22 Class MON APR 15


  • Check Banner for Evaluation of Teacher Effectiveness
    • Use Class Time to Evaluate your Writing Arts Instructor (that’s me).
  • Sample advice for Visual Rewrite
    • Your Visual Rewrite is due.
    • MANY of you have posted, and the posts are  brilliantly detailed, much more so than similar assignments from earlier semesters. Congratulations.
    • If you haven’t yet posted, consider reading some of your classmates’ recent Visual Rewrite posts to see just how detailed they can be.
  • Riddle About Fate
    • DUE in class today MON APR 15
  • In Class Exercise: “Only” Abuse and Misuse
    • DUE in class today MON APR 15
  • Grammar Basics Exercise
    • We did this exercise in class WED APR 10
    • If you missed class, or haven’t yet completed the exercise, do so now.
    • HINT: most of your classmates have missed 5 or more grammar problems.
    • To do the job right, review the 14 Basic Grammar Rules from Wednesday’s Agenda.
  • Portfolio Task: 3000-word Researched Position Paper
    • DUE MON APR 22

8 Responses to 22 Class MON APR 15

  1. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    “Virtual Class”
    – check banner to fill out evaluation
    – make sure to post visual rewrite
    – it is a portfolio assignment
    -in class assignments do not have reply field
    – go over grammar exercise and see what is missed or wrong
    – there are 5 + missed grammar problems
    – research assignment is due April 22nd

  2. rowanstudent2 says:

    – go to Banner and do an evaluation
    – Visual Rewrite is due

    Riddle About Fate
    – “everything happens for a reason”
    Only Abuse and Misuse
    – the simple rule of only is that it modifies—or limits—the word that follows it (or sometimes the entire phrase that follows it)

    Portfolio Task: 3000-word Research Paper due next Monday

  3. pomegranate4800 says:

    -Fill out evaluation on banner
    – If you have not already, post visual rewrite
    – “everything happens for a reason” is this fate?
    – Complete grammar exercise if not already done so
    – Research assignment due Monday, April 22

  4. jets1313 says:

    go to Banner and do an evaluation
    – Visual Rewrite is due
    – complete grammar exercise
    – research assignment due on Monday, April 22

  5. nyaj32 says:

    Go to the banner to do the course evaluation for this class
    Visual rewrite is due
    3000 word essay is due on Monday:
    Use past essays to help write this big one but still make changes as you go to best fit the essay.

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