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Stone Money – Mesrurerowan

A Fiction that We Choose to Believe: Money When we think about the value of money, it’s possible to say that it is seen as the main need of today’s world. Our lives are based on it and anything else … Continue reading

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Stone Money – cfriery

Objects of Nothing The fact of the matter is, money is worthless. It is a figment of society, if you will. We say that a certain piece of paper has x amount of value, and we believe that with the … Continue reading

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White Paper-oaktree

Working Hypothesis 1: Students who overcame more obstacles in high school are more likely to excel in the workforce Working Hypothesis 2: Public high school students are more likely to succeed later in life opposed to private high school students. … Continue reading

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White Paper-runnerd4

Working Hypothesis 1b Increasing the speed limit on long, straight sections of all major U.S. highways would substantially decrease the number of accidents. 1c. Implementing gps speed limiting would substantially decrease the number of accidents in all areas of the … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Hailthegreat8

Crazy Paper This object is something people in the world value. It is something that has moved our society since it has been created. It is something that people need to survive in this world. The item I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Claims – sunshine2818

So she doesn’t. If she’s not saving lives on the phone or blogging, she’s offering support via Facebook, where thousands of Family of a Vet users and nearly 500 FOV volunteers congregate and commiserate. “I am now more hypervigilant than my … Continue reading

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Claims- Thecommoncase

It’s kind of hard to understand Caleb’s injuries. Even doctors can’t say for sure exactly why he has flashbacks, why he could be standing in a bookstore when all of a sudden he’s sure he’s in Ramadi, the pictures in … Continue reading

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claims- wafflesrgud

PTSD stands for psychological traumatic stress disorder.This common disorder is known to be common in post war veterans because of all the horrible war experiences those individuals have to live through. Just as the article mentioned Caleb was a survivor … Continue reading

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Claims – mhmokaysure

I asked the lead scientist, Marinus van IJzendoorn of Leiden University, what might account for other studies’ finding of secondary trauma in vets’ spouses or kids. He said he’s never analyzed those studies, and wonders if the results would hold … Continue reading

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Claims – akidfromakron

“Today she’s fielding phone calls from a woman whose veteran son was committed to a non-VA psychiatric facility, but he doesn’t want to be at the facility because he, a severe-PTSD sufferer, was already paranoid before one of the other resident loons … Continue reading

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