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The Hair Part Theory (True Mirrors) 


It seems counterintuitive that we should know what our reflection looks like, but yet our own reflection in the mirror isn’t what the whole world sees. Our regular mirrors in our bedrooms, bathrooms and even the reflective ceiling in an elevator are the complete opposite of what is true. The Hair Part Theory helps support this idea that our regular mirrors are in fact not true mirrors. Your hair parted to the left of you is actually the right part in a true mirror. We should know ourselves best and what we look like, but in fact we are looking at a reflection instead of it’s transparency—just as the world views us. Look into a true mirror to gain a better understanding of yourself.

Multivitamins are harmful


It seems counterintuitive that vitamins hold more harm than good when they’re in a market to do nothing but improve your health. The sole purpose of a multivitamin is supposed to provide nutrients that one may lack. However, these money sucking supplements could lead to adverse effects and do the opposite.  For example, the average person gets plenty of their recommended iron from rice, cereals, and bread—so why the multi? This could lead to unfavorable outcomes like increased risk of heart disease. So next time you see one of these overpriced “health foods” on the shelf, do yourself a favor and skip over them. 

Vancouver gives heroin to addicts to combat addiction


It seems counterintuitive that Vancouver supplies free heroin to some of the biggest addicts in the area. These individuals harm themselves and society by staying addicted on the streets, robbing places for money and committing illegal sex crimes like prostitution just to get some “smack”. Does this program really help individuals overcome their addiction? Not necessarily. It simply sedates the person, and pushes the problem under the rug. The program and city are both selfish organizations. Instead of actually caring about the well-being of the person who’s slowly killing themselves with each passing needle, they care more about the effects it has on the local society and what the “beautiful” city streets of Vancouver look like.

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