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Rebuttal Essay- Tyson Still

When looking at teens today that are involved with gangs, people automatically think that there is no reason they should be in it. But behind the violence and the drug dealing is a lot of pain that needs to be … Continue reading

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Final Research Paper- Tyson Still

Gangs are not limited to being one certain type of group. A gang can be made up of anyone; it can be made up of one race group, a group of mixed races or people who come together with something … Continue reading

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Annotated Bibliography- Tyson Still

For my research paper I will be trying to prove that teens who grow up without a father figure or positive male role model are more likely to join gangs. Not that I am arguing that other factors don’t lead … Continue reading

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Reflective- Tyson Still

At the beginning of this course I noticed that my writing abilities weren’t as good as I thought. I was having a great amount of problems regarding my grammar and my sentence structure. This course has required and challenged me … Continue reading

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Not finished Research Paper- Tyson Still

Gangs aren’t limited to one certain group. A gang can be made of any race group, some of mixed races as well. People who hear about gangs immediately think of the negative ways gangs can mess up societies’ image. People … Continue reading

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Causal Essay- Tyson Still

Gangs aren’t the way to go Originally, a gang was just a group of friends hanging out after school. Violence was never a big factor in that type of grouping. Now in today’s time whenever you hear the word gang … Continue reading

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Sources 11-15: Tyson Still

11.  Gang members with mothers only  August 25th, 2008 by Glenn Sacks With this article, I feel that I can provide evidence shoowing that most of the gang members live without a positive male role model, meaning the only live … Continue reading

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