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My Hypothesis – cfriery

Popularity of esports Popularity of esports vs. real sports The effect on real sports due to the popularity increase of esports Esports popularity will overshadow the popularity of real sports. Esports will be the downfall of real sports. The popularity … Continue reading

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Summaries – cfriery It seems counterintuitive that a person with no ability to provide their input, is able to be put through an invasive surgery so that we may attempt to read their mind. Through the use of ECoG (electrocorticography), which, “detects … Continue reading

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Practice Opening—cfriery

Practice Opening: People are the Polio problem. Due to a rumor, Polio infection has gone from 6 localized places to having hundreds of children paralyzed. Local leaders in northern Nigeria had begun doubting the efforts of vaccinators stating, “that the … Continue reading

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