White Paper- Jeffbezos

Waking up to a 6am alarm clock, having over a 14 hour day ahead of them. This is the normal for most college athletes. Students across the country try to balance athletics, school work, their jobs, social life and family life in a “healthy way”. Many students enrolled in a college have no idea what these athletes have to do everyday. This does not just include the big divison 1 schools, this goes all the way down to even divison 3.

When looking at the students at University of Penn, every athletes rouitine is diffrent. One thing that is not, is the early mornings and even longer nights. “Engineering freshman and swimmer Carly Catella starts her day at 5:45 a.m. four times a week and sometimes doesn’t finish with classes until 9 p.m.” This would mentally and physically drain every person I know. The worst part is, what happens during final exams? This is when the playoff runs start. Where do you possibly fit in the studying needed for your degree. Sleepless nights, fueled by caffiene.

This is what starts the menal health problems.


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