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No More Excuses

We must stop believing that making something “Free” is the best way to solve things. We shouldn’t have a limit on something that is going to benefit us for a lifetime. Students should focus more on the learning aspect than the money aspect. Teachers are putting students in the right direction to become successful, but students are more focused on the aftermath. Students are put into the top of the line dorms, introduced to groups that are focused on them, put in small size classes for easier learning, and have a bunch of people that have their back throughout the 4 years. Things like this will cost a bunch, but not too much where your pockets are empty for the rest of your life. Many people believe that tuition is high when looking at schools out of state. Some state schools give less financial aid to out-of-state students, which is why things can get a little expensive. Farran Powell in “Explore the Top Public National Universities,” claims that “Public colleges and universities often do not give enough financial aid to out-of-state students to make it an affordable option.” The problem is the student aid, not the tuition, so the claim is false.

The HEATH Resource Center at the National Youth Transitions Center claims that “The average tuition for an in-state student at a four-year public school for an undergraduate student was $6,752. The average tuition for an out-of-state student at a four-year public school for an undergraduate student was $15,742.” Going to a four-year college in-state should be your first option before you look out-of-state. This is a problem, but you can’t sit around and become used by the system. Stop making the mistake of going out of state to make your dreams come true. That out-of-state school will give you the same information that an in-state school would.

When dealing with paying for college education, you should know how to get free money. In reality, a lot of students don’t understand how to qualify for more money. Students can find free money in Scholarships, Grants, Volunteer organizations, Athletics, Churches, etc. Christy Rakoczy in “Experts Reveal 19 Best Places to Find Free Money for College,” claims that “Plenty of students find scholarships and grants. In fact, college students received a total of $125.4 billion in grant money during the 2016-17 academic year.” As a student, you determine how you want to live your four years of college. You can either be stressed out or stress-free. We have a lot of organizations out there that understand that a lot of people need help when expanding their education.

The claim that we haven’t made a step towards helping out students is false. The real issue is the students being too lazy and not wanting help. Most of the time students are turning down free money because they don’t feel like typing a 500-word essay. Yes, they have some scammers out there on online sites, but you can ask your guidance counselor about legit ones. You can also work for school while attending. This will help pay off some of the debt or eliminate some of the fees you are paying for. Becoming an RA may help you in the long run. When you become an RA, you are rewarded free room and board. Students must take advantage of the opportunities that are out there or they will suffer. Lowering tuition will be a process that will take a lot of years, so, for now, students must look into things that will help them pay for college. Christy Rakoczy in “Experts Reveal 19 Best Places to Find Free Money for College,” claims that “most students who start in their junior year of high school should be able to get at least some free money — usually around $300 to $5,000 — if they exhaust their options for free funding. The key is to get going and keep trying to apply until you hit the jackpot.”

Stop thinking community colleges aren’t good for your education. Going to a community college for 2 years will help reduce the cost of college education. 2-year colleges have some drawbacks, but that’s everything in life. Heather Levin in “Benefits of Attending Community College for 2 Years to Save Money,” claims that “Community colleges typically charge $45 to $250 per credit hour, depending on where you go and your residency status. So, if your local community college charges $125 per credit hour, each class will cost you $375, which means you’re saving up to $1,425 per class.” Community colleges will also help you improve your transcript. Improving your transcript can give you the chase to attend that dream school of yours without worry about the money. You still have high-quality professors while attending a community college, so why not start there? You may lose some of your credits when it’s time to travel, which is why you should look into universities that some two-year schools have agreements with. Don’t let this opportunity slip away because you will never be able to get something better than this. 45$-$250 for a class is something that you cannot beat.

We often look for sympathy when looking for the change, instead of finding another path. Don’t complain about not having fun in school when you’re the reason for not having fun. Students are too worried about getting away from parents and going buck wild. This is why you see a lot of people bashing community colleges. They just want that experience of craziness. Tuition is a problem, but it doesn’t have to be a problem for students. In other words, it’s your choice if you want to suffer from student debt. Community colleges, in-state schools, and scholarships all help students lower the cost of tuition. “Free” will not be the answer to this problem. People would just go to college for the parties if a college education was free. We need to remember that staff needs money too and if the school isn’t being funding how can they pay them for their efforts.


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