17 Class MON MAR 22


Riddle of Two Graves


By the End of the Day

  1. Start a post titled “Causal—Username.” and another titled “Causal Rewrite—Username.”
  2. If you’re ready to start an actual Causal Argument, use this class time to begin the actual process in the “Causal—Username” post.
  3. If you’re not ready to start writing for real, address your Professor in the first sentence, “I could use some help getting started, Professor.” Something like that.
  4. “Here’s what I have so far,” you might continue, “Since I’m researching the connection between actual crime and crime statistics, I think the cause-and-effect relationship is crucial to my thesis. We THINK that when more crime is committed, the CRIME RATE will reflect that in higher numbers. But actually, it’s the NUMBER OF CRIMES REPORTED AND LAWS ENFORCED that count in
  5. the statistics. So . . . “
  6. And before you know it, you’ll be writing your causal argument.
  7. Put the post into the Feedback Please category and the Causal Argument category, and publish it by the end of the day.
  8. Tell me specifically what kind of Feedback you want.

Portfolio Task

  • DUE Portfolio Task Causal Argument
    • DUE MON MAR 29 (11:59pm SUN MAR 28)

24 Responses to 17 Class MON MAR 22

  1. johnwick66 says:

    Two of three of the short arguments will go into the portfolio with drafts included. However the one not in the portfolio will be graded as an non portfolio assignment so you will still want to work on it to improve it.
    Types of causal arguments:
    Single cause with single effect: For ex “I posted on Facebook and it costed me my job”
    It may sound wrong or illegal but that is irrelevant to the causal argument.

    Single cause with several effects(x causes y and z): ” We are the causalities of the war on drugs”
    Anything that is forbidden will be enterprise by the criminal underworld. Criminals aren’t always scrupulous about the quality of their contraband they deliver and that their product often harms or kills. One cause leads to several problems.

    Several causes for a single effect: “There’s no one explanation for gangs”
    You could say gangs are more prevalent in public housing projects than in the suburbs, you could say that a large majority of kids joining gangs are ones without a present positive male role model.
    Several causes can all end up to the same point. Don’t describe what happens after the effect but rather the causes that lead the person to reach that effect.

    Casual Chain(X causes Y, which causes Z)ex “Failure to prosecute rape causes rape”
    Its like a rolling ball, with one cause leading to another, and another, and another.

    Causation Fallacy: (X does not cause Y)ex” Violent games are not the missing link”
    The premise of this causation fallacy argument is nobody has yet to prove a causal link between a steady diet of violent video games and actual physical violence in the lives of the gamers.

    Work due today: make 5 brief causal arguments derived from my own research.


  2. person345 says:

    Two of Three short arguments will go into your portfolio. The third one will go into the non- portfolio category. Causal Arguments. Help can be requested to start a Causal argument by creating a post titled: Casual-Username and ask for help. Single cause for a single effect (X causes Y). Example: “I posted something on Facebook and I lost my job”. One cause caused a single effect. A single cause can also result in several effects. Several Causes can result in a single effect. Teens are more likely to be in gangs because they live in a big city and they have family issues. A Causation Fallacy is when a cause does not cause an effect. For example, violent video games do not cause violent behavior. Violent behavior is caused by something else entirely. Causal Argument due: before class MON 3/29 (SUN 3/28 @ 11:59 PM).


  3. honeysucklelilac says:

    Finish safer saws and open strong assignment tonight
    Also rewrite of visual rhetoric and definition rewrite
    -people of two different faiths, buried in different graveyards but still connected
    -2 of 3 of your short arguments will go into your portfolio grade, one will be moved into the non-portfolio
    -Types of Causal Arguments
    –ask your professor which type of casual argument would work best for you
    –single cause with a single effect (x causes y)
    —car that runs down the hill in San Francisco , gravity causes the car to end up in the bay
    —make sure ethics and morality stay OUT of your casual argument
    –single cause with several effects (x causes y and z)
    — example: war on drugs
    — it has been counterproductive, caused increased drug use and drug-related death
    —what needs to be proved is that the gov’t interference in drug production and distribution creates crime, interrupts quality control, causes disease, and kills users, traffickers, and innocent bystanders of drug trade
    —irrelevant to mention that one thing causes other things, stick to the actual consequences of x
    –several causes for a single effect (both x and y cause z)
    — example: there’s no one explanation for gangs
    —the premise is used to refute “common knowledge” that a single cause can be blamed for an effect
    — if you choose a topic about which everybody “knows” the cause and effect, YOUR causal essay will dispute the notion that there is in fact a single cause
    — a causal chain (x causes y, which causes z)
    —example: collegiate swimmers are more stressed by their position on the team and their times which causes anxiety which is a cause of their depression
    –causation fallacy (x does not cause y)
    —violent games are not the missing link
    —the premise is nobody has yet proved a causal link between a steady diet of violent video games and actual physical violence in the lives of the gamers
    —the argument to prove is that those who play “violent” video games are no more aggressive than those who play other games
    —you only need to discredit the logic, the methods, or the premises of your opponents who think they have proved causation
    —maybe the kids were violent first and attracted to the games as a result of their taste of aggression
    Respond to comments made on your Definition Rewrite
    Causal Argument due MONDAY 3/29
    Finish your comment on editing for logic


  4. justheretopass says:

    2 of the 3 short argument essays we do won’t be in our portfolio.
    We are allowed to drop one and it will go into the non portfolio category
    Causal Arguments
    Single cause with a single effect (X causes Y)
    “I’m on a sports team and it causes me anxiety”
    Cause and effect arguments
    Single causes with several effects (X causes Y and Z)
    “I’m on a sports team and it causes me anxiety and sleep deprivation”
    Looking at the many ways a cause can make an effect
    Causation Fallacy (X doesn’t cause Y)
    Like violent video games are the cause of violence in the real world.


    • davidbdale says:

      Not true: 2 of the 3 short argument essays we do won’t be in our portfolio.
      (In fact, 2 of the 3 DO go into your portfolio)

      True: We are allowed to drop one and it will go into the non portfolio category



  5. -Only two of the argument papers goes into the portfolio.
    -A cause with a single effect is “X causes Y”
    -follow the path of causation where it leads, and restrict your remarks to the actual consequences of “X”
    -There can be a lot of possible causes for the same effect, such as for someone joining a gang
    -A combination of causes could lead to a single effect.
    -The causal argument is due on March 29th.
    -Causation is so complicated because almost all activities fall into a web of interconnected activities that could play into the process.
    -Causal chains can be formed inaccurately and disbanded inaccurately


  6. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Two of three short arguments will go into final portfolio, the third will go into non portfolio category
    There are different types of causal arguments (5 to be exact)
    Some causes have many effects
    One simple cause can have a multitude of effects
    Critique Exercise
    Causal arguments can sound wrong or illegal; it has no effect on the overall argument
    My first causal argument idea: Single players taking up most of their team’s salary cap does not give the team the best chance of winning championships and building a good roster to do it.
    Chain argument to me seems most appealing
    Causal Argument: DUE MONDAY MAR 29
    (I accidentally deleted my original notes by backing out of the tab, whoops)


    • davidbdale says:

      “There are different types of causal arguments (5 to be exact)”
      —There are undoubtedly more types. I’m describing only 5.
      THESE LOOK THE SAME: “1. Some causes have many effects
      2. One simple cause can have a multitude of effects”
      —I think you must have meant for one of them to be: Several causes together may have a single effect.


  7. imgoingswimming says:

    In our warmup, we looked at the connected grave markers. The grave markers belonged to a married couple that was of different religion and had to be separated.
    Our causal argument is part of our portfolio possibly. These are causes and effects articles, x causes y. There are usually multiple causes for a single effect and sometimes multiple effects from single causes. What we want to focus on is however many causes lead to a single effect.
    We can look at different causes and effect possibilities such as (x cause y), (x causes y and z). An example with my topic is that (X causes Y causing Z) which is changing to electric vehicles, causing increased nonrenewable energy usage, which in turn causes pollution. We have to start or ask for help on the causal argument by the end of the day. This causal argument is due Sunday night.


  8. christianity19 says:


    • The reason they have two stones next to each other is because they could have been a married couple.
    • Two of your arguments will go with your original draft into your own portfolio in the blog
    • Single Cause with a Single Effect (X causes Y). The incline causes the car to run down the hill and gravity causes my car to end up in the bay.
    • Single Cause with Serval Effects (X causes Y and Z). A single cause can have multiple effects from one simple situation.
    • Lead the path of causation where it leads and find a solution to the argument that you are investigating
    • Several Causes for a Single Effect (Both X and Y Cause Z). A kid without a guiding father could end up in gangs.
    • Causation Fallacy (X does not cause Y). Violent video games cause a casual argument that is thrilling.
    • Casual Argument due one week from today and also must do the Causal Rewrite
    • Did a few in class exercises in the class today about cause and effect arguments on our topics and commented on the 9/11 attacks.
    • If you want your sentence to create a claim you would add rightly or wrongly depending on the causal argument.


  9. thecommoncase says:

    -there are different types of causal arguments
    -if you want help with your casual argument, talk to the professor
    – one thing causes another thing to be effected by it (X causes Y argument)
    -a single cause could cause multiple effects (X causes Y & Z)
    -the argument should strictly be about whether something causes something else
    -it doesn’t help your argument when you mention a bunch of other factors that can cause something
    -follow a straight line in your causal argument
    -our opinion is not part of the causal argument
    -think about actions, consequences, and results
    -phrasing/naming is very important
    -something can LOOK like it was caused by something else even though there is more to it so be careful
    -if it feels like you’ve left something out in your argument, you should use a different type of causal argument
    -you can also make an argument about how something DOES NOT cause something else (this is in despite of a popular belief usually)
    -you can look at an example of the causal argument that the professor has given feedback on
    -start a causal post and talk with the professor


  10. icedcoffeeislife says:

    With the riddle, we looked at a photo of a grave that was separated by a wall. They were connected at the top of the headstone across the wall. This was probably down based on religious belief.
    Two of three of your short arguments will go into your portfolio, where the third one will go in the non-profile category.
    Types of Causal Argument
    Single Cause with a single effect (x causes y):
    Remember when we talked about the car in San Francisco turning on your wheel to the curb on a hill, The temptation is finding a signal cause for a single effect.
    You would say gravity was the cause for why the car ended up in the Bay
    Single cause and the single effect are rare but we make them anyway.
    You could also spend time on how social groups spent time on social interactions on Facebook
    The causing argument is just on is something happens or not
    Single cause with several effects:
    A single cause of x can have multiple y and z effects from the outcome of the cause
    It doesn’t help to make a claim that other thing help cause other things
    Follow the path of causation and restrict your remarks to the clause of X.
    Several causes for a single effect( both X and Y cause Z):
    The lack of a father can lead a child to gown a gang. This is an example of several causes for a single effect.
    We did new exercises to come up with 5 different causal arguments from what we went over in the lecture.
    We looked at an example of what our causal argument should look like for this assignment.


    • davidbdale says:

      You must have mis-spoken here. This is an example of a single cause having a single effect: “The lack of a father can lead a child to gown a gang. This is an example of several causes for a single effect.”


  11. kobebryant32 says:

    Causal Arguments
    Talk to the professor about help
    Opinions don’t matter in causal argument
    Look at examples of causal arguments
    Causal arguments due the 29th of March
    There are different types of causal arguments
    Lead the path of causation
    Several causes for a single effect
    Talked briefly about how 9/11 made racism worse
    Violent games could lead to aggression
    Kids could’ve already been like this prior to the gaming
    “Sports can cause anxiety”
    Causal chains
    One thing leads to another if not dealt with properly
    Certain crimes fit certain punishments


  12. rowanrat says:

    -Have our causal argument due, second large writing piece
    -Ask for feedback, you will get more comments than if you don’t request
    -There are different types of casual arguments
    -One type is single cause and single effect(x causes y)
    -The temptation is to always find a single effect for a single cause but that’s not always the case
    -Personal or public beliefs such as first amendment rights is irrelevant to causal arguments
    -A single x can have many ys
    -Follow the path of causation where it leads and make sure that you restrict your remarks to that actual consequences of x
    -Keeping yourself confined to what actually are the causes and the consequences and their results is the general purpose
    -Be careful about how you describe the terms
    -Recognize both the opportunities and limitations
    -Examine the evidence with a counter argument
    -Find ways to undermine the evidence
    -Make five brief causal arguments
    -Keep the conversation going on the posts
    -Could think something is causation when it really is just correlation


  13. mrmba1 says:

    2/3 papers will go into portfolio, worst can go into non-portfolio grade

    Still graded, not as impactful
    Types of Causal Arguments:
    Single Cause (X causes Y)
    Car rolls down hill (X), gravity pulled it down (Y)
    One backroad, from point A to point B

    Single Cause with Several Effects (X causes Y and Z)

    Effect of drinking picture at different jobs- different outcomes, same cause
    Same highway, multiple exits

    Several Causes for a Single Effect (Both X and Y causes Z)

    Gangs – several causes lead to the formation of gangs
    Multiple roads to the same destination
    Be careful with description, MAIN effects

    A Causal Chain (X causes Y, which causes Z)

    Failure to prosecute rape causes rape
    Poor academics causes stress which causes poor athletic performance which causes more stress etc.

    Causal Fallacy (X does not cause Y)

    Violent Games are Not the Missing Link
    Leaving the driveway doesn’t inherently cause you to cross a bridge

    Types of causation Statements

    Immediate Cause
    Remote Cause – Lingering effects of divorced parents on a child
    Precipitation Cause – Sudden change leading to an effect; brake failure rather than gravity
    Contributing Cause

    I just realized I didn’t post the notes from this class.


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