17 Class WED MAR 27

Class Activities planned for WED MAR 27

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  1. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – COUNTERINTUITIVE PREDICTIONS: Is the claim true or mot true?
    – claim can be logical and true or logical and not true
    – decide if they have a right or wrong (moral or immoral) point of view
    -you can say “likely” instead of true or “unlikely” instead of untrue
    – Example: is it true?, likely?, good? OR untrue? unlikely? bad?
    – ROBUST SUBJECTS AND VERBS: make sentences better by getting rid of junk language
    – “there is”, “there are”= boring
    – “there” only establishes something exists
    – MECHANICAL REVISION: put primary point in independent clause
    – independent clauses emphasize claim
    – dependent clauses minimize objections

  2. daphneblake25 says:

    -the weakest sentence you can write is one that starts with “there is”.
    -need to do more than just state something exists
    -if using the word ‘BY’ to start a sentence, need to state who is performing the task
    -using a negative and a positive verb together confuses the reader
    -starting a sentence with a specific claim such as “people don’t get fired” is hard to rephrase later on with another sentence saying that “people do get fired.”
    -positive verbs and primary points go with independent clauses
    -independent clause can stand on its own as a sentence

  3. nina525 says:

    Purging toxic elements
    Usually when a sentence begins with ” there is, there are, and this is” Usually defines something or tells that something is
    Before you read and article, take in account predictions before reading
    Declare if prediction era true or false, right or wrong, or reasonable and unreasonable
    Revise sentences so that the strongest subject completes the most robust action
    a negative verb followed by the word because
    Ex: I don’t love you because you’re beautiful: I love you, but not because you’re beautiful.
    An independent clause of a sentence can stand on its own a a sentence
    Look back on your previous post to find any negative verbs and create clauses

  4. rowanstudent2 says:

    Class Activities

    Robust Subject and Verbs
    – purge toxic elements
    – common phrases can kill good prose
    – “is” is the weakest verb
    – revise your sentence so that your strongest subject completes the most robust action
    – eliminate “is constructions”
    – copy and paste paragraph and revise it

    Not Because
    – sentences that follow a negative verb with because create confusion for readers
    – always lead sentences with the positive

    – independent clauses emphasize claims
    – dependent clauses minimize objections

    Counterintuitive Predictions
    – true or false
    – reasonable or unreasonable
    – ethical or unethical

    Advertising Failure
    – counterintuitivity in medicine

  5. doorknob9 says:

    Pure Toxic Elements
    Never start a sentence with “by” and get rid of “it is” “there is” and “there are”
    Sentences that begin with “because” confuses the reader
    The word “there” is only telling us that something exists
    Get rid of all that junk language in my essays
    Counterintuitive Predictions
    The most straightforward claims are the best types of claims

  6. yourfavoriteanon says:

    – We need to start thinking about writing better sentences for paragraphs rather than bunch of alright sentences for a good pragraph
    – Dr. Adcock created a chart of outcomes of his colleagues
    – To create better sentences, get rid of junk words
    – Get rid of ‘there is’ and ‘it is’

  7. chavanillo says:

    Have to do “not because” and due the Blind summary

  8. mysterylimbo says:

    Determine True/Reasonable/Wrong, avoid using there are, it is, and there is.
    1) True/Reasonable/wrong
    2) False/Unreasonable/right
    3) False/Unreasonable/wrong
    4) True/Reasonable/Right
    5) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    6) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    7) False/Unreasonable/Right
    8) True/Reasonable/Right
    9) True/Reasonable/Right
    10) False/Reasonable/Right
    11) True/Unreasonable/Right
    12) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    13) False/Reasonable/Wrong
    14) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    15) False/Reasonable/Right
    16) False/Reasonable/Wrong
    17) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    18) False/Reasonable/Wrong
    19) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    20) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    21) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    22) True/Reasonable/Wrong
    23) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    24) True/Unreasonable/Right
    25) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    26) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    27) True/Reasonable/Right
    28) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    29) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    30) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    31) True/Reasonable/Right
    32) False/Reasonable/Right
    33) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    34) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    35) False/Unreasonable/Right
    36) True/Unreasonable/Right
    37) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    38) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    39) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    40) True/Unreasonable/Wrong
    41) False/Reasonable/Wrong
    42) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    43) True/Reasonable/Wrong
    44) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    45) False/Reasonable/Right
    46) False/Unreasonable/Wrong
    47) True/Reasonable/Right
    48) True/Reasonable/Right
    49) True/Unreasonable/Right
    50) True/Unreasonable/Wrong

    Mammograms screening should be taken more seriously. The success below 80% causes women to not trust the pracitice of doctors which makes it harder to detect cancer. If we focus our assets to cancer resarch the problem could begin to minimize. Although cancer screenings could never be perfect starting with simple pracitice is the first step. Doctors need to follow up more and the doctor patient relationship needs to be more than money.

  9. pomegranate4800 says:

    – Counterintuitive predictions make us question if the claim is or is not true?
    – the claim could either be logical and true or logical and not true
    – you decide if they have a right or wrong pov or a moral or immoral pov
    – It is better if you can say “likely” instead of true or “unlikely” instead of untrue
    – Robust subjects and verbs: make sentences better by getting rid of filler words or bad language
    – When you say “there is” or “there are” it is actually kind of boring.
    – The word, “there” only establishes something exists
    – Mechanical revision puts primary points in independent clauses
    –The independent clauses emphasize a claim
    –The dependent clauses minimize objections

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