17 Class MON MAR 22

Class Activities planned for TUE OCT 27

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  1. oaktree1234 says:

    10/27 Notes
    Robust Verbs:
    Don’t use extra words, your reader will become uninterested
    phrases to NOT use: There is/There are, it is obvious that, it is disputed that, to be
    the better your paragraph is the less repetition you will have
    -do the same sentence revision to one of your own short arguments- doesn’t need to be posted

    Not because:
    Sentences that follow a negative verb with because create confusion for readers
    “I don’t love you because you’re beautiful” -confusing, do you love me or not?
    “I love you but not because you’re beautiful” -okay
    “I love you for your beauty and generous heart” -best

    Take home task: 9 revisions
    *no new portfolio assignments, rebuttal due tuesday*


  2. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/27 Notes:
    – There is, there are, and it is are all terrible ways to start a sentence. When you wanna say something, don’t dance around it by using filler words. It’s wasting sentences. It’s better to make a good argument in fewer words than a bad argument in more words.
    – Take home assignment in the Not Because tab You are revising all the sentences written in past student essays. There are 10 sentences.
    – Also read the Revisions-Mechanical Tab and we will start with the Counterintuitive Predictions tab next class.


  3. runnerd4 says:

    Robust subjects and verbs:
    common phrases in your work that you don’t even know are there bc they blend in.
    (there is, there are, it is) these words just waste the reader’s time and tires them out. they add nothing to your writing. when you see them at the beginning of your sentence and ask why and replace it with a good subject and robust verb.
    Half dead paragraph. instead of continuing to unnecessarily explain it, expand on it with examples/ anecdotes.
    try to eliminate the similar openings in sentences like the, this, there

    take-home exercise: copy the not because statements and revise them and do about an hour of robust verbs revision

    Coats was fired for violating a workplace policy, that prohibited marijuana use, even with a prescription with a legitimate reason.


  4. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    Notes 10/27:

    It’s very important to pay attention to your wording. If your paragraphs are too wordy then readers will lose interest or worse, lose your point. The Vancouver exercise (Robust Verbs) is an exercise that covers this issue.


  5. cardinal7218 says:

    -edit writing to take out unnecessary words. They lose your reader
    -Take out there is/it is/there are, they’re weak phrases
    -Identify the subject and choose a strong, active verb to convey your idea
    -“the fact that” “the problem is” “by ____ing” etc are clutter
    -Make sure pronouns have clear antecedents


  6. gooferious says:

    10/27/2020 Notes:
    – Independent clauses can be their own sentence
    – Dependent clauses are attached to independent clauses
    – The addition of a transition word can turn a independent sentence into a dependent sentence
    – Try to avoid beginning sentences with: “there is”, “there are”, “it is”
    – When writing steer clear of asking rhetorical questions as they can create argument against yourself
    (Accidentally left the meeting, could not get back in 😦 )


  7. l8tersk8ter says:

    Revisions – Mechanical
    – An independent clause becomes a subordinate when you add a transition word
    – The independent clause is the maximized point (in blue font)
    – The dependent clause has a minimized focus, just sets up for the claim you really want to make (in red font)
    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    – Words can be toxins, too much of common phrases kills good phrases (there is, there are, it is, etc. should search writings and eliminate them)


  8. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes:10/27
    Take out unnecessary words.
    Take out there is/it is/there are—-Not strong phrases
    Transition words can make independent into dependent clause
    Sentence revisions to get straight to the point
    Revise my own arguments, some are to lengthy and beat around the bush
    Rebuttal due Tuesday!!!!!


  9. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    – Robust Subjects and Verbs –
    – Stay away from using the word “There are/ They” and “It/them”
    – Use the word to describe the subject
    – Get rid of clutter word, they are unnecessary
    – Each sentence should be an arguement
    – The Vancouver exercise helps us to realize you do not need clutter words


  10. dayzur says:


    -Independant clauses emphasize claims
    -Dependant clause dependant because it starts with a transition word that needs to be attached to an independant clause
    -Common phrases can kill good prose
    -“is” is the weakest verb
    -attempt to eliminate “There is”, “There are” or “it is”


  11. corinnebuck1219 says:

    •revisions mechanical-
    -independent clause emphasize claims
    -dependent clause minimize claim
    -one is support, one is support or contradicts
    -vancuvor- giving heroine addicts heroine to reduce crime rate (doesn’t help addiction)
    •robust subjects & verbs-
    -is, has, makes, does- worst verbs


  12. sunshine2818 says:

    Independent verses dependent clauses
    – Dependent is dependent on the independent
    – Independent is a stand alone sentence
    – Indep. Can emphasize claims
    – Dep. can minimze objections
    Robust in class exercise
    – Eliminate there is there are and it is
    – Eliminate the problem is
    – Eliminate due to the fact that


  13. rowanstudent says:

    Clauses and robes subjects and verbs
    too much toxic language and repetition will kill the readers attention span
    half dead paragraph of rich patients
    Vagueness and ambiguities must go
    breakout groups


  14. 612119d says:

    Class notes
    Robust Subjects and Verbs
    Independent verses dependent
    dependent cant stand alone vs independent can stand alone
    breakout groups
    I worked alone- in class


  15. shadowswife says:


    Robust Subjects and Verbs:
    – There are common words and phrases that go in your writing that bore the reader.
    – They add nothing to the sentence we are writing.
    – Saying something exists is not much of a claim.
    – Commonly used at the beginning of a sentence:
    * There is
    * There are
    * It is
    – When you see these common phrases and words at the beginning of your sentences, ask yourself why they’re there, what’s your actual subject, and what can it do.
    – What robust verb can you use to make the sentence more interesting?
    – Make the actual subject of your thought the subject of your sentence is an improvement.
    – You shouldn’t be repetitive with the same claim or subject.
    – Clearly state your claim and/or subject.
    – Remedial Steps:
    * Eliminate repetitive material
    * Eliminate trash language:
    + There is / There are
    + It is / They are
    + because of the fact that/due to the fact that
    + The problem with this situation is . . . .
    + Fix flawed “By verbing . . .” sentences
    + Eliminate needless “types of,” “kinds of,” “sort of” language
    + Repair pronouns that have unclear antecedents


  16. hailthegreat8 says:

    – Verbs and the Robust Subjects
    – you have to stay away from using these words. It/them and there are/ They
    – Use words to talk about the subject you want
    – Don’t use words that are unnecessary G
    – Each sentence you write should be an argument
    – The Vancouver exercise you going over should be able to help with cluttered words.


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