Visual Rewrite- NYAJ32

0:00-0:01- We see a hand holding a pencil. The hand seems to be doing homework with the pencil. It looks like common math; maybe middle school level. There is also a lot of other work around the hand. Whoever is working on their homework must be swapped with a very big work load.

0:02-0:04- We see a girl’s face a then a hand run through her hair as she makes a tired looking face. It is most likely that she is the one with a lot of homework and that she is very frustrated and tired because she has so much work to do.

0:05-0:08- The girl shakes her head in disapproval and then erases all of her work. Now, another man is sitting next to her at a table. It appears to be her father or guardian that is helping her to try and complete her homework. he also has a sad look on his face. This is most likely because he is sad that his daughter is so frustrated from all of the work that she has and her difficulty with the math homework.

0:09-0:12- The camera angle changes and we see the man, most likely her father, reach into his pocket and pull out his phone. it is most likely that he is going to try and research too help his daughter out with her homework.

0:13- 0:18- first we see the father pull out his phone and use the calculator app. Then we see his face look at the phone in confusion. After that we see the daughter glance over at her father and she catches him using his phone. He immediately throws the phone on the table as if he was never using it because he does not want his daughter to know that he was using his phone as a calculator when he really should be learning it so he can teach it to her to make her a better student because she is struggling.

0:19-0:23- WE see the two of them now in the same shot and the daughter looks at her father and smirks because she knows exactly what he was doing. Then a graphic comes up[ on screen that says “If you love them you will relearn it for them” This is to show that he put the calculator down because he knows that he should learn the math information with her to help her.

0:24-0:30- Blue screen with the graphic because it was their video made to say that if you love your daughter enough to help with their homework then surely you want them to have proper child car safety as well.

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