22 Class WED APR 07


Writing Advice

Kevin Youklis Wield Your Statistics

New Resource

  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Need help understanding Rhetoric? Here’s a step-by-step examination and revision of a paragraph in need of rhetorical improvements.


  • Sample advice for Visual Rewrite
    • Your Visual Rewrite is an ongoing opportunity to improve on your first draft.
    • MANY of you have posted, and the posts are  brilliantly detailed, much more so than similar assignments from earlier semesters. Congratulations.
    • If you haven’t yet revised your Visual Rhetoric argument, consider reading some of your classmates’ recent Visual Rewrite posts to see just how detailed they can be.
    • Even if you HAVE posted your Rewrite, doublecheck it against the list of 14 Fails For Grammar Rules.
    • ALSO, in case you haven’t already, analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of the video. Any thorough Rhetorical Analysis will include an assessment of how well (or poorly) the creators accomplished their goals.
  • Reminder: Grammar Basics Exercise
    • We did this exercise in class last week.
    • If you missed class, or haven’t yet completed the exercise, do so now.
    • HINT: most of your classmates have missed 5 or more grammar problems.
    • To do the job right, review the 14 Basic Grammar Rules from last week’s Agenda.

Class Activities

Take Home Task

26 Responses to 22 Class WED APR 07

  1. person345 says:

    Everything happens for a reason. Jay and Kay both caused two separate car accidents. Kay’s accident resulted in her daughter being killed. There are four scenarios that have the idea that everything is fate and things happen for a reason. Statistics makes it so that there is motivation to improve anything. This includes writing. Showing someone a glass that has water half full without context does not mean anything. Unexpectedly full or empty. Writers must convince them that the water is half full or half empty. Michelle Obama’s miscarriage is an example of this. Statistics are used as a tool to convince your readers. In this example, the author is either persuading that American women have a high infertility rate of 10% or a high fertility rate of 90%. Paragraphs should not be rushed and arguments should not be hidden from readers. Compare both before and after paragraphs about money laundering in the Rhetoric Workshop post.


    • davidbdale says:

      To be honest, person, a lot of this sounds like gibberish. But these two Notes convince me you were paying good attention and perhaps even understand the rest of your own notes.
      —Writers must convince them that the water is half full or half empty.
      —In this example, the author is either persuading that American women have a high infertility rate of 10% or a high fertility rate of 90%.


  2. justheretopass says:

    We opened up class about how the chauvin trial uses Definition Argument and Causal Argument.
    We then go over a riddle. About “Everything happens for a reason”
    And then we had to explain if the situation was fate or not.
    We did it to show us that single phrases have a lot of context and power in your essays
    Writing Advice
    You need to guide your reader into a careful understanding of why your evidence is important. The example used was there was a glass of water and we talked about if the glass was half full or half empty. That doesn’t do anything for the reader unless the reader has context of the background to know if it’s a good thing for it to be half full or half empty. You can’t let the reader make that decision for themselves. You have to tell them what it is like “that glass is full 50%”
    You don’t just share your statistics you Wield them
    Rhetoric Workshop
    When you’re writing paragraphs you want to achieve goals in mind.
    Does the paragraph have precise language to emphasize ideas
    Bold claims
    Accept readers to a main premise
    Present a complex thesis
    Does the paragraph give readers time to disagree.
    Does the paragraph reveal its arguments
    Visual Rhetoric
    Add more detail
    Concentrate of the rhetoric side if the visual/rhetoric assignment


  3. mrmba1 says:

    Riddle about fate – cause for everything or predetermination
    – Use of statistics and evidence
    – Showing evidence without explanation or context accomplishes nothing
    – Declare how you want evidence to be interpreted
    – Good/ Bad interpretation of same evidence:

    “Proud to report we have achieved 50% water.”
    “Regret to admit we have achieved only 50% water.”

    Side Notes:
    – Visual rewrite – revise soon
    – Review grammatical rules


  4. -Some things may seem that they are indisputable and simply declaring what the evidence is may be enough to prove your point.
    -Is the glass half full or half empty?
    -Is it a good number or a bad number?
    -Your main goal as a writer is to get your reader from sentence number 1 to the very end.
    -Criminals launder money because they can’t spend massive amounts of illegal money without raising suspicion.


    • davidbdale says:

      I can’t tell for sure, but it seems you may have missed the point of the Wield Your Statistics unit. Maybe the notes are just really terse. This seems to get it backwards:

      -Some things may seem that they are indisputable and simply declaring what the evidence is may be enough to prove your point.
      -Is the glass half full or half empty?
      -Is it a good number or a bad number?



  5. icedcoffeeislife says:

    Riddle of the day
    Everything happens for a reason, but everything means the same thing.
    We did an activity where we looked at 4 things about fate. Where we had to decide if it happened because of fate or it just happened ironically.
    Writing advice
    You need to gain your reader an understanding of your evidence.
    We looked at an allegation with a glass of water, that when it is 50% full of water, it is also only a mere 50% full. The number may be good from one point of view, well from another they are bad numbers.
    It doesn’t help if you put the number into the context of your writing
    Rhetoric Workshop
    When your writing a paragraph there are goals you want to achieve and the goals are the same
    Clear ideas and make sure your reader understands what you’re writing.
    And if it contains scholarship that is used effectively used to get your readers attention
    Make sure that it is compelling that your read moves on to the next paragraph.
    If your paragraph is too big, you have more than one main idea in that paragraph. So you should break it up into two smaller paragraphs.
    Start going over your visual rhetoric assignment and add more detail.
    With editing your visual rhetorical add more detail into your description of the seconds and that it is valuable to have a close look at your writing.


    • davidbdale says:

      You appear to contradict yourself here, Iced, which makes me wonder if you got the point:

      —We looked at an allegation with a glass of water, that when it is 50% full of water, it is also only a mere 50% full. The number may be good from one point of view, well from another they are bad numbers.
      —It doesn’t help if you put the number into the context of your writing



  6. imgoingswimming says:

    Today we started with a riddle about fate. We see that the quote “everything happens for a reason” has different meanings in each paragraph.
    Using statistics is incredibly important. All statistics have background information that must be told to the reader. If this information is not given then the reader will not understand if this information is good or bad. All statistics can change to good or bad depending on the context that is written about them. Each of our paragraphs should have its own ideas, and if we only have three paragraphs in our 1,000 words then we have multiple ideas in each paragraph.
    We looked at last week’s grammar basics exercise.


  7. compiistudent says:

    Notes 4/7
    Fate riddle activity
    Need to guide reader to an understanding of what the value is, just like the water in the glass, half full or half empty.
    Paragraphs must do 7 things correctly to prove rhetoric
    Add more detail to visual rehetoric argument, really need to have reader be able to picture the ad in their minds.


  8. johnwick66 says:

    The George Floyd case currently going on is a very good example of both causal arguments and definition arguments.

    Showing someone a glass of water half full, will do nothing unless they have context ahead of time, You can’t let them decide for themselves in regards to what the glass is. But instead you need to tell the reader what the glass is (half full, half empty) and in essence anything else when your writing.

    10% of American women experience a form of infertilely.
    Is this a good thing or a bad thing?

    When writing don’t make neutral sentences in your discussion. You must express the information to your benefit(shockingly the infertilely rate in the US is 10%) (Luckily the infertilely rate is down to 10 % in the US)

    For the visual rewrite, make sure to add more detail than currently included. Chances are I’m lacking in my detail for the visual writing

    The presidents and covid 19 vaccines video is a great example of how to properly type a visual rhetoric.

    Make sure to redo the paragraph for grammar mistakes

    Rebuttal paragraph due Monday April 12th

    Liked by 1 person

  9. christianity19 says:


    • George Floyd’s Trial has a Definition Argument and a Causal Argument in it.
    • Riddle about Fate is “that everything happens for a reason.” For example the professor having the board markers in order is for a reason.
    • Statistics on how to hit a ball in baseball and to see if the glass have empty or if the glass is full.
    • My number is a good number is that readers need to be told how your number compares to the range of possible numbers. The statistic by itself means nothing until you place it into context.
    • My number is a bad number is that except for experts in the field of your endeavor, your readers are at your mercy to interpret the value of the numbers you share. They count on you to guide them to an understanding of the importance of the evidence you present.
    • The infertility rate has skyrocketed to 10% for all American women between 18 to 45, even higher for African-Americans.
    • Modern medicine has reduced the infertility rate in The United States of America.
    • When you are writing their are goals that you are trying to achieve, so that you make sure your readers moves on to the next paragraph.
    • You should have a paragraph with a precise language to emphasize ideas, and You need to make clear claims in your writing.
    • You want to persuade your reader to agree with your argument that you are talking about in your paper.
    • Edit your Visual Rhetoric assignment and add more detail if you don’t have enough of it in your writing.
      • We looked at the clip of the three former presidents which was Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, and George Bush after the inauguration.
    • Revising the one paragraph with the grammar errors in it and making sure that your singular verbs have singular nouns.
    • Rebuttal Argument Due 4-12-21


  10. carsonwentz1186 says:

    You cannot let your reader decide if the glass is half empty of half full
    The way Kevin Youkilis handles a bat is unique; just like the way different people handle certain statistics
    Participated in fate exercise (Mixed up 1 and 3)
    10% of American women between 18 and 45 who attempted to conceive, experience infertility to some degree (Higher for AA women)
    What is the useless sentence exercise
    It is important to not give the reader time to analyze or disagree with the claim you make
    Example of video I used for visual rhetoric assignment (mine is severely lacking)


  11. kobebryant32 says:

    We briefly talked in the beginning of class about George Floyd’s case.
    We talked about how under no circumstances is it ok to kneel on someone’s neck.
    Unless you are an opposition in war and maybe you have a grenade.
    Started of with a riddle about fate.
    Is the 10% of American woman infertility a good thing?
    It could be compared to the 20% it once was.
    Is this percentage good or bad.
    You can say it is good I can say it is bad.
    Are things in life all apart of “God’s Plan”
    Some people don’t change their ways because they think this is all God’s doing .
    “Everything happens for a reason”
    Rebuttal due Sunday night


  12. honeysucklelilac says:

    – does “everything happen for a reason” always mean the same thing? does it always mean that there is a belief in fate?
    Writing Advice
    -Wield Your Statistics
    –it’s all about how you phrase what your statistic MEANS
    –you can’t expect your reader to put the stat into the context you want them to, that’s YOUR job
    –don’t let your reader decide if your stat is positive or negative
    — 50% can be worded in a positive or negative way
    —positive: a full 50%, as high as 50%, at 50% a perfect balance
    —negative: only 50%, a mere 50%, at 50% an awful compromise
    New Resource
    -Rhetoric Workshop
    –if you need further help with rhetoric then look at the link
    -re do the visual rhetoric assignment if you want a better grade
    -check grammar basics exercise and see if you caught all the grammar mistakes


  13. rowanrat says:

    -The riddle of the day “Everything happens for a reason”
    This is not a belief of fate. The father asks the son what happened and that was the son’s response after the accident. That was a lame excuse rather than an actual explanation.
    This is a belief of fate. The mother learns her lesson following the accident, giving her a reason to change her life around.
    This is a belief of fate. Jay fully believes that everything that happens is in God’s control, not his.
    This is not a belief of fate. This is merely cause and effect.
    -If you find statistics or bits of evidence that require a lot of maneuvering, whatever makes you comfortable is most likely your best choice for handling evidence
    -In almost every case you need to guide your reader to a careful understanding of what the value of your evidence is
    -Is the water half full or half empty? Determines whether you are optimistic(half full) or pessimistic(half empty)
    -You can’t let your reader decide if it is a half full or half empty path
    -You have to let them know that it’s much fuller than you expected or much emptier than anyone would have predicted
    -At 50% the perfect balance, you can find a middle perfect but have to declare it to be perfect
    -You have to share the news to your reader that you’ve managed to get the perfect balance
    -There are goals you want to achieve in every paragraph
    -Have a clear idea of what it is you want to communicate.
    -Communicate it as quickly as you possibly can and make sure you’re reader understand why you’re doing what you’re doing
    -Want to make sure it’s compelling enough to make your reader want to move on to the next paragraph
    -Accept a specific premise
    -Want to persuade your reader to agree with your point of view


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