Visual Rewrite – gooferious

0:00-0:01: As the commercial begins, we see a hand writing on a piece of paper that seems to be on top on a notebook. The paper looks to contain fractions, so we can make the assumption that this assignment is related to math. The hand is seen holding a pencil and making marks on the paper. A hair tie is on the wrist of the girl. We can assume the person attached to the hand is a girl because, strands of long hair are also present in this initial shot. The brightness of the image conveys that the girl is working under a bright light most likely at her kitchen table and since this light is on it’s safe to assume that it is nighttime. The other surroundings that help further prove this girl is a student include: a nearby folder and what seems a math workbook in the upper side of the frame.

0:02-0:04: The camera then shifts to showing us the student herself. The girl has on a ring and her somewhat long hair appears. The girl is also seen wearing a watch that appears to tell the time of either 8 or 9pm. At first glance, she seems bored. The work she is trying to complete appears to not interest her and to take a step further it seems she appears frustrated. In the same frame, the girl pushes her hair back in a way that conveys stress. We can assume that the work that is being done is either stressful and/or difficult. Her facial expressions give us the assumption that she would rather be doing anything right now then the work in front of her.

0:05-0:08: The very next shot of this commercial shows a man wearing glasses with his hand on his head while seated next to the girl working on the math problems. The man appears to be struggling as well as when he lifts his head up, he brings his attention back onto the girl as he was previously looking down at either the table or the math book. This inferences that the man is trying to help the girl with her homework. The duo are seated at a table in what appears to be a dining room as we can see a mug and a sandwich on a plate on the table, a lamp, curtains, set of windows and a small portion of a portrait. It’s indeed nighttime because outside of the windows nighttime is clearly visible.

0:09-0:15: The man suddenly looks up at the girl and then quickly turns to his phone that reveals he is using a calculator. We see a shot of the phone and the man is calculating the equations that the girl is trying to do. We can make the inference that the man does not know what he is doing and is simply trying to help the girl in anyway he can. As the image then goes back to the man, he is seen not even looking at the phone rather at the girl. It then appears the man is pointing something out in the book.

0:16-0:24: The girl then suddenly notices the man is on his phone and looks up at him. The man then quickly throws his phone back on the table and puts his hand on his chin as to appear that he was not on it. The girl quickly then crosses her arms and gives him a slight smirk, from that we can assume that the girl was in a way judging or mocking the man for using his calculator. The man tries to play it off by appearing shocked she looked in his direction. Simultaneously during the interaction, text appears on the screen reading: “If you love them enough to re-learn math so you can teach them math, then surely you’ll check”. As the video comes to an end we have learned that the man and girl are most likely father and daughter and that the video was trying to get the message across about checking children’s car seats. At first we do not understand the comparison but after seeing the video multiple times we can draw the conclusion that they are trying to convey if you care enough to try to reteach yourself something so you can then teach that to your child, then surely you care enough to see if they are buckled in when they are in a moving vehicle.

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1 Response to Visual Rewrite – gooferious

  1. davidbdale says:

    Better than your first draft, Gooferious. 🙂
    Fails For Grammar for Rule 7. (You might want to doublecheck the other Rules too.)

    Did you not think it odd that a girl of her apparent age would struggle with 2/5 + 1/3 = ?
    Did you notice that dad is looking at 2÷5 + 1÷3 on his phone?

    Regarding having to watch the video several times to get the point, does that mean the author failed? A thorough Rhetorical analysis would have to include an assessment of how well the author succeeded in accomplishing her objective.


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