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White paper-profs22

Working hypothesis 1: Requiring health insurance corporations to cover the cost of mental health treatments would make medication easier to access for people struggling with depression and dramatically reduce the rates of suicide. Working hypothesis 2: Requiring health insurance companies … Continue reading

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“Unlike PTSD, secondary traumatic stress doesn’t have its own entry in the DSM, though the manual does take note of it, as do many peer-reviewed studies and the Department of Veterans Affairs.” Claims: Secondary traumatic stress does not have its own category like PTSD. The manual … Continue reading

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Stone Money-Profs22

The concept of money is very counterintuitive to popular beliefs. Upon watching the NPR broadcast, The Invention of Money, I found a deeper insight into the way that money is viewed in our everyday lives. All this time I thought … Continue reading

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My hypothesis- profs22

Mental health Mental health treatment should be taken seriously The treatment of mental health should be taken as seriously as physical health. If treatment for mental health was as easily available as treatment for physical health, it would significantly reduce … Continue reading

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Purposeful Summaries-Profs22

It is counterintuitive that strict parents who aim for their children’s success can end up being the cause a a child’s anxiety, bad behavior, and can push them to suicide. In Chinese culture there is a social pressure to push … Continue reading

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Practice Opening-profs22

The eradication of polio seems near impossible after countless attempts to defeat it. Over the years polio continues to diminish down to a minuscule amount of cases, to the point where one would think that the disease’s reign of terror … Continue reading

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