Causal Essay- Tyson Still

Gangs aren’t the way to go

Originally, a gang was just a group of friends hanging out after school. Violence was never a big factor in that type of grouping. Now in today’s time whenever you hear the word gang you immediately think about the negatives that it brings to the world. Before the bloods and the crips came you had gangs such as The Civil Rights Movement advocates, or even The Black Panthers, who fought for what they believed in. Now gangs fight because they were looked at wrong or over money and drugs.

Most people were joining motivational groups to help cope with what society was offering to them, but today no one can sit and say that the gang they are in are contributing to make society better. Many people today join gangs to help them escape from life or from the reality they don’t want to face. It is said that may teens join gangs because they need a sense of belonging. The fact that a child grows up without a father can be very devestating to them. So they go out and search for the male bonding that they do ot have because they do not have that positive male role model in their life to play that father figure. In results of that they end up finding bonding within gang members that they sometimes can relate stories to.A father is suppose to be the guidence that keeps their child on track. He is suppose to turn his son into man not a gangster. What needs to be understood is that the presences on a male role model changes the perception on a childs life. If most fathers never left, then most gang members wouldn’t exist.

Other children that do have a father still happen to join gangs. Some reasons for that invole the fact that they might live in a neighborhood where they have no choice but to join a gang. Some grew up watching a life of crime from family members, brothers, close friends or even their parents. Even if a teen seems to be following behind the wrong foot steps, it’s never to late to show them the loving they need. As a mother who has to play the father role as well, the teen might feel as if she should show them extra attention knowing that a piece of importance in their life has been taken away.

Money happens to play a great role in joining gangs as well. Teens who desire for all of the finer things, begin to adapt to the mindset of doing whatever it takes to get them. If growing in a neighborhod with drug dealers, and multiple murders happening teens might handle situations differently then others would that are not in that type of environment. There is a saying, “Money is the root of all evil” well that seems to be true when on the news everyday you hear about young people in gangs getting killed over money. Gangs are the image of young teens living the luxury life, which makes other teens join their gang or other gangs because they want more.

Self protection happens to be a must in the world we live in today.No one is one hundred percent safe today. With all of the random killings happening in the world, anything is possible at any moment. Gangs are committing most of all crimes that are happening today. Gangs are the image of protection. If one fight then they all fight. Teens look for this when living the life of a steet person. If they are doing crimes such as: murders, stealing, robbing people they want to know that they are going to be protected during this life of crime. Because a gang member is surrounded by loyalty, they consider themselves as a family which gives them the sense that nothing will happen to them.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    There’s a serious lack of academic sources here, Tyson, and at no point in your essay do you credit any of your sources with any of the material you present. The Works Cited is important, but you must also make In-Text citations.
    Grade Recorded.

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