28 Class WED APR 28

Portfolio Revision Workshop 

  • For students still revising their Portfolio materials.
  • We verified your Portfolio on MON APR 26.
  • Your Grade Conference appointment is posted on the Grade Conferences Chart.
  • You may continue to revise your Portfolio materials until your portfolio has been graded.
  • Portfolios will be graded in the same order conferences have been scheduled.
  • Attend this class if you wish to consult with your Professor and classmates in a live workshop on portfolio revision.

If you require or desire live feedback on any assignment,
while we’re together in class today,
leave a link as a Reply below, 
along with a specific request for guidance.


4 Responses to 28 Class WED APR 28

  1. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Definition Essay (Any way to improve?)

    Definition Rewrite – carsonwentz1186

    Research Proposal Argument (Order of Paragraphs)

    Research Position Paper – carsonwentz1186


  2. thecommoncase says:

    I haven’t asked for feedback on my annotated bibliography yet, do I have to change the “how I will use it” to “how I used it?”

    Annotated Bibliography- Thecommoncase


  3. thecommoncase says:

    How do I make links shorter?


  4. johnwick66 says:

    Would u mind looking over my rebuttal?

    Rebuttal rewrite- JohnWick66


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