Open Strong Task Tcarter101

The college experian has been ruined by the pandemic. For years the college experience for many years has been about the personal mental growth that you get while furthering your education. This has been a key part in how we learn and grow as a young adult and helps shape you for the rest of your life. Since we are more separated and isolated than ever. We don’t get those late nights with friends and the parties that you go to in order to meet new people and make lifelong friends.  This lack of social interaction has caused us to be farther apart than ever, not letting the possibility of missing the real life learning experience and interacting with each other.

The pandemic has ruined the college experience for students such as myself.  We have experienced a new challenge  in which we have to adapt to our new circumstances. This has made the learning experience of college much more difficult than before.  This combined with  the social distancing restrictions has also made the social  learning aspect of college much more difficult than before. Since we are more isolated than ever before we do not have the opportunity to have those late nights of bonding with our peers and forming friendships that last a lifetime. As much as we need to focus on our academics we also need to have the much needed social interaction with each other. Those experiences allow you to  grow as a human being and further you into adulthood. It is also what people reflect back on their days at college.

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