Visual Rhetoric–G90

0:01 we see a girl building a contraption. Will it work? She puts it together very quickly like she’s done this before and this is just another improvement to a previously made invention.

0:03 We see her at the top of a ramp. She looks determined, ready for her journey in this handmade cart. This cart has a lot of separate pieces of multi colored wood. The wheels of a bicycle. How many tests has she done?

0:06 We see her parents. The father looks like he works in an office and is already working on his laptop. The mother is in a very floral dress with a blue sweater. She is writing a check. Does she take care of the financials in the family? Their daughter in the background is mid-air flying in this cart.

0:10 We see her go through a portal to a carnival land. There are talking animals and it seems to be middle ages themed from the look of the castles. She is be-wondered and flabbergasted at this land. The talking animal is a porcupine holding a cup of coffee.

0:14 We see text on the screen that says STEM and from this we can assume that this an ad promoting STEM. It cuts to the daughter pulling a contraption together with rope.

0:20 We see her face has oil marks from her creating contraptions. She flies into balloons and talks to a bear.

0:30 We see the group of animals and her in a cart heading for a jump as if she was trying to get back home to her family. She does and some text pops up that says @shecanstem this proves that this is a promotion for STEM among women.

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