Visual Rhetoric-JeffBezos

In the first 5 seconds of this commercial, you see a young man running around playing soccer. You see him sweating alot and breathing heavly, indicating that he is most likey tired from playing. I see that the lights are on this meaning that it is night time. Then when you at the players, you see that they are wearing diffrient colors meaning that they play on the opposite teams.

In the 5-10 seconds you hear a voice in the backround that says “when playing football(Soccer) you run about 120 pitches(field lengths) in an hour”. This tells us how tiring and physically hard this sport is. You see a man squirting a bottle of gaterade in his mouth. This seeming to refesh him to be able to go back on the feild and run. The pace of the commercial is fast, in my opinion i think that this shows how quick and intense this game actually is.

In the next 5 seconds you hear the guy state again how you use all these muscles to play this sport. You increase your adrenaline nearly 3 times while playing the game. This again tells us how physically demanding it is to play this sport. You see these boys still running up and down this feild sweating and making moves on each other. These images fashing across the screen are going fast, this confirming to me that this is a very fast game with alot of movements.

In the following 5 seconds you get told how your heart rate is rising to almost 180 beats a minuite. During this time you see a close up of someones face with him drenched in sweat. He looks like he is very focused on the game that is being played. This is all showing me how hard these athletes push themselves to play this game.

In the next part you hear them tell you how you lose three leters of sweat just to score one goal. Then you see a boy hit the top right corner and scoring. This showing the elite level that these guys are playing at. When the guy hits the ball with his head, again you see the sweat go everywhere. This looks like the guys are completely exahusted. They seem to be working very hard.

In the last 5 seconds of the viedo you hear the same man say this is not just a game, gatorade works. Then the camera zooms in on a man drinking this and the lights shut out. During this the camera turns black and you see just gatorade. This tells me as the viewer that after a game you need to drink it. This makes you play at a higher level and is very health for your body.

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