannan knows this. “She hasn’t seen … Continue reading

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