10 Class THU OCT 01

Wake Up

What does music look like?



  • Linking to sources in your posts
  • bit.ly for Shortening Links






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        • This is a serious delinquency for students at this point in the semester. After 10 classes, we are more than 1/3 of the way through the course and I have not yet approved or even discussed your Hypothesis with you. Those of you who have published 0 posts to the blog are technically not attending the course. No one can pass the course without an approved Hypothesis, early drafts of short arguments, and responsiveness to feedback. I’m on your side and always will be, but you have to meet me in the middle.



Definition/Categorical Unit

  • Your Professor’s Model Definition Essay
    • Attempts to answer the question, “Does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?”


  • Model Definition/Categorical Essay
    • The editors of the New York Times defines a crucial constitutional term: protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny.
    • Includes a brief In-Class Exercise


22 Responses to 10 Class THU OCT 01

  1. Jessicariccio says:

    Use bit.ly to shorten links for sources.

    Phrase questions for the reader to say yes unconsciously.

    Do not make a big proposal at the beginning of the essay, instead first provide evidence to justify the proposal.

    First get the audience to agree to smaller propositions, then building up to bigger ones.

    In order to avoid opposition, narrow down the proposal even further by making a general proposal which is more likely to gain approval from the reader.

    Bring out logical analogies that the reader may have recognized in the setups.

    Lastly confirm a strong conclusion from the statements provided.

    A definition essay my look like a comparison essay.

    1.its an argument
    2.has real world relevance
    3.requires defining several terms

  2. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/1 Notes:
    – Use bitly.com to shorten your url’s when you’re citing your sources.
    – The bobble head strategy is getting your audience to nod. It is a technique to get tiny bits of agreement.
    – If you started with a bunch of small yes’s then you may have a better chance of getting the big yes from your readers. You have to get your reader to agree to the small claims before you attempt to get the yes from your big question. Start out with simple things that are hard to dispute with.
    – Read through the model categorical essay and do the in class task.

  3. oaktree1234 says:

    Wake Up: What does music look like?
    -visuals can effect the way you hear/ experience music

    Can build a hyperlink into text or use bit.ly for shortening links
    -simply past link into bitly and retrieve new link
    *must make appt for conference if you haven’t yet

    Lecture: The bobblehead strategy
    -use when you have a very bold claim, can’t make it upfront
    “little yeses”
    Example: mandatory therapy- start with small agreeable statements like society is better when were all physically and mentally healthy
    -this identifies common goals

    Definition/ Categorical Unit: Does polio belong to the category of curable diseases
    -can look like a comparison essay
    -is polio similar enough to small pox that it as well can be eradicated

    Task: read model definition/ categorical essay and respond

  4. jeffbezos123 says:

    Class Notes Tuesday 10/1

    -Make sure that your links are cleaned up
    -This means that when you give a website as a refrence make sure you clean up website title so there are no unneeded letters after the title
    -Highlight words, hit the word link, paste website, click open in new tab, press submit. You know this works when the words are highlighed and underlined in purple
    -Bitly.com you can use long websites and shorten them
    -This will clean up white paper

    The bobbleheqd Strategy
    -getting your intended audience to start nodding their heads up and down in agreement
    -The more you can get them to nod the more they will agree and understand
    -You may want to start with little opening questions(the little ask)
    -Get people to agree to the small things at first then you ask the big question at the end once they are in agreement
    -Before you bring out the ‘huge’ question start by warming audence up by asking questions you cannot object
    -Salesmen use this tatic
    -Look at example in agenda to see how to execute

  5. thecommoncase says:

    -when adding the titles of the research you collected in the white paper, add the link of the paper w/ an underline

    The Bobblehead Strategy
    -a technique for getting small agreements
    -this can be used when you have a bold claim that you can’t say upfront, so you work your way up to it, you’ll likely be more successful
    -ask questions that you know your audience will agree with
    -every time they agree you’re prepping them to say yes to your big question
    -this strategy can help stop mob mentality by persuading them to agree with the smaller claims
    -when you’ve laid out your case, gold a few things back to save for your closing to confirm your readers agreement

    First Short Argument
    -different types of essays can look alike (categorical can seem like definitional & vice versa)
    -read model definition/categorical essay

  6. runnerd4 says:

    The visual of the music was pretty cool because it showed all of the aspects of the music that you can hear.
    For Links: highlight the title of the article and hit the link button and link the link to the name
    remember the you mention the publisher to put it in italics, title in quotations, period in the quotations. It looks great to do that in essays too.
    bit.ly for shortening links.

    The Bobblehead Strategy: getting your reader to nod their head at your work
    technique for getting small yeses. persuading them little by little.
    Start with a bunch of small yeses in your work. An agreement to your introductory premises.
    We start with easily agreeable ideas and then lead to our idea. We’ve gotten assent for the warrants of our argument (Toulmin). We’ve identified common goals (Rogers).
    When you get approval on all the small asks, the big ask no longer seems like such a big ask.
    Good to hold a few things back to make a conclusion with some of these easily agreeable statements.
    It’s much harder for them to say no when they’ve said yes to all of the statements before

    Definition Essay: Does not have to answer what is this or what is that. Can be answering about a category. Ex: with polio one, does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?
    Definition essay is NOT just giving the dictionary definition.
    It is an argument
    The idea has real world relevance that the dictionary definition does not fit
    Describing it more than defining it
    Requires defining several terms.
    Respond to the task right after class.

  7. cardinal7218 says:

    – to link something in a post, type the sentence you want to link so, highlight the words you want to turn into a link, click the link button, paste the url you want to link, select “open in new tab,” and hit the arrow to submit
    -use bitly to make long urls shorter
    -The Bobblehead Strategy- nodding agreement. Get your audience to start nodding along with you, little bits of agreement
    -Subconscious persuasion
    -Get readers to agree with small things to build up to your big claim. You might get someone to agree with something they wouldn’t have at first
    -What’s the best way for us to achieve a common goal? Get audience to agree with that common goal then present argument
    -Warrants, meanwhile, are shared values, like the social benefit of people being healthy
    -Narrow down argument to apply to the specific group who needs it
    -Definition doesn’t necessarily answer “what is x” but rather “does x belong to said category”
    -If things are similar enough in the right ways, they can be part of the same category

  8. cfriery says:


    What does music look like?
    It looked cool.

    Publishing gets italicize, and hyperlink the title (I shoved the link directly into the white paper but you can do this for cleaning purposes)

    you can also use bit.ly to shorten links.

    The Bobblehead Strategy
    Start getting your readers to say yes to small things before you make a big claim/ask for a BIG yes. Start with smaller questions and receive smaller yes’s. Then ask a big question once you’ve “prepped” your reader.

    In order to avoid a “mob mentality” start small and create smaller propositions that will get your reader nodding. In other words, agreeing with your smaller arguments.

    Narrow the scope of our proposal. Make a claim that you think will become true. give a slice of the pie but not the whole pie (yet).

    Then we serve them the rest of the pie.

    Logical analogies to “nail it down”.

    Model Definition Essay

    It’s an argument, it has real-world relevance, and it often requires us to define several terms.

  9. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Wake Up –
    -Youtuber creates music while also creating a visual with it too.
    – Housekeeping –
    – Copy the URL from the search bar
    – Highlight your typed out title with your cursor of the same article.
    – Press the link button to link the address to the title of the article.
    – Another tool to shorter your links is “bit.ly”
    – The Bobblehead Strategy –
    – Getting your readers to “nod” while reading your paper
    – You should make your reader respond to your paper with small “yeses”
    – Do not address your main argument in the beginning of your paper so you don’t overwhelm them.
    – Smaller arguments in your paper will eventually lead the reader to have no choice but to agree with your main argument.
    – Defintion Essay –
    – These essays do not define what your topic is but it is more categorizing your topic.
    – Do not start your essay with “According to…”

  10. 612119d says:

    Music all has a different shape or color so we can look and see all the different sounds
    Clean your links up so it doesn’t look sloppy
    Bobble head strategy
    getting a nod or multiple nods while writing a paper
    get a lot of minior agruments to try and convince the reader to change his mind
    Dont address main argument right away
    Defintion essays
    -Dont define your topic

  11. bluntwriting88 says:

    Bobblehead method
    -To begin with small ‘yes’s’ in order to prime the audience in order to convince them of our argument
    Ex. Danny Devito -> new car -> quick no
    Avoid the mob mentality (Ex. Depressed Youth)
    Do not ask “Raise your hand if your depressed teen should be forced into therapy”
    The best way to ask is to get as many ‘buy ins’ as possible

    Paralyzing Polio
    -Comparison format essay (Comparison of Polio to Smallpox) to show whether or not Polio can be eradicated
    -The essay is trying to decide if Polio belongs to the category of eradicable diseases

  12. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 10/1/20
    Music Warm up
    Use bit.ly to shorten sources
    OR link it into your notes by using the chain link and URL (hyperlink)
    Will make your whitepaper look cleaner
    Bobblehead Strategy:
    • Don’t make big argument or claim straight away
    • Start with smaller claims to get them to start agreeing
    • Starting to move their head like a bobblehead to agree
    • Sales reps use this tactic to be successful
    • Narrow scope of proposal
    Model definition essay
    • Argument
    • Relative to the Real World
    • Describe it more than define it
    In class exercise

  13. comicdub says:

    10/01/20 Notes:
    -The whitepapers are a work in progress so it’s okay to post something that isn’t complete but posting nothing is not okay
    -Use the “link” function in wordpress to make a hyperlink to your sources instead of having a big long link
    -bit.ly is another option to shortening links to sources
    -Avoid creating a “mob mentaltiy” reaction by starting off with having the audience agree with something smaller that is more agreeable
    -This preps them for the bigger proposition
    -Analogies work well to help convince an audience
    -Use something that is comparable to my hypothesis to write a categorical essay that can compare the two
    -No new assignment

  14. dayzur says:


    -Massive URLs can turn into bit.ly links
    -Copy link into bit.ly and the link will be shortened
    -Copy URL, and hyperlink into specific words in wordpress
    -Notes to verify being in class and for self benefit
    -Bobblehead strategy: Gets the audience to agree unwillingly to a series of small premises until it leads to a big yes
    -Avoid mob mentality by getitng the people to say yes to your smaller points
    -Once approval is gained in one field, it is narrowed down to the main topic
    -Holding back larger points that could have pushed people away if stated earlier
    -These points can be held back till the end to nail a strong conclusion to keep people hooked on your idea
    -There will still be a large group of people who will NEVER agree with you
    -Things don’t have to be identical to belong to the same category
    -Definition Essay
    1. An argument
    2. Real-world relevance
    3. Often requires defining several terms
    ****Read definition essay for example****

  15. gooferious says:

    10/01/2020 Notes:
    – For easier access and to hide long links, add a hyperlink to a word in your writing
    – The Bobblehead Strategy: getting readers to agree with what your writing, get them to nod to your arguments
    – Getting your audience to agree with small arguments will increase them agreeing with your big argument
    – Using logos, pathos and ethos to appeal to our audience even more
    – Wording is very important, try to use words that make a controversial idea sound like a not-so controversial idea

  16. l8tersk8ter says:

    – Hyperlink source behind keyword or phrase
    – Copy link, highlight word/phrase to be used, link image, add URL, enter
    – If you want deliberate link use bit.ly to shorten it (good for in bibliography)
    Conferences are mandatory towards grade
    The Bobblehead Strategy
    – We want our essays to make people say yes
    – Understand and answer possible objections before they can be asked
    – Get little yeses that add up (don’t ask for new car, ask little obvious yes/reasonable questions)
    – If topic starts as objectionable audience will attack with question
    – To avoid having to calm the room start small with agreeable topics, avoids mob mentality
    – Use logic, appeal to sympathies, use moralities, make claims, make the general proposal, then make the big ask (that doesn’t sound so big after all the buildup)
    Definition/Categorical Essay
    – Polio in category of eradicable diseases
    – Aspects of smallpox that might be similar to polio
    – Comparison between communicable diseases
    – Question of if they both belong in the category

  17. wafflesrgud22 says:

    What does music look like?
    -It looks very trippy, colorful horizontal lines representing the music
    -Bitly link! Helps provide hyperlinks that open a new lab rather than on your piece AND shortens the url
    The Bobblehead Strategy
    -Agreeing with small premises and making sense the whole way through so by the time hypothesis hits (big question) it would be “impolite” to say no
    –Example: DON’T start with “dad can i please get a new car?” start with “you want me to live to my twenties, right?”and build up from there “how will i with bad tires, no brakes, bad engine etc etc”
    -Build up to argument, get everyone to say yes to the beginning premises
    –Example: Mental health, “Society functions best when everybody is healthy enough to contribute.” then work to hypothesis: Therapy should be AVAILABLE for every youth who DESIRES it.
    -After ppl agree to the big ask, there are still going to be people who ask “is it worth it?”
    In class task: in reply field

  18. sonnypetro29 says:

    My notes 10/1/2020

    Wake up ( this is what music looks like)
    You can link your sources with hyperlinks in your posts.
    Bit.ly is a very useful source for making links
    The bobblehead strategy
    This strategy gets the reader to start saying yes. The more yeses you’ll get will ultimately lead them to give in to your argument.
    Mandating therapy for those who need it
    A model definition essay ( political Paralysis)
    To decide whether polio belongs in the category of eradicated diseases
    Make sure to read and go over the sample model definition essay before writing one of your own
    In-class task

  19. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    10/1 Class Notes

    What does music look like?
    -lots of colors and shapes
    -visual gives you a chance to hallucinate

    How to hyperlink
    -copy link
    -highlight words you wanna insert
    -click on link or Ctrl+K(command K)
    -paste link
    -click open in a new tab
    -click the arrow
    -If you want to shorten URL, use bit.ly

    The Bobblehead Strategy
    -little yeses
    -Instead of asking “Dad can I have a new car?” : this would give an automatic no
    but if you are taking it slow and getting them to nod and agreer to smaller claims, guiding them on a logical plan and persuading them on how they think.
    ex. “Dad, you want me to get home safe right?”

    Ex. Therapy should be mandated for every youth who requires
    -the mob will come in and they will come in with the opposing viewpoints because you put this questionable claim
    -you avoid mob mentality by getting yeses
    These are claims that will eventually lead to the claim, suggestions:
    -society functions best when everybody is healthy enough to contribute
    -physical and mental health both contributes to the overall well-being of our communities
    -people suffering from depression are not functional as their healthy peers
    -depressed youth are statistically more prone to substance abuse, violence, and self-harm

    *We are using logic, ethos, warrant*

    General Proposal- Therapy should be available for every youth who desires it
    -some can’t get it so mandating them it will be helping them
    -If you don’t know you are, mandating it could help them to better classify their mental health issues
    -when you minimize the group of people who might resist therapy, the cost is less than the benefit

    Newly Revised Claim: As a benefit to the patient and his/her community, an exploratory course of therapy, at no cost to the patient, should be mandated for every youth who is diagnosed to require it.
    -this would be a great cost, but we must look into the cost of what would happen if we didn’t
    ex. suicide
    -the way you avoid having huge objections at front, you must build up the claim

    Definition Essay- actually doesn’t really define anything but it’s a categorical essay
    -whether polio belongs in the category as eradicable diseases
    -Is polio and smallpox similar in the sense that they are eradicable
    -comparison of polio and smallpox to see if polio can be eradicated like smallpox

  20. hailthegreat8 says:

    -What does music look like
    -Linking to sources in your posts
    -bit.ly for Shortening Links
    -The bobblehead strategy
    -The trick is to get your audience to nodd
    -Ask questions
    -You have to try and get people to agree

  21. Nancet says:

    10/1 Notes
    -What does music look like?

    -Link sources to post
    -Use “bit.ly” for short links

    Bobblehead Strategy
    -Trick is to get your audience

    -“Does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?’
    -Look like a comparison essay

    -Read model definition

  22. shadowswife says:


    – Converting a URL into a bit link:
    * Bitly.com
    – White Paper Advise:
    * Titles are in quotation marks.
    * Publications are in italics.
    * Periods go inside quotation marks.
    * Link sources to words in the white paper instead.
    + Set the link to take the reader to a new tab.

    The Bobblehead Strategy:
    – It’s a technique that makes the audience unconsciously nod or agree with an argument.
    – It’s best to cautiously start out with a few small things that someone would agree on and, eventually, make your way up to asking the big question that could be disagreeable.
    * Example: Asking dad for a new car.
    + Father will immediately disagree with buying something so expensive.
    + However, you can ask questions that make him agree.
    ^ “You want me to come home safe, right?”
    – Add logical analogies that could have been recognized as a setup after you have gotten the
    audience to agree with the small things.
    – Needs a strong conclusion with fresh material that prevents the audience from rescinding their approval.
    * But, hold a few things back to keep the conclusion strong.

    Definition Essay:
    – A definition essay doesn’t just define things.
    * However, it is mandatory to define a few terms in the essay.
    – They are arguments as well.
    – Don’t use “according to.”

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