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Definition/Categorical Argument


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  1. hazelnutlatte123 says:

    – Revising your work shows commitment to the process
    – not a bad thing
    – must give extensive detail when describing visual rhetorics
    – i.e: must say that it is animation in order to give reader a better sense of visualization
    – explain why animation?
    – every nanosecond is important in a 30 second clip
    – once characters and scenes are established, most of the rest of the seconds do not need AS MUCH explanation
    – spend time on visual rhetoric considering it will be on portfolio
    – must put categories so that assignment can be found, and not lost in tags that will not be looked
    – what is the opposite of a black sneaker?
    – not a white sneaker because it is still a sneaker
    – can’t be head gear because it is still clothing
    – no obvious opposite; come up with something new to change rule of game (sneaker… broccoli)
    – worst thing to do is start with gray: gray point of view vs gray point of view will only result in

    • hazelnutlatte123 says:

      …. result in more gray
      – definition/ categorical essay IS part of your portfolio
      – 1,000 word essay (3 of them towards your research topic)
      – MUST have something to do with research; DO NOT WASTE TIME ON ANOTHER
      – annotated bibliography: thoughtful summary of resources

  2. nousernamefound1 says:

    The Opposite of Black Sneaker

    The goal of the argument is to debate on the issue of black or white shoes. We need color but not grey. Grey satisfies no one, so we must find a colored outrageous shoe. According to the lecture, it claims that “we’re not obligated to compromise our positions to find something that contains components of both. We should instead be hoping that the tension between the two ends of the spectrum reveals something more interesting than either of the “sides.” The result of our premises will not be as certain as for when we try to start with the supposed opposite sides of an argument. NEVER SETTLE FOR THE COMMON.

    Definition/Categorical Argument
    EXAMPLE ONE- The Definition essay tends to ask the question “Does polio belong to the category of eradicable of eradicable diseases? The example shows a lot of good sources and greats way to site your work. Rather than copying and pasting the whole article, put it in your own words.
    EXAMPLE TWO- Remember that its an argument, It has real-world relevance, It often requires defining several terms. The three steps are the essential qualities of a good Definition Essay.

    Short argument due Mon Mar 11. Remember “A definition is an argument. Your definition essay will argue for a particular definition and establish the terms under which the rest of your proof will be conducted.” Look back at the practice essays to get a better understanding before your short argument. The task requires 1,000 words minimum. Stay on your game so you won’t fall behind for the final assignment at the end of the year.

  3. g903254 says:

    If it is animated then say so. It helps the reader create an image within their head. It might be strategic to have it animated so that the director has perfect control over the images on screen.

    The worst mistake we can make is to start with gray. It can only result in more gray. A gray paragraph is very vague and forces the reader to create meaning where there is none.
    Find a way to make an argument interesting. Sometimes an argument is a black shoe against broccoli.

  4. daphneblake25 says:

    -portfolio assignments all about revisions
    -submit assignments early, ask for feedback, and then revise to show commitment to the process
    -some things don’t have an opposite
    -the opposite of black isn’t white and the compromise isn’t gray, it has to be broccoli
    -causal argument and rewrite
    -definition argument and rewrite
    -rebuttal argument and rewrite
    -continue to fill white paper up with bibliographic information for final paper
    -Doesn’t have to all show up in your final paper
    -definition essay doesn’t have to begin with what you’re defining
    -shouldn’t be obvious such as “Webster’s dictionary states…”

  5. nina525 says:

    Visual rhetorics should have deep detailed descriptions
    Don’t use tags when posting assignments
    Use and add assignments to the categories as needed
    There is always a lot of detail to catch within the first second of the video
    Not all things have an opposite
    Gray on Gray writing; vague writing and throws less specific details and very broad information
    Color on Color
    1000 word definition essay: Polio research
    the eradication of smallpox is completely different from the intentions of eradicating polio
    Categorizing categorizing during an essay will make easy to prove claims
    Polio is a sneaky disease more as small pox is easily spotted
    Definition essay due March 11th
    Definition essays should define so vaguely what the topic is the minute the audience begins to read
    Slowly introduce the topic, include visuals

  6. doorknob9 says:

    First short argument is due in a week.
    Give description while working on visual rhetoric.
    After everything is explained, the other time frames don’t need too much of a description.
    The opposite of a black sneaker isn’t a white sneaker because it is still a sneaker.
    Real estate law states that if I camp on someones land for 7 years and never get kicked off, I can claim that land.
    The public employees pension fund of NJ was under funded, although they are much safer than public funds.

  7. pomegranate4800 says:

    – Revising your work is not a bad thing.
    – It shows your commitment to the process of your writing.
    – While writing visual rhetoric, your assignment should have extensive detail.
    – If it is animation, you must note that it is animation so the reader can get a better visualization of the clip.
    – Every nanosecond is just as important as the last in a 30 second clip.
    – After both characters and scenes are established, you do not need to do as much explaining. However, still do explain a great deal so that your reader can still clearly visualize the clip.
    – The visual rhetoric will be in your portfolio, so spend time on it.
    – Do NOT use tags. It must be placed in categories so that the assignment can be fond. Make sure it is not in any tags that will not be looked at and may get lost.
    – The opposite of a black sneaker is not a white sneaker because it is still a sneaker. It can also not be a head piece because it is still an article of clothing.
    – The opposite of a black sneaker is not quite obvious.
    – You must come up with something to “change the rule of game”
    – The worst thing we can do is start with gray. Gray vs gray just equals more gray.
    – Your definition/categorical essay is part of your portfolio.
    – IT is a 1,000 word essay. There are three of them towards your research topic.
    – This essay MUST have something to do with your research. You should NOT be wasting your time on another topic.
    – An annotated bibliography is a thoughtful summary of resources.

  8. nyaj32 says:

    Visual Rhetoric: We need to be more specific. Most of us that completed the assignment were very vague.
    Be careful to use categories when making posts and not tags.
    what is the opposite of a black shoe? Not a white shoe because it is still a shoe. We realize that most opposites are not totally opposite.
    Arguments: If we are arguing about something changing or not changing, the person who is arguing for no change automatically loses. If there is a compromise then there is automatically a change, therefore the person who was arguing for no change already lost even though it ended in a compromise. The second that something had first changed even in the slightest, the person arguing for no change loses.
    We all talked about the difference between stealing and taking something that is not classified as stealing. It is stealing if someone else has paid for something or it lies within their possession or property.

  9. nj908 says:

    -Need much more detailed visual rhetoric responses
    -Every nanosecond count when the ad is short
    -Do not use tags instead make sure you have categories checked
    -what is the opposite of a black sneaker? (broccoli)
    -If you are against a point and someone is for a point and you settle for a middle ground then you lose
    -Is using someone else’s wifi without them knowing stealing?
    -Is using a corner of someones property as a short cut trespassing?

  10. wazoo1234 says:

    Opposite of anything does not exist. Don’t write looking for opposites.
    Be the broccoli and make an argument outside of the box. Don’t settle for any loses.
    What is stealing? It all depends

  11. mysterylimbo says:

    The opposite of a black sneaker. Objects don’t have an obvious opposite. The language is unclear often that the opposite of a black sneaker could be anything from an apple, purple sneaker, or McDonald’s. The “Color on color” model shows that things appear like one thing but it may be contrary and it’s up to the reader to conclude their readings.
    A definition essay doesn’t directly define anything rather it categorizes; sub categories of the argument to ‘define’ the paper.

  12. rowanstudent2 says:

    Visual Rhetoric
    – there is always more to add
    – take some time to give as much detail so that the reader can clearly visualize the scenes

    The Opposite a Black Sneaker
    – not everything has opposites
    – it couldn’t have been another sneaker or another type of footwear because a sneaker can’t be the opposite of a sneaker

    Definition/Categorical Argument: Model Definition Essay–Eradicable Disease
    – begins very specifically
    – doesn’t directly ask or state what polio is
    – asks a question that relates to the whole essay
    – later defines polio by putting it in categories by attribution

    Definition/Categorical Short Argument
    – due next Monday
    – don’t make the definition obvious
    – use examples to describe

  13. chavanillo says:

    Animated videos is away to show something in a real situation instead of using real people because if the video has to do with bullying for no one to get hurt and to be exact is better animation.

    The opposite of black sneaker:
    -The goal of all our arguments is not to join a black or white debate, but to create a color, or a set of fancy footwear, not the comfortable shoes that “go with everything,” but a pair of high-heeled neon ankle-killing athletic shoes everyone laughs at until the day she buys a pair. If you start with black, and I start with white, we tend to think we should meet somewhere in the middle, and the middle too often looks gray.
    -The worst mistake we can make-even worse than settling for gray-is to start with gray, we can only result in gray.
    – The most common misconnection with someone who is happy is we think that person has meaning in his life. A person who is happier may even have less meaning in her life than her less-happy counterparts. Happiness doesn’t define meaning; rather, it defines contentment. Having meaning in one’s life runs deeper than the mere sensation that happiness brings. Meaning is about contributing to the world, to something greater than oneself. Happiness is just satisfaction with one’s current standpoint on life, and one’s environment. The world defines happiness as something much greater than it actually is. Happiness is nothing more than the satisfaction of one’s current standpoint.
    – Neighbor lives alone and scrapes by freelancing. Lets call him happy. ur neighbor Frank seems happy, and would probably define himself as happy, but he’s not. He takes pride in his fine house, where he lives with his presentable family, and he has job security. Let’s call him content. Our neighbor Ernest rents a cramped apartment, lives alone, and scrapes by freelancing. Let’s call him happy. Ernest is tortured by an abiding outrage against injustice. He champions every cause that comes his way if it will better the world or ease the suffering of others. Often hungry himself, he will share his lunch with anyone. We might prefer to be Frank, but Ernest is more likely to be happy.

    – When someone is thinking about black shoe don’t think about the different colors of black shoes your the opposite think about like broccoli.

    – If you ca prove that, I’ll eat my shoe
    You. always have to think out. side the box and really acknowledge what is right.

    – 1000 word
    – Has to do with my research.
    _ Example of a diffusion essay about the Political Paralysis
    – Categorization like “How many children will we need to paralyze to eradicate polio forever? Increasingly, as we approach the ultimate goal of eliminating a crippling disease once and for all from the planet, we must confront this grim calculation. Until the turn of this new century, the naturally-occurring—or wild—polio virus was the primary way for the disease to reach its human hosts, causing illness, debilitation, partial or total paralysis, even death, usually of children, almost always in remote villages ill-served by health agencies. But since the certified eradication of Type 2 polio, and the near elimination of Types 1 and 3, the primary way polio infects its hosts is, I hesitate to say it, through our own inoculation campaigns.”

    – Don’t have to go straight ford word. Not have. conversation with the reader something that is straight foreword. Always impress your reader to keep reading because part of an essay is to get readers attention. So always have something that engage readers to keep reading.

    – Polio was more eradicated f rom 1000 children. They being the target for this diseases. Polio is a different case form small pot because is less deadly but sneakier, more resistant to both serums and human effort. Small pot is easily known. While Polio is really invisible like the cancer is inside of you. The outside doesn’t show.

    Home Wireless:
    – She’s defining free loading I don’t think to was sailing I believe. it wasn’t fair. It was like a gift of kindness.

    _ I believe that stealing means you know that something belongs to someone and you go and steal it.

    Short argument is due Sunday 11:59
    Is a definition categorical 1000 word paper.

  14. nugget1114 says:

    Housekeeping -going over the Visual rhetoric project
    What’s the opposite of a Black Sneaker?
    most things don’t have an opposite including arguments
    gray on gray model
    color on color model
    should teachers be armed argument example
    Example of definition essay on polio
    example of definition essay on stealing Wifi

  15. jets1313 says:

    – Portfolio assignments are all about revisions
    – most arguments don’t have obvious opposites
    – argument can end up in s comprised

    definition essay
    – essay does not need to be to direct and singular

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