12 Class WED MAR 03


  • The Recent Comments section of the sidebar should look representative of the most interactive members of the class. Success in this course means engaging in the recursive process of writing (incorporating the ideas of others, synthesizing them with your own, sharing the results with the World Laboratory of Ideas, and suffering—I mean celebrating—the reactions of others, incorporating those new ideas, and so on).

Recursive, Cancel Culture

  • This sort of conversation should be happening in the feedback cycles for your White Paper. When it does, your avatar will find a regular spot in the “Recent Comments” section of the blog, where it belongs as often as possible.
  • Do not wait for your Professor to initiate these dialogues.
  • When you feel lost, need clarification, want to bounce a new idea off of someone, need help finding a source (or knowing what terms to search for), drop a comment on your White Paper.

Definitional/Categorical Unit

  • Your Professor’s Model Definition Essay
    • Attempts to answer the question, “Does polio belong to the category of eradicable diseases?”
    If you haven’t left a comment on the “Model Definition Essay,” do so before class is over.


A Model Definition/Categorical Essay

A Protected Class that Deserves Heightened Scrutiny

The Premise: The class is “Presence Required,” but some students will be excused from having to attend in person.

  • List some types of students who will be automatically excused.
  • What characteristics do those students share?
  • Do the qualifying students belong to any particular category(ies)?
  • Analyze your results
    • What underlying values support your conclusions about who should and who should not be excused from class?
    • Notice that we have considered very specific cases, and evaluated them to find underlying similarities or categories.
    • Moving from the specific to the general, we find ourselves making moral or ethical claims about fairness that expose our basic social beliefs.
    • Can we, like Rogers, find the solution that responds to our shared values?

The Professional Version

  • The “Protected Class” Model
    • The editors of the New York Times defines a crucial constitutional term: protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny.
    • Includes a brief In-Class Exercise
      • If you haven’t left a comment on the “Protected Class” model, do so before class is over.


Portfolio Task

crazy wiring

28 Responses to 12 Class WED MAR 03

  1. -The worst part of developing micro-organisms for eating our plastics would be them getting loose and devouring everything made of plastic.
    -An earthquake swarm is a cluster of small headaches in the same spot.
    -Cancel culture only makes an individual worse. This is because they will harden their racist points of view since they no longer have any option to do anything else.
    -You shouldn’t belong to a protected class on the basis of religion because religious views are not an innate characteristic.
    -Sexuality is an innate characteristic.


  2. rowanrat says:

    -Speaks of earthquakes, single use plastic waste
    -Want to be interactive, sidebar will show it
    -Conversation should take place in the comments section
    -cancel culture reinforces the racism by making the canceled person retreat to their fundamental beliefs
    -someone who gets canceled for a racist comment reacts to the backlash by retreating to even more adamant version of their prejudices
    -cancel culture ends dialogue by dehumanizing the offender
    -some students can be excused from attending class in person for a number of reasons including health risks
    -you don’t want to discriminate against anyone or any circumstances
    -would we be more or less right to discriminate against religion or gender?
    -you were born with your gender you can’t help that but religion is a belief
    -anyone who can’t do anything about a situation requires some group special consideration
    -went over definition essay
    -due process and equal protection under the law will fill a whole library


    • davidbdale says:

      I shouldn’t be, but I am surprised that comments attributed to no one in particular get recorded in Notes as apparent fact.

      -someone who gets canceled for a racist comment reacts to the backlash by retreating to even more adamant version of their prejudices . . .

      said the girl in the cartoon conversation. 🙂



  3. carsonwentz1186 says:

    Opening discussion of Earthquake Swarm, methane leach, permafrost perforation
    Tagging phenomenon with phrases “turn coal arguments into diamonds”
    Plastic eating microorganisms sound great on the surface, but they will eat everything
    Peer review can be very useful in terms of the writer’s morale seeing people engaged with the topic
    Cancel Culture has the power to utterly destroy a person’s career over something as simple as an uttered phrase
    Capital Punishment through organ removal are similar to the dehumanization of cancel culture
    Presence Required example for model definition paper
    Protected classes exist in all arguments and situations
    A person who cannot do ANYTHING about a situation is part of a protected class
    Phrases are open to interpretation which can change MEANING based on how a person views and issue, but not the cold FACTS
    There are always exceptions to every rule whether you personally see it that way or not
    Example: There is no choice on sexuality (I believe there is as you can choose to like both genders or just one)
    It is possible to squeeze well over 1,000 words about the smallest and narrowest of topics
    Replied to “Political Paralysis” article discussing definition model essays


  4. honeysucklelilac says:

    goal for today: finish your White Paper
    Earthquake Swarm
    -what constitutes an earthquake swarm?
    -10,000 in a week?
    Methane Leach
    -when methane is left somewhere and permeates the soil/area
    Permafrost Perforation
    -the permafrost are getting warmer and releasing gasses
    -holes punches into the permafrost are causing methane leaks
    Let’s develop micro-organisms that feed on plastic waste
    -any problems?
    -if they escape, they would eat everything
    Cancel Culture
    -our immediate negative reaction to something someone did or said sometimes without learning all the facts of the incident
    -similar to the capital punishment organ transplant argument because of the dehumanization
    Definitional/Categorical Unit
    -A Model Definition/Categorical Essay
    –the class is presence required but some students are excused from having to attend in person
    –anybody who cannot do anything about the situation deserves special consideration
    –what sounded like on objective decision changes when the rules get bended on the basis of our social beliefs on moral and ethical claims
    -The Professional Model
    –review the essential qualities of a good Definition Essay
    –1. it’s an argument, the definition of something changes based on the context. It is the goal to prove that your definition is the best or at least the most appropriate
    –2. it has real world relevance
    –3. it often requires defining several terms
    Portfolio Task
    -due by Sunday night


  5. justheretopass says:

    We opened class on housekeeping
    We should look to get our avatar on the side bar, for replies on your own work or reply on your peers work too
    Responding to your peers or teacher allows your to develop your hypothesis better and you can get more in depth into your hypothesis
    Definitional/Categorical Unit
    We started off with The class is Presence required, but some students will be excused from having to attend in person.
    We made a list at what kind of students would be excused such as
    Out of state students
    Diagnosed of covid or sickness
    Confusion of what presence required class means- one time pass
    Characteristics that can’t be changed
    High risk- auto immune deficient
    A person over 65 years old- there is nothing they can do about their age.
    Diagnosed with covid or a sickness
    a definitional/categorical article is a argument
    Looking for clarity and looking to persuade your reader that your term is the best way


  6. compiistudent says:

    3/3 Notes
    Different concepts: “Earthqueake swarms, methane leach, permafrost perforation, micro-organisms to consume trash?
    Should be more active in Blog’s comment section.
    If the class is “In person required,” then who gets exempt from that requirement? Maybe people who live out of state, diagnosed with covid, high health risk should they get covid, those who signed up for the requirment accidentely (consideration) Protected class- group in an overall group, distinguished by characteristics different than other memebers of that group. Depending on what factors you can and can’t control, makes you jump through hoops to judge people. If all the facts of some defenition stay the same, then that defenition would likely stay the same, unless new evidence was brought forth. For example, how should people of the LGBTQ community get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to laws and discrimination involving them.


  7. christianity19 says:


    • 10,000 earthquakes in one week was Alaska “Earthquake Swarm”, “methane leach” is 1,000 times more disastrous than gas, Bunch of holes in the Permafrost Perforation causes a leach; “Permafrost Perforation”
    • Proposed Let’s develop a micro-organisms that feed on plastic waste. See any problems? They have to be contained so they don’t get loose. They will eat everything!
    • Asphalt is the most recycled product in the world
    • The recent comments section of the sidebar should look to making frequent contribution on your work and other people’s work to give them feedback on their work as well.
    • Cancel culture is a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles
    • Exceptions who may not attend in person class is people of high-risk-unfair-Auto-Immune-Deficient, out-of-sate, diagnosed with Covid-19, confused-consideration, over 65
    • Protected class is distinguished beyond the group or protected class is a category by which people qualified for special protection by a law, policy, or similar authority. In the United States, the term is frequently used in connection with employees and employment
    • Categorical argument is an argument in writing and consisting of three categorical propositions (two premises and the conclusion)
    • Looked over Heightened Scrutiny essay about characteristics
    • If you sneak into a concert then you may be prosecuted and If you take a spot from someone else for not having a parking pass you may be stealing it


    • davidbdale says:

      This definition won’t help you much when writing your own Categorical Argument, C. The number of prepositions is irrelevant to our guidelines. Your argument should be of the sort: Does X belong to the Category Y? My favorite example: Can polio be eradicated? (Sounds like a Causal argument, but it can be argued as “Does polio belong to the category of “eradicable diseases,” as smallpox DOES?”)


  8. person345 says:

    Earthquake Swarm means many earthquakes are happening, Methane Leach means that methane is going from the original point to somewhere else. Permafrost perforation refers to holes in permafrost originating from Methane leach. Comments section on right side of the blog. It should be like a conversation. Don’t wait for professor to start comments. An example of a Model/Categorical Essay. “A protected class that Deserves Heightened Scrutiny”. Exceptions from in-person class includes: Diagnosed, High-risk, over 65, and people that were confused on what presence required means. protected class definition essay. Thorough breakdown of what makes this a definition essay. This essay does not define what marriage is. It is a piece about a very narrow topic. When we search things that are unique, the blog will be one of the websites listed.


    • davidbdale says:

      So, what’s your takeaway from that lengthy whiteboard conversation, Person? You say:

      “A protected class that Deserves Heightened Scrutiny”. Exceptions from in-person class includes: Diagnosed, High-risk, over 65, and people that were confused on what presence required means. protected class definition essay.

      But I see no way from your Notes to recollect whether any of those categories qualified as Protected? Did that exercise help you follow the NYTimes editorial? Does it help you understand what a long conversation may be required to specify the meaning of a loaded term like “protected class”?


  9. kobebryant32 says:

    Siberia is melting.
    Vegetation underneath is thawing.
    Cancel Culture.
    Earthquake Swarm- 10,000 a week.
    Methane Leach.
    Asphalt is #1 recycled product.
    Our interpretation is the best definition that we want to ascribe to.
    Using our definition as a way to persuade our readers.
    One of the Definitions of marriage – Man and woman form a joint union for the purpose of raising a family.
    Definition Categorical Essay
    If you sneak into a concert in which you purchased the ticket. Knowing you have the right to go, could you be prosecuted for not having your ticket even though you purchased it.
    Maybe if the judge is kind she/he won’t do it.


  10. imgoingswimming says:

    Today we started with how people have named topics to make them theirs such as “EarthquakeSwarm” which was when Alaska got 10,000 earthquakes in a week recently. “Methan Leach” was another example as it is when methane started to leak over into the soil. Once the methane has traveled to a certain point then it leaches.
    We looked at the example of discrimination in the classroom. This is because this class is in person and the question is what allows a person not to attend. This includes being diagnosed with covid, high risk, or over 65. This is because we can not change these things once we are in the category.
    We look at how definitions can be arguments because their meaning changes over time. We look at definitions such as due process or marriage. If a marriage does not meet the definition of marriage that couple is still a married couple.


    • davidbdale says:

      Something like that. 🙂
      You say this:

      We looked at the example of discrimination in the classroom. This is because this class is in person and the question is what allows a person not to attend. This includes being diagnosed with covid, high risk, or over 65. This is because we can not change these things once we are in the category.

      And it’s all true. But where’s the takeaway lesson? The three categories you name, things that are innate and can’t be changed, qualify the members of the group for special consideration under the “law” of Physical Presence Required. How does it relate to today’s reading, the Protected Class editorial?


  11. thecommoncase says:

    -I need to start thriving & stop acting like I’m alone in this
    -since we’re all writing papers on controversial/counterintuitive ideas, we should be having more interesting conversations with each other
    -Create habit of making comments and asking questions BEFORE professor makes feedback
    -Think about the values of which we base decisions off of
    -for anyone who can’t change the situation they are in, there has to be special consideration
    -human values play a huge part in decision making
    -we categorize people and analyze how their situation would put them in that category
    -the definition essay takes a topic that seems factual but is actually up for interpretation
    -we are arguing that our interpretation of the term is the correct one
    -if the law and many other things were not up for interpretation, then there wouldn’t be thousands of articles arguing over the same topic
    -the definition of marriage is obviously not the same for every married couple
    -“Protected Class” does not define marriage but categorizes who belongs in a protected class because they do not follow the society’s definition of marriage
    -Things that are worth deciding are worth arguing


  12. mrmba1 says:


    Take concepts and define them with a phrase to refine them and make them more understandable. (Throw back to naming from Monday)
    The more we add to a conversation, the more it begins to come together and make sense
    No claim is black and white – there are always exceptions or outliers that should be considered.
    – “Presence required” example – there are some circumstances that can be exempt, and some unique exceptions that can’t be changed
    – Values and virtue take over in place of strict arguments and claims


  13. johnwick66 says:

    Proposed idea: develop microorganisms that feed on our plastic waste. What’s the problems? If they get out of their containment they would eat everything (inside of cars, containers, utensils, etc)

    Success in the course depends on your contribution in the comment section, usually in regards to your own work.
    Cancel culture: dehumanizes people and reinforces their fundamental beliefs by making them retreat to those beliefs and not conform to what’s acceptable

    Protected class model:
    Students who’d be excused from having to attend an presence required class.
    Out of state, Diagnosed, High-risk, confused(consideration), over 65 year old classmate
    Only the diagnosed, high-rick, and over 65 year old classmate would be “protected”
    Protected class, a group of people who are protected based upon a characteristic that they can’t control(sex ,race)
    We try to be fair to people who can’t control these scenario’s.

    In definition essay’s the facts will always stay the same, however people’s view of those facts change and that is what you must exploit when you write(gay marriage, racism, etc.as a few examples)

    Due process of law:
    No person shall be deprived of life, liberty , or property, without due process of law. Been heavily debated in regards of who or what constitutes for it.


  14. icedcoffeeislife says:

    Warm-up today and we went into three topics that intertwine together.
    Methane leach is a thousand times from dangerous than carbon dioxide.
    Those fraises work to build the whole contact and keep the argument clear and content. “Turns coal into diamonds”.
    We talked about creating micro-organisms that feed on plastic, but then we went into detail to see what the problem would be if this became a problem.
    The comment section of our work should be more interactive with the professor. It should look more like the example that we were shown in class.
    You are not doing your full job for the courses when we are not commenting on our posts or responding to feedback.
    We went into a discussion on why some students will have an exemption to coming to class.
    With categorial argument is a factual argument, where the description should stay the same.
    Portfolio task due Monday


    • davidbdale says:

      You were cooking early in your Notes, there, Coffee. And then you had a caffeine crash.
      For the bulk of the class material, you said:

      We went into a discussion on why some students will have an exemption to coming to class.
      With categorial argument is a factual argument, where the description should stay the same.

      (Coffee’s always available. 🙂 )


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