Robust Verbs- person345

Vancouver is facing a huge problem with heroin addicts committing felonies to reinforce their addictions. The “free heroin for addicts” program is doing everything in its power to prevent addicts from committing any type of crime. The issue is that Vancouver’s crime rate is increasing because of this. It is evident that addicts struggle in their daily lives and regular things like jobs, social interactions, and relationships are hard to maintain because of their addiction. Heroin users will do whatever they can to make their lives more tolerable by committing crimes such breaking and entering as well as stealing. There are no boundaries as to where addicts will go to continue their addiction. The problem with the “free heroin for addicts” program is that it will not prevent addicts from using. The program is only trying to save the city from rising crime rates rather than focusing on the welfare of Heroin addicts. When Heroin is given to addicts for free, they will be off the streets, which will prevent them from committing minor street crimes. Also, users will be out of hospitals. City hospitals should not treat heroin addicts. It is pointless that the hospitals must deal with people with terrible habits. The “Free Heroin for Addicts” program offers people free heroin in the safest way possible. Sure, the city’s crime rate will decrease but in turn, this will promote the use of heroin and the drug epidemic would continue in Vancouver.

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