12* Class THU OCT 08


  • This is the last Zoom meeting of a scheduled series.
  • I have started a new recurring series of meetings that will begin TUE OCT 13.
  • It’s possible you’ll have to Register for that new series, perhaps even supply a password that Zoom will provide you.
  • Be prepared for that eventuality.
  • The new series will outlast the end of the Semester.

The Visual Rhetoric Unit

A Portfolio Assignment


Visual Rhetoric (and the Visual Rhetoric Rewrite)

    • For the next several weeks, you’ll be assigned a Portfolio Task every week.
    • Your first Portfolio assignment was your Definition/Categorical argument.
    • The next (and the only one not directly connected to your Research Position Paper) is the Visual Rhetoric Analysis.
    • You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Visual Analysis of a Static Image

    • To get warmed up to the idea of Visual Analysis, let’s start with a static image before moving on to motion pictures.
    • Visual Rhetoric, Static Image

Visual Analysis of One Second of Video

Visual Analysis of a Complete Argument

  • A Sample Analysis: Thai Life Insurance
    • Here we examine just 10 seconds of a 2-minute long-form commercial produced by the Thai Life Insurance company to promote the universal human good of doing small selfless gestures for others. How in the world is that supposed to sell life insurance?

Advanced Advice for your Visual Rhetoric Rewrite

  • You won’t need this yet, but when you’re ready to revise your Visual Rhetoric argument, you may benefit from reviewing feedback I have offered to students in earlier semesters.
  • Link to Revision Advice for Visual Rhetoric


25 Responses to 12* Class THU OCT 08

  1. davidbdale says:

    A link to an excellent 30-second story.

  2. cfriery says:

    Lecture Notes 10/8/20

    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    “A Portfolio Assignment”
    The ability to marry words and images simultaneously.

    Words can change the interpretation of an image.

    The Visual Rhetoric Static Image prompt – Quite frankly, I find both of these images equally effective. They say that a picture alone can speak 1000 words, and I find this to hold true. There are a lot of interpretations for this image, and both captions create polarizing arguments about the new and the old. The first image leaves Americans hopeful and invigorated for their new president whereas the latter, not so much.

    It is quite astonishing how it only takes a few words to create an argument or form an opinion on something.

    Visual Analysis of One Second of Video –

    A PICTURE CAN SPEAK A THOUSAND WORDS, They’re deliberate in their scene with every detail, and you can tell so much from one image. It’s only one second and you can learn the setting, and what their relationship is.

    Evaluate the Rhetoric – is the technique effective

    This lesson today was actually an extremely fun lesson. It was fun to pick apart the videos frame by frame.

  3. clementine102 says:

    – My Notes –
    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    – We are seeking and analyzing an image or video to find the meaning of it when doing visual rhetoric.
    – Obama and Bush picture represents the transition of power from one president to the next
    – I think that the first poster that says “Finally, a leader for all Americans” is the most effective because when reading it, it gives the reader hope that America will get better. Meanwhile, the second one implies that Americans need to settle for Obama rather than choosing him. It also implies that this new president isn’t anything special and won’t do anything differently than what Bush did in his presidency. The first poster also makes the reader comfortable that the new president is already making change in the world that we live in.
    – Visual Analysis of One Second of Video –
    – First we learn that they are in a diner after the dad and two boys had a baseball game or practice.
    – The lady in the back has her hand up almost the whole time we are engaged with the family sitting at the counter. This is purposeful.
    – The dad has his mouth open because he wants to speak up but he stuffs a French fry in his mouth
    – This ad is about speaking up

  4. cardinal7218 says:

    Visual Rhetoric
    -Visual components of argument weren’t important in the past, but now they are very important
    -There is a lot of information even in a short amount of video
    -Assignment: seeking and analyzing meaning or meanings or intended meanings or failed attempts at conveying a message through a visual medium
    -Ads are very effective at getting a message across in a very short amount of time
    -Even a single second can be analyzed
    -In the second we watched, the quality is very poor, but it is made by a very talented videographer who has access to very high end equipment. It could look like a Hollywood movie, but it doesn’t. Everything was labored over in a 30 second spot. Nothing is arbitrary or a mistake.
    -The image evokes The Last Supper and there are lots of hands in the screen
    -The man in position 5 has a whistle around his neck. He’s a coach. There’s a baseball mitt on the counter. The kid in position 3 has a baseball jersey on. He’s on the team. The kid in position 1 also has a jersey. It looks like this coach has brought his team out to eat after a game.
    -They are at a diner as suggested by the mugs, the counter they’re sitting at, the booth in the background, and the fact that the bowling pin in the back shows connection to a bowling alley.
    -The coach is paying attention to the kid’s plate and pointing at it, probably saying the kid should finish his food
    -All that in one second
    -When the woman in the back moves her hand, it draws our attention to her. Everything in scene is completely deliberate
    -We see the coach’s son, it’s his son because he ruffles his head
    -The son and the woman notice each other
    -The coach looks like he wants to say something but eats a fry
    -The woman’s raised hand gets caught by abusive partner
    -The coach/dad’s face suggests he wants to do something, but never does
    -The son looks very sad, he wanted someone to stop the abuse. He learned that no one will stop it.
    -Everything is there for a reason, we just have to decide what it is
    -Whatever the apparent message is of an ad, it’s always just trying to sell you something.

  5. jeffbezos123 says:

    Class Notes
    -Next class has a new meeting ID
    -Go to canvas, click zoom, join meeting
    The Visual Rehetoric Unit
    -It is an argument that you make to your audience that you met the requirements to the course
    -The image of Bush and obama Shows us how there are underlying meanings in all images
    -Everything we look at has a way to change your opinion
    Visual Analysis of Video
    -Every movement matters in 30 seconds
    -You do not need sound to get message across

  6. runnerd4 says:

    New zoom series starting Oct 13

    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    seeking and analyzing the meaning, intending meaning, affective meaning, or failed attempt to show something visually. Can be critical or compliment it. Lots of subjectivity in this assignment.
    For the next few weeks, we will get a portfolio assignment every week.
    We will write a version of our visual analysis now and rewrite later after we get feedback
    The Obama and Bush image to me displayed the transition of power.
    The blue and brown images also help the audience to get an idea of what the author/artist wants the audience to believe.
    Language along with the image really shapes your interpretation. Images can be used very flexibly.
    Everything in a 30-second video has been labored over.
    Coach/father, team, bowling alley/diner
    The message of the video seemed to be very effective. It was very emotionally powerful.
    focus goes from the kids in the front to the couple in the background.
    The son’s face and father’s face says a lot about how they feel about what is going on behind them
    Father looks like he needs to say something
    Hand gestures of the couple draw attention to the conflict
    In a visual rhetoric assignment, do not write about the audio.
    You have to describe EVERY bit of the video and how we know what we know!
    Ex: how we known the man is the coach, how we know they’re a team
    I agree with the analysis of the life insurance video. They used emotional tactics to sell life insurance videos

  7. rowanstudent24 says:

    10/8 Notes:
    – Visual rhetoric assignment is when you analyze something visually
    – Just a few words can create an argument after analyzing that Bush to Obama image. The two images each show a different point of view.
    – After the first second of the first video, we analyzed that these people are in a diner, the 2 kids are on a baseball team since they’re wearing the same uniform and there’s a baseball glove on the counter and it looks like their coach took them out to eat. We also saw that the diner is connected to a bowling alley because of the bowling pin in the background. The coach looks to be pointing at the kids plate most likely telling him to finish his food.
    – After watching the whole video, definitely wasn’t expecting it to be about abuse from the husband on the wife behind the coach.
    – Only try to analyze the 30 second videos for the Visual Rhetoric Assignment. Pick one to analyze.

  8. oaktree1234 says:

    Housekeeping: last room meeting of the series
    may have to register for new series

    Analysis of a static image- obama and bush what’s the meaning?
    -point out the differences vs emphasize the similarities, up to you to interpret

    Visual Analysis of One Second Video:
    -bad quality
    -casual diner, may be attached to bowling alley
    -baseball coach/dad out to lunch with son/team
    -Dad/coach almost says something to abusive man but doesn’t
    -son watches and becomes upset

    Task: Visual Rhetoric Unit

  9. SmilingDogTheProfWants says:

    Notes 10/8:

    Analyzed a static image and how that image could be given context for whatever purpose a person would want, this president is good just like the last and will lead us to greatness and this president is just as bad as the last and we’ll stay right where we are.

    one second of a clip we picked apart the scene and its contents and got a great idea of the scene and then proceeded to watch the clip only to reveal that practically everything scene in the first second was used to set the precedent for the rest of the clip (unbutton causal clothes means he’s not rich or a dad who coaches his son’s baseball team at a diner, everyday people like you could do these things).

  10. l8tersk8ter says:

    Housekeeping: new series of Zoom meetings

    The Visual Rhetoric Unit – A Portfolio Assignment
    – Only portfolio assignment not associated with the Research Paper
    – A picture doesn’t clearly explain claims, you can only guess what was intended
    – You can take the same image and add different words around it and it can change the interpretation of the image
    – Ad Council – unlimited budget, everything included is deliberate, everything has a purpose
    – Analyze every frame (every second), readers cannot see video, do not include sound details, use 30 sec clip
    – Explain visual clues

  11. gooferious says:

    10/08/2020 Notes:
    – New series created, may have to register/input password to get into class Tuesday
    – Visual rhetoric is very useful to help get a message across
    – Simply viewing one second of a video can really tell a lot about what is to be presented
    – Even a 30 second video can get a powerful message across
    – Being observant while watching these visual rhetoric videos can really paint a picture in your head of what is important (what the author/director wants you to think of)

  12. wafflesrgud22 says:


    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    -Bush fade out into Obama (positive and negative message)
    -positive message or negative message more effective?
    -visual analysis of one second video [rapid zoom into video, low quality, dark colors and lighting, and diner setting]
    -everything in this video is purposeful
    -30 second ad about life insurance
    [we should be able to analyze the video for every second]

  13. pardonmyfrench13 says:

    Class Notes 10/8/20
    New Zoom Meetings login & register
    Visual Rhetoric Unit
    • Why the image? Interpret the visuals
    • Not always clear what claims are being made
    • Everything we look at has a way to persuade you one way or another
    Visual Analysis of Video
    • In the 30 second videos every second is important
    • Everything in the frame plays an important role
    • Audio isn’t needed
    • Only about images presented
    Task: choose 30 second add video due next Tuesday
    Over the weekend write the 1000 words

  14. comicdub says:

    10/8/20 Notes:
    -New zoom meeting rooms starting Tuesday
    -Images can be used for many different viewpoints and used in many different contexts
    -Everything created by the Ad council is delibrate
    -In our analysis of the 30 second videos our job is to tell the reader what is going on in every frame
    -You will not describe the audio, you only describe the visuals
    -Describe how we got to a conclusion about someone or something in one of these videos
    -Only choose 30 second ad council videos

  15. corinnebuck1219 says:

    housekeeping- new series in zoom (in canvas)
    -visual rhetoric :
    -static image (an image that can be looked at different ways)
    -language makes clear what someone is saying where (bush +obama) does not
    – Brown vs. blue image
    -nothing accidental in ad (visual analysis)
    -life insurance ad
    – analysis of 30 sec vid assignment

  16. BabyGoat says:

    Notes 10/8

    Zoom: New group of Zoom meetings

    Visual Rhetoric: Small clips of videos and pictures have a lot of meaning. Each detail and new step works together to comprise the big picture.

    Task: Choose 30 second ad video due next Tuesday
    write the 1000 words

  17. dayzur says:


    -An image can mean two completely different things with a change of text
    -Multiple meanings can come from the same image, that are completely different
    -1 second of a video can indicate so much more than you think
    -Every element of a picture can full tell a story on what is going on
    -We see this in the “now” ad and Thai life insurance ad (rewatch for example)

  18. sunshine2818 says:

    Class 10/08
    The power of images and words
    George Bush Barack Obama
    Visual morphing of the two presidents
    I would see the first image to be more effective. I don’t think that the two images can express the same message, however both messages can be effective to different people in different ways. This shows that the power of words can be more powerful then the power of images.
    Visual resources arguments
    – make observations second my second
    – Be able to identify why the observation
    – Must be 30 seconds
    – Due next next Tuesday

  19. 612119d says:

    We looked at the Bush, Obama image and talked about what it ment, and what the context of it was. We discussed which image we think had the most impact on us and why that was.
    It was split between on which image was better the postive or negative.

    I thought the negative one would be more effective because people almost like talking about the bad things in life.
    Next we watched a short film and How much meaning was in such a short film.
    There was such a deeper meaning that we missed by getting caught up in the emotional factor.
    It was a life insurance company.

  20. gabythefujoshi18 says:

    10/8 Class Notes

    Visual Rhetoric Unit
    -Portfolio Tasks will be assigned every week
    -First is Definition/Categorical argument
    -Next is Visual Rhetoric Unit(not part of Research Paper)

    Morphing of George Bush into Barack Obama(Static Image)
    -could show transition of two political leaders
    -that they have differences and similarities
    -the way people use language in a particular image or visual can make it be viewed in a completely different light.

    One Second Video:
    -bad quality
    -focused on the coach and two kids in the beginning, shift in focus

    Visual Rhetoric Assignment:
    -watch an ad and analyze what message or objective is being pushed

  21. cucumberlemonadee says:

    Register for new zoom series

    Pictures of President Bush and President Obama represent power change between the presidents and how they are similar.

    explain the difference between posters in reply box

    Examining Video : The man in the white shirt appears to be a coach of a baseball team and he appears went out to eat with the team after a game

  22. profs22 says:

    Register for next zoom series

    Meaning behind president Busch and Obama morphing into one

    Represents that all presidents are the same and america is manipulated into thinking they have a choice when voting

    One second video analysis: you can find out a lot about what is happening just by using clues and looking at the picture to determine what is going on in the scene but you can not get the whole story just by one picture

  23. Nancet says:

    10/8 Notes
    -The last zoom class in this series
    -New meetings will begin Tue 0ct.13
    -You will have to register for new series
    -Be prepared for that everybody
    -Series will out last to end of semester

    Visual Rhetoric
    -For next series week you’ll be assigned a portfolio task every week
    -First one was the Definitively/Categorical argument
    -The next one is the visual Rhetorical Analysis
    -You would review your provisional analysis of your first draft

    Link to Review Advice for Visual Rhetorical

    -Portfolio assignment (visual Rhetorical Argument)
    -Due Tue Oct 20 (11:59pm Mon Oct 19)

  24. shadowswife says:

    NOTES: (internet connection was terrible that day so I missed a few things)

    Visual Rhetoric Unit:
    – In the past, visuals were not as important, but now, in the present day, it’s important to marry images and words simultaneously and communicate visually.
    – It’s also important to analyze the meaning of an image and understand what message it’s trying to give and determine whether the person has effectively got their message across to their audience.
    – There’s an image of Obama and Bush that’s transitioning from one president to another.
    * The blue image is insulting Bush but has a neutral opinion about Obama.
    * The brown image is insulting both presidents.
    * Many saw the transition image as a representation of transition of power.
    * Depending on someone’s political perspective, people will most likely have mixed opinions about both political images.
    – 30-second videos:
    * The first video was a commercial on being aware of abusive relationships and to speak up about them and many didn’t expect it to be that way.
    + It was first assumed that the man with the kids was assumed to be a father.
    + Another assumption was that the man was a coach of the kids and they’re taking them out for a post-game after meal because of the whistle around his neck.
    + People assumed the setting takes place in a diner at a bowling alley because of the cups and bowling pin in the background.
    + There was not much assumed about the couple behind the kids and man, but it’s assumed that they’re on a casual date.
    + Based on how the coach or dad is pointing at the dish that’s in front of one of the kids, it’s assumed that he’s asking if the kid will finish his food.
    * The second video is a commercial from Thai life insurance.
    + The man that was being focused on, in this commercial, was doing multiple good deeds for people and a plant.
    + At first, it seemed very heartwarming based on how grateful everyone was, but there’s foreshadowing when a man at the counter shakes his head a disapproving manner.
    + The second part of the commercial shows that he’s being taken for granted and things aren’t going well for him because the people that he helped are either not doing okay or he’s not getting anything good in return.
    + The third part of the commercial shows a happy ending where the man gets something good in return and he finds out that his good deeds actually helped those people.
    * Try to describe as many details in the video as you can so you can analyze the message behind it.

  25. hailthegreat8 says:

    October 8
    -have to register for the new series
    -have to be prepared for that everybody
    -The series will last to the end of the semester
    -During the next serious you have to do a portfolio every week
    -Definitively and Categorical argument
    – Coming up-The visual Rhetorical Analysis

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