22* Class THU NOV 12

Apology First

  • Yesterday I failed to track appointments on the Professor Conference Chart. Three students who requested time with their beloved professor were neglected and received none of my particular brand of interference. Thursdays I’m booked all day, so I have re-scheduled those students for FRI NOV 13. I’m very sorry for the trouble I caused, and I understand Friday might not be ideal for you, so don’t hesitate to swap times if that helps. Anyone else who needs a conference should check in right away.

Followed by Fair Warning

  • TUE DEC 08 will be our last full-class meeting for the semester. By then, your end-of-semester Portfolio will be complete, will have been double-checked for completeness, and will be available to your Professor for final grading.
    • During Finals Week FRI DEC 11—THU DEC 17, instead of meeting as a class, and instead of having a Final Exam, you’ll meet with your professor one time in a one-on-one in a Zoom room to conduct your “Final Grade Conference.”
  • Between today and THU DEC 03, when your PORTFOLIO IS DUE, only 4 classes remain, and 21 days.
  • Between today and TUE DEC 08, only 5 classes remain, and just 26 days.
  • If you’ve been keeping up, by now you have posted your 3 short arguments (Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal), and your Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, have a robust White Paper, perhaps one or more short argument rewrites, and will have no trouble posting the first draft of your Research Position Paper by next THU NOV 19.
  • There are no special Deadlines for your Short Paper Rewrites, but when your Portfolio is due, on THU DEC 03, you’ll need two Rewrites (out of the 3 Definition/Causal/Rebuttal set) AND a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite.
  • If you haven’t posted your 3 short arguments, you are now hopelessly behind.
  • There is no longer time to interact with your Professor over all three of your Short Arguments, receive meaningful feedback, post significant Rewrites, and prepare to compile the results into your Research Paper.
  • If you’re in that unenviable position, I will change your status on the blog tomorrow, FRI NOV 13, from Author to Contributor. You will be able to write new posts but not publish them to the blog. 
    • When you can’t publish, you’ll be forced to contact your beloved professor for assistance, which is exactly what has to happen at this stage of the semester.
    • I apologize for this drastic measure, but I can’t take the chance that students who have neglected the course work for 22 classes will try to pull off the miracle of compelling their beloved professor to do much of the work for them on a terribly strict deadline when what he MUST do instead is help more conscientious students perfect the work they’ve already posted.


Writing Advice

New Resource

  • Rhetoric Workshop
    • Need help understanding Rhetoric? Here’s a step-by-step examination and revision of a paragraph in need of rhetorical improvements.


  • Sample advice for Visual Rewrite
    • Your Visual Rewrite is due.
    • MANY of you have posted, and the posts are  brilliantly detailed, much more so than similar assignments from earlier semesters. Congratulations.
    • If you haven’t yet posted, consider reading some of your classmates’ recent Visual Rewrite posts to see just how detailed they can be.
    • Even if you HAVE posted your Rewrite, doublecheck it against the list of 14 Fails For Grammar Rules.
    • ALSO, in case you haven’t already, analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of the video. Any thorough Rhetorical Analysis will include an assessment of how well (or poorly) the creators accomplished their goals.
  • Reminder: Grammar Basics Exercise
    • We did this exercise in class THU NOV 05
    • If you missed class, or haven’t yet completed the exercise, do so now.
    • HINT: most of your classmates have missed 5 or more grammar problems.
    • To do the job right, review the 14 Basic Grammar Rules from last week’s Agenda.

Class Activities

Portfolio Task

14 Responses to 22* Class THU NOV 12

  1. cardinal7218 says:

    -Only 3 weeks left, stay on top of work

    -Statistics need to have a reason for being there and need to be described for the reader
    -The glass is fuller than expected. After being below average, the glass has reached 50%. 50% has been achieved. The glass is only 50% full. 50% full is an abysmal compromise.
    -Is 10% of women between 18 and 45 a high number? How much higher is it for African-American women? The statistics have no context. The reader needs to know what to think about the statistics
    -Make it clear if the statistic is positive or negative, higher than expected or lower than expected. The reader should understand why you chose to use the statistics you’re using
    -Is it good or bad compared to expectations? Good or bad compared to the rest of the world?

  2. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Portfolio is due on December 3rd
    – Rewrites have no specific due dates but need to be done by December 3rd
    – Riddle –
    – 1.) This is claiming that Jay is willingly admitting that he did wrong. He Is not recognizing his belief in fate because there was no turn around in this paragraph.
    – 2.) Believes in fate
    – 3.) Believes in fate
    – 4.) Believes in fate
    – Writing Advice –
    – Our numbers need to be useful
    – Our numbers can not be a “bad number” meaning that our numbers need importance to it
    – I think #5 is the useless one because it is rewording what #1 says. It is using the statistic in a different way that is not necessary.

  3. runnerd4 says:

    Fair warning: Tuesday, Dec 8 is the last full class meeting
    portfolio double check
    The portfolio is due THU DEC 3
    need to rewrite 2 out of the 3 argument essays
    For the first draft due Thu 19th: make good transitions, and a good intro and conclusion

    Riddle in reply field on belief in fate

    Wield your Statistics
    Need to guide them with an advanced understanding of what the statistics will prove.
    We do not want the reader to make up their own mind
    When working with statistics we need to be able to let the reader know how we feel about our statistics. We need to give them either. a positive or negative connotation.
    Ex: As high as 50%, has sunk to 50%

    It is okay if we have a paper with like 7 good sources that prove our point
    For the first draft in feedback please, we should ask for a certain type of response

    Only can be used in so many different ways in every sentence

  4. oaktree1234 says:

    10/12 Notes
    1st draft of research paper: nov 19th
    between today and dec 8th, rewrite 2 short arguments
    -create second post called rewrite

    Riddle: belief in fate or not?
    Writing advice: statistics
    -half full/half empty- make sure you decide the way the reader interprets that statistic
    Rhetoric Workshop- if need extra help its there
    Reminders: keep 14 grammar rules in mind
    Class Activity: only abuse and misuse
    -only can change the meaning of a sentence drastically

  5. rowanstudent24 says:

    11/12 Notes:
    – Research Position Paper is due next Thursday. It is a first draft. Your basically putting all your short argument papers together and adding some smooth transitions as well as a great intro and conclusion.
    – Try to avoid the useless sentences in your essays. It’s a waste of words and doesn’t help your argument at all.
    – Put your first draft into the feedback please category and ask Professor Hodges to focus on some specific things you would like feedback on.

  6. dayzur says:


    -Last actual class meeting: December 8th, Finals week will consist of 1-on-1 conferences
    -4 classes remain between now and the portfolio due date: Thursday, December 3rd
    -In your portfolio you need at least two of three pairs of original and rewrites for rebuttal, causal, and definition arguments
    -Due next Thursday(11/19): revised 3000 word essay draft
    -Having statistics is useless if used improperly
    -Lone numbers provide nothing without a comparison
    -The reader doesn’t know the averages of the fields you are talking about or if your results are something to be proud of
    -The researched persuasive argument paper draft:
    1. The paper is an argument
    2. The paper compiles the work of the entire semester
    3. The paper shows evidence of significant research
    4. The paper meets the 3000 word requirement
    5. The paper achieves the high standards of academic integrity
    6. The paper includes a reference section
    -Reference “Only” Abuse and Misuse for reference on ways to use “only” correctly

  7. gooferious says:

    11/12/2020 Notes:
    – First draft of Research Paper (White Paper) due Nov. 19
    – When writing if we include numbers we should point out if the number is a good number or a bad number
    – Our paper needs to meet a minimum requirement of 3000 words
    – If we want feedback, post paper early and be specific with what kind of feedback we want

  8. l8tersk8ter says:

    Apology – professor is sorry
    Fair Warning
    – Dec 8: last class
    – Dec 11-17: final grade conference
    – Nov. 19: first draft of research paper due (can contain unrevised arguments
    – Dec 3: portfolio due (2 rewrites, visual rewrite, annotated bib, white paper, research paper)
    – Can start to post rewrites of arguments (only deadline is when portfolio is due)
    – Belief in fate
    Writing advice
    – Wield your statistics, they are tools, useless if you drop it in, useful if you use it
    – Identify as good or bad number
    – Make it comparable, give it context (good: a full 50% a great amounts, bad: a mere 50% expected more)
    Rhetoric workshop
    – Useful for causal arguments
    Visual rewrite should be posted, can further be improved, check fails for grammar, analyzes effectiveness
    Grammar basics exercise, do if not yet done
    Research Position Paper (3000 words) draft is due by Nov 19

  9. corinnebuck1219 says:

    -apologies and fair warning-
    -last class – thursday the 8th
    -portfolio due 21 days
    -finals week 11-17 meetings
    -wordpress saves everything
    -everything happens for a reason
    1)not belieif in fate
    2)belief in fate
    3)belief in fate
    4)belief in fate
    -wield your statistics – without direction and velocity it’s useless
    -nobody knows statistic number until you tell them
    -do not want reader to make up their own mind
    -real life example- Michelle Obama talking about her infertility. Used stats with no explanation. 10% experience infertility (we dont know if 10% is good or bad)
    -rhetoric workshop- mattress stores could launder money
    -3000 word research position paper nov 19 (first draft)
    -do not go too far over word count. you want to get your point in without wasting words
    -only modifyies or limits

  10. comicdub says:

    11/12/20 Notes:
    – Last day in the class room is Tuesday December 8th
    – Portfolio is due Thursday December 3rd
    – Only 4 classes remain until portfolio is due
    – First draft of research paper is due one week from today
    – We are allowed to make changes to our portfolio all the way up until the day it’s due
    – Check Visual Rhetoric Rewrite for the 14 Fails For Grammar Rules
    – Describe the effectiveness of the advertisement

  11. sonnypetro29 says:


    -Dec 8 last in class meeting
    – portfolio is due dec 3, make sure you have everything ready to submit
    – must have two of 3 argument rewrite
    -riddle / belief in fate
    – Research draft due next thursday.
    – in class exercise

  12. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes: 11/12/20
    Not a lot of class meetings left
    Portfolio due December 3rd
    Research paper due next Thursday
    Bib due Tuesday
    Need a reason for statistics to be there. Need to be relevant and have information to be compared to. Make it clear if it’s a positive or negative thing.
    Keep 14 grammar rules in mind
    Need to tart working on rewrites w/ feedback
    Meeting scheduled on Friday
    Word after “only” intends where the sentence goes

  13. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    11/12 Notes

    -Last day of Class- Dec 8th
    -Last couple meetings of Professor Conferences and the double check of the portfolio on Dec 10th
    -1st Draft of the Research Paper should be handed it in on Nov. 19

    Statements About Faith
    -Identifying whether certain situations people were in and their reaction to it was a belief in fate

    Wield Your Statistics
    -If the number is good or bad, you must tell the audience in your writing
    -Using a statistic without describing whether it’s high or low, good or bad, is a useless statement

    -Analyze the EFFECTIVENESS of the video, how well did they convey the message
    -Basically judge whether it was done well or not
    – 14 Grammar Rules

  14. shadowswife says:


    Wielding Your Statistics:
    – Sentence number four was a useless sentence.

    Rhetoric Workshop:
    – When working on the causal argument, compare the initial paragraph with the resulting paragraph.
    – When reading through a paragraph, ask yourself these questions:
    * Does the paragraph use precise language to emphasize its idea?
    * Does it make clear claims?
    * Does the paragraph ask readers to accept a specific premise?
    * Does the paragraph reveal (or does it hide) its arguments?
    * Does the paragraph present a complex thesis?
    * Does the paragraph employ its Scholarship effectively?
    * Does the paragraph give readers time to disagree?

    Only Abuse:
    – There are seven different ways to use “only” that each gives a different meaning to the sentence.
    – The word, “only,” modifies whatever word comes next.

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