Should Have Been a Comment—tcarter101

This is not what I thought a definition essay due to the fact that it doesn’t have any explanation for what gay marriage and how it seen in the eye of the law. while it does cover several different topics related to gay marriage. However does not offer any over all while it is in support of gay marriage it does not actually address anything. i believe that it needs to be more concise and have more hard valad points to make a stronger argument.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    tcarter, I offered this post as a Model of a very fine Definition/Categorical essay. You may certainly disagree with me, but I hope you won’t miss the chance to consider that it does an excellent job of declaring that gays who want to marry are members of an historically persecuted class deserving of constitutional protection. That was the purpose of the editorial, and it is well accomplished.

    A note on mechanics. When an In-class exercise instructs you to place a Reply below the post, there’s no need to publish a new post.


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