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Online learning has taken the world by storm. Since the pandemic hit, it has been harder for most people to go to school and feel safe in school. Corona Virus has been viewed as one of the deadliest viruses to touch earth and since then, schooling has been online. Online school has its ups and downs , but being optimistic and upbeat is what gets you through tough times. People often say that online school is much easier because you can cheat and what not, and some people say that it is harder because some people need to be in school. Regardless of the opinions, online school is a thing and people need to realize that it is happening.

Online school has its pros and cons. One of the pros being that you are in the comfort of your own home , receiving high quality education from decorated professors. Your knowledge will progress and there’s no way that your knowledge stays stagnant unless of course you allow it to be. Being at home makes you feel less stressed and much more at ease. Opposed to being in school when you have to wake up much earlier and end up staying in school for a long time. A lot of people work better when they are at home. Comfort can be a double edged sword, it can either work for you or against you. Another pro is that Online schooling provides asynchronous learning. Meaning that you can take class at your own pace. So let’s say for instance you are having a not so fabulous day. You can hold off on class for that day and pick up on it the next day. Universities and high schools also provide recorded lectures as well so you can always catch up on what was lost. In regular school if you missed a day, you had to copy some subpar notes from your buddy that barely pays attention in class. Online school also allows you to log on to class no matter where you are at. 

Online school also has its cons. Online school is said to lack the “real learning experience”, i’m talking, chalkboard and textbooks. It isn’t the same because kids aren’t required to keep their cameras on so they are most likely just laying down in bed while logged into class. Which isn’t necessarily what you’d be doing if you were in class. I feel like online learning also kills your social skills because you are interacting much less than you normally would. Mainly because you are sitting behind your computer all day long and not necessarily talking that much. Online school has kids staying up all night as well, I feel as though the workload increases mainly because we are not in school. It’s kind of a way to try to compensate for the fact that we are in the comfort of our own homes.

Nothing will ever be able to replace regular school because there is nothing that can replicate a classroom. Although online classes have proven to help people get smarter and much more versatile. The learning style is very different. Some people are better in the classroom than others and vice versa. It all depends on your preference at the end of the day. Learning styles and presences differ depending on the person. Statistics show that kids are getting more stressed at home than they were in school, this is a result of someone who doesn’t agree with online learning. 

Being in school gives you a sense of urgency and responsibility. You aren’t as likely to procrastinate and you end up having a much better time when you have a consistent schedule. That is an important aspect of being in school, is the responsibility you have. It isn’t easy to always wake up early and go to school everyday but it pays off when you know that you are getting 100% of what is there. Online schooling is what will be going on for a very long time until this virus is under control. So it is better that we get use to it because I’ll most likely graduate with online school still being an option.


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  1. davidbdale says:

    As I told you in class, Kobe, I will be spending only about 15 minutes to provide feedback and grade your Definition Rewrite because you did not request Feedback Please.


  2. davidbdale says:

    Your Introduction fails to adopt any specific point of view, Kobe. Some people say this while other people say that is exactly the opposite of a provocative Persuasive Hypothesis.
    Paragraph 2.
    You’re still offering “pros and cons,” although here the offerings are mostly pro. I see no evidence of research of any kind here, which makes me wonder whether you’ve been putting off reading academic sources until you finish making your own observations.
    Paragraph 3.
    The key phrases here are “is said to,” and “I feel like,” and “I feel as though.” You haven’t yet begun to address anything beyond initial impressions of what might result from a year of online learning. Online universities have been around for years, Kobe, and by now there’s plenty of actual data about the results of swapping out in-class learning for at-home instruction. This is a research paper. Show your research.
    Paragraph 4.
    You’re trying to “have it both ways” here, Kobe. You acknowledge that the benefits of online learning depend on the personality and learning style of the student, but insist that nothing can ever replace the classroom. Better for some, worse for others. Most of the way through your essay, you’re still offering pros and cons.
    Paragraph 5.
    Instead of a conclusion, you spend most of this paragraph extolling the advantages of an in-person classroom.

    A glance at your References makes it pretty clear that you deliberately sought sources that would list advantages and disadvantages. You’ll have to do more than that, I’m afraid.

    Make a choice.
    Narrow that choice.
    Research the implications of the choice.
    Remain open to surprise.
    Share the unusual insights you have gained from exploring something unexpected.

    —Maybe there are students who absolutely thrive in the online world. Devote 1000 words to what makes remote learning perfect for them.
    —Maybe a particular type of student requires the classroom to focus her attention, or she requires the social aspect of mingling with other students, or only in the presence of instructors does she actually get the intimacy that her learning style requires. Ignore all other student types. Focus entirely on the benefits of HER being in the classroom. What will the effect of remote learning be on HER? How much can she mitigate the loss of her preferred instructional technique by attending live remote classes, keeping her camera on, taking frequent zoom conferences with her professors, increasing her contributions during class? You see where I’m going with this? SAY SOMETHING specific about a narrow case. Use research to support your claims.

    Your post can’t pass without informal citations from your References. Be sure to quote or credit your sources in the body of your text. That will be the quickest way to earn a passing grade.

    I have graded your draft at Canvas. The next step is for you to respond to this feedback, then make significant revisions to this post, and then request a regrade. If you desire more feedback, you’ll have to ask me specific questions.


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