10 Class MON FEB 25

Wake Up

What does music look like?


Visual Rhetoric

A Portfolio Assignment

  • Visual Rhetoric Argument
  • Visual Rhetoric, Static Image
    • The first assignment destined to end up in your Portfolio will be the Visual Rhetoric analysis. You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.
  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?

Additional or Alternate Study Opportunity

The 30-second limit is VERY restrictive for successful storytelling. In some examples of Ad Council work, a longer 1- or 2-minute spot very effectively manipulates viewer compassion and understanding while a shorter 30-second spot fails miserably. Anyone interested in a different approach to this assignment would do well to compare the Short and Long versions of the End Family Fire campaign.


If we have the class time, consider these two versions of the same spot about ending hunger. How well does the editor spend the extra 30 seconds? What nuances are lost in the shorter version?




15 Responses to 10 Class MON FEB 25

  1. nousernamefound1 says:

    123 Uncheck this box is a good category to get your professors attention after completing a task. Feed back please request are still a good strategy. The white paper is a ongoing process. If you start falling behind the snowball effect will start to occur. You will become overwhelmed with all the task and will eventually fall behind. Respond to feedback to meet the requirements for the writing class.

    Visual Rhetoric

    According to David Hodges, in “Visual Rhetoric,” “the first assignment destined to end up in your Portfolio will be the Visual Rhetoric analysis. You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.”
    The rule is that nothing is accidental because the actor is able to get exactly what he/she needs. Describe the paper so well that the reader can visualize it. Describing an image is just the first part, but the second part is on your own. You must then describe it as an rhetoric after fact. If we drew incorrect conclusion we must then know the correct conclusion.

    Sample 1 Showing a woman going in for a handshake with a mid-age man. They are on the upper level because you cannot see any cars. It looks like a interview or maybe a conference meeting. What does the glasses mean? You must ask questions. What would bring explain that it might be a job interview.

    Sample 2 The guy doesn’t have a blazer on, so his job isn’t so strict on dress code. No shave so you could eliminate the fact of him being in a big business. House doesn’t look like something he would invest in. My assumption is that he moved into his parent’s house.


  2. doorknob9 says:

    Exercise- Visualizing music
    Pathways to employment- Within seconds we have no idea what the atmosphere of the room is like
    We know whats’s putting herself through based ff the video clip
    Big piece of cardboard is somebody else’s spot
    He’s now looking at whatever she’s looking at
    He see’s need and steps in

  3. g903254 says:

    123 uncheck this box, untag everything from uncategorized.

    Use bit.ly to shorten URLs

    Visual Rhetoric
    First assignment into portfolio
    Listen on mute
    try to pay attention only to what is being shown
    Rule: Nothing is accidental, everything is deliberate
    If its on screen then it is part of the argument.
    Describe your reader every detail you can. Discern why it was chosen and its value for being on screen.
    Watch as many times as needed.
    Break down every moment and why it needed to be dissected.

    Pathways To Employment
    Some boring job
    Two people getting ready for a meeting
    Going for a handshake
    Not already boss
    assumptions almost immediately
    could she be the boss? Yes, our assumptions may be incorrect leading to the opposite narrative of her being the boss rather than the guy behind the desk.
    The meeting is of confidential nature. This shows that this is a managerial meeting rather than a regular corporate meeting.
    How the desk is setup is important. Is it clean? Is it messy? Are there any personal belongings making this person an actual person. Photos of family?
    No tie, wearing glasses, and suit coat.
    Can’t tell reader what you heard, only read.
    Very short and pack a large argument within thirty seconds.
    Drawing your own conclusions can very wildly.
    within eight seconds you can find out a lot about Todd.

  4. nyaj32 says:

    Warm up- What does music look like
    Uncategorized has been renamed
    We should start shortening our links by using bit.ly or 3.ly and we can even embed the link into our title or other words throughout assignments.
    Make sure to reply to feedback given by Professor Hodges. It lets him know that we have looked over the feedback that he has given us.
    Portfolio assignment, visual rhetoric assignment. We must look at the frames of a clip without audio and depict what is happening in the frame. As we go along the clip we will learn more and more about what is going on in the scene without having to listen to the audio. You can find out a lot more that you think in just the first few seconds by paying attention to peoples actions and facial expressions and also their setting. Where they are and what is happening around them plays a very big factor int what is going on in the scene.

  5. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – make sure to uncheck the “uncategorized” box when posting an assignment that has a category to post in
    – URL shortening tools: copy link address + go to bit.ly + paste link + copy new link + paste new link
    – reply to feedback to show that you have received and read the comments
    – Visual rhetoric IS A PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT
    – choose 30 seconds video, watch with sound off
    – must ignore soundtrack, sound effects, voiceover, no captions (but you can see the text on
    the screen bc that is a visual component)
    – rule: nothing is accidental, director had unlimited budget to get exactly what they want on the
    – Everything on screen is part of the argument
    – describe the visual to read so well that they can visualize it, then figure out why everything is
    on the screen
    – IMPORTANT FOR ASSIGNMENT: must explain why image is there and why it was chosen
    – must always ask questions

  6. biggarz7 says:

    What music looks like
    Visual representation of how music “looks” when it is being played
    Uncheck the box of uncategorized
    Use the white paper category under tasksSP19 instead of the my white paper
    bit.ly can be used to shorten links
    Helpful for making the white paper cleaner and more neat
    Visual rhetoric is using pictures to tell the why it was used
    Assignment, watch visual rhetoric like PSA’s and annotate it
    Go frame by frame to see what is going on and ask questions based on what you see
    There are different ways to tell the story in a short way or a longer version of the ad

  7. pomegranate4800 says:

    – use bit.ly to shorten the links for your paper
    – ask for feedback, and respond, so you can reach core value one.
    – your 3000 word paper is essentially three smaller papers that you put in your portfolio
    – choose a 30 second video
    – watch with sound off, ignore the sound overall
    – all visual components you pay attention to,, any sound is a guess to you
    – you have to try and figure out the message.
    – We need to pay attention to everything on the screen and nothing on the screen is an accident.
    – Everything on screen contributes to an argument.
    – You must describe this to your reader so well that the reader can visualize what they are looking at.
    – And why?

  8. chavanillo says:

    Writer spring and Hungarian rhapsody. All different kind os sound of music with amazing designees graphics. With this music you could anticipate whats coming and how it all connects.

    House Keeping:
    -Only categorize username and topic name
    -bitty.com for a new short URL change
    -When putting links in text just click the clipboard and it will link the word in the text

    Visual Rhetoric:
    -Written literacy Is more then just verbal.
    -video language is secondary to describe what we see.
    -30 sec video watch it with the sound off. Then watch it with noise.
    – Setting
    -Everything as a why
    -Describe the video so well to the reader for they could understand it.
    -Why is the key for this essay.
    -Any ad council video of 30 second only
    – Draw conclusion of each second so in total it will be 30 conclusions.

    Static Assignment:
    -Bush bemors Barack Obama
    -“I personally believe that this morph was created because they wanted to show America that regardless of who we elect as president, were going to be disappointed in some way. Even though Bush did some great things during his presidency, we only remember the bad. The country had such high hopes for Obama, and now from what I hear in my home, he is not succeeding either. Will America ever be satisfied?”
    -“My first reaction to the George Bush and Barack Obama face morph was merely on a surface level because I, admittedly, am not very politically invested. I do not frequently watch the news or read newspapers, which is why I believe I had a difficult time coming up with a deeper interpretation for this piece of art. At first, I simply thought it was fascinating how these two different presidents looked so much alike. Due to my lack of political knowledge, I struggled for a while to determine any other type of meaning this morph had. I honestly thought it to be just aesthetic artwork.”
    -“The header graphic shows the transition between the two political leaders. It represents how their political views maybe different on some issues, while they may have similar view points. The last picture most likely symbolizes how society has been accepting to other ethnic groups to become president. The transitions between the colors background may represent how the government is becoming more powerful. After president Brush was president of the country he was going through an economic recession, and during the Obama presidency the economy eventually become stronger.”

    – “The changed has already strafed. Now the rest is ip to us.”
    – “Same as the old boss” Always trying to pick the same old guy as president but in a new generation like a female.

    Ad council:
    Visual: Interview is happening that a white man is giving a handshake to a Africa American woman.
    Why is it I a office?
    Why the room as white walls and plants?
    If this a interview?
    Why he has classes?

    Essay: Comparison of the short and long version video another choice if you don’t want to explain second by second.

  9. nina525 says:

    Post white paper assignment in White Paper category
    URL shortening services
    Bitly URL shortening tool can be used through out any assignments that require a URL or link
    Feedback please is used to communicate directly with the professor to maintain improvements in your writing
    Visual rhetoric
    Close a thirty second video. watch it with out the sound and no closed captions unless provided to you in the video, and try t understand whats going on
    Decide why the images being presented to you are being shown to you
    paying attention to things that aren’t in the video and the background could help draw conclusions from each video
    Facial expressions and hand gestures of people and characters can help define what Is going on
    draw conclusions f what you see in every second of the video

  10. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – using bit.ly can help reduce down a long url
    – inserting a hyperlink onto a word can help to link it to its source
    – the white paper will be a place to summarize and interact with your sources
    – the white paper will be edited throughout the semester
    – feedback lease will be the one of the best way to receive help from the professor
    – Visual rhetoric: 30 sec ad council Describe the visual so well that the reader can visualize it and for the rhetoric, why you chose the video and why it would be used (still frames will help establish the backstory) share what you see not what you know, every second shows something purposefully

  11. wazoo1234 says:

    Visual Rhetoric: watch several clips of a video with the sound off and break it down. Decide why image used for rhetorical purpose.
    Ask questions about why your beings shown each detail.
    The long version is more detailed but the same message still gets across.
    Theres an argument in every second. Your brain will make conclusions at everything.

  12. rowanstudent2 says:

    bit.ly for Shortening Links
    – hold command and control and copy the link address, go to bit.ly, and paste the URL
    Linking to sources in your post
    – select target text, hit link icon, and paste the link

    Visual Rhetoric: A Portfolio Assignment
    – we need to be visually literate as well
    – choose a 30 second video, turn sound off, pay attention to every frame you see
    – describe that visual to your reader in great detail
    – first describe the frame as a picture
    – sometimes the things that aren’t there are just as important as the things that are
    – anything that you could think be otherwise
    – ask questions to yourself
    – draw conclusions at every second
    – assume nothing is accidental
    – you make judgments right away

  13. daphneblake25 says:

    -use bit.ly to shorten long links to websites
    -can even attach it to text in your research paper
    -while the text you want attached to the link is highlighted, you click on insert link and it’s there
    -click open in a new tab so readers won’t be taken out of the article
    -visual rhetoric assignment due sun mar3
    -watch a 30 sec video with sound off
    -evaluate what’s on the screen and why
    -many questions can be asked from just 1 second of a video
    -stop at every second and make observations on what you see

  14. jets1313 says:

    – visual rhetoric assignment become apart of portfolio
    – we need to be visually literal as well
    – choose 30 second video and turn off volume completely
    – pay attention to every frame of what you see
    – describe so well to reader that they can visualize
    – can conclude alot from a still frame
    – everything is earth mentioning because everything end s coir by director
    – you have to ask questions

  15. halizzlee says:

    bit.ly for shortening links that a re too long you
    make judgments right away
    select target text, hit link icon, and paste the link

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